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In January 1977 the legendary British radio DJ Kenny Everett made British radio history by dedicating a whole 1-hour radio show to records that were so bad they were "good" (a category sometimes referred to as "ouitsider music"). Of course, other DJ's (like Dr. Demento, Red Blanchard etc.) had dedicated shows to novelty/outsider records prior to this - but these were mainly in America or for US armed-forces radio.

Kenny Everett's show was main-stream, prime-time British radio - not niche. Another distinction was that most of the records played were not intended to be funny or novelty. Rather they were (nearly) all honest, earnest attempts at making a record that, well, just fell so-far from the mark they deserve a special category all their own ("outsider" does not really do them justice - but it's a term that'll have to do for now).

Broadcast in the Greater London area (UK) on Captal Radio (194 MW), this hilarious celebration of enthusiasm-over-ability was enjoyed by a relatively small UK listening audience. The final 2-hour show was called the "Bottom 30" and based on a public vote of their "favourite" worst records. Shortly after the show K-Tel Records (UK) released this "Bottom 30" as a vinyl LP (with a slightly different tracklisting than the broadcast version - this was due to copyright issues and some artists being unhappy at being given such an acolade).

This web site provides details of all these shows, with full playlists and with as much information about each artist/group I could find (no easy task). Just click on the artist's/group name to open a mini-page with info, pics and video (if there is any).

This site has finally been updated (Feb 2012) with Soundcloud audio streams of all the shows (most are downloadable too)! Kenny broadcast a second "Bottom 30" in April 1980 - a show that was also the result of a public vote (see the link below for details and audio).

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