Kenny Everett's World's Worst Wireless Show :: Show #4
Saturday 16th April 1977
Between 12:00 to 13:00 hrs
Capital Radio 194 (London, UK)
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"Monday, Monday"
From the album "Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?!" on Capitol Records (T-2579), USA.
"Dicky Bird Hop"
7" E.P. "Children's Choice" on HMV (7EG 8187), UK.
Also released in Canada as a 78rpm record by RCA Victor (56-3232). Orchestra conducted by Henry Geehl (the whistling solo provided by Ronald Gourley - who wrote the song). This is the B-side of "Teddy Bears' Picnic" - a minor children's hit. I think this was actually recorded around 1941 or abouts.
"An Angel Cries"
Taken from the LP "Jess For You" on Decca Records (LK 4390), UK.
"The Mummy"
7" on Brunswick (9-55140 [107,649]), USA.
Rod McKuen ('Dor' is 'Rod' spelt backwards) wrote the track. Contrary to some information sources (including Kenny Everett's statement on this show) Bob & Rod were different people. Orchestration was by Jack Hansen. B-side: "The Beat Generation".
"Gimme That Pistol"
7" on Concord Records (CON 018), UK, April 1971.
"My Feet Start Tappin'"
7" on Halmark Records from around 1975. Record was performed by Jack and Mary Kimmel (although uncredited). No other details known. Halmark song-poem releases usually only credited the lyricist and not the actual artist performing on the record.
7" on Dot Records (15470) on both 78 and 45 rpm formats, USA from 1959.
B-side: "Dig". "Nervous Norvus" (b. 1912 James Drake, d. 1968) often went under the name "Singing Jimmy Drake".
"Do You Want To Know A Secret"
From an LP from the U.S.S.R. No other details known.
"Goin' Out Of My Head"
The song comes from the album "Live At The Talk Of The Town" (1970, Hispavox/United Artist [Edición USA]). Raphael's real neame is Rafael Mortos and was born in Linares, Jaen, Spain and has recorded over 56 albums in Spanish alone! The song itself was written in 1964 by Teddy Randazzo & Bobby Weinstein.
"Frankie Was A Rebel"
Format and label unknown.
"Our Political Evening School is Brightly Lit"
The No.1 record in China that week. No information at all about this record known.
"I Drink To Your Memory"
7" on Fontana (TF 674), UK from 1966.
B-side: "I Was A Good Song" with accompaniment directed by Alan Tew. Both songs written by Mitch Murray (real name Lionel Michael Stitcher) and Robin Conrad.
"The Pop-Up Song"
78rpm on Ruth's own Wallace Original label (2013), UK around 1956.
Ruth specialized in slightly risqué 'adult/party' music.
"Kinky Boots"
7" on Decca Records (F 11843), UK, February 1964.
Song written by Kretzmer & Lee, produced by Marcel Stellman, arranged & conducted by Ivor Raymonde. B-side: "Let's Keep It Freindly". The song was also featured on the Decca LP "Everything I've Got" (LK/SKL 4642), UK, November 1964 (re-issued in 1983 on Cherry Red). The song re-surfaced in the UK charts in November 1990 after being plugged on Radio 1.
"The Drunken Diver"
7" on Capital Records (USA F2835, UK CL 14883) from June 1954.
B-side was "Homesick". Ferlin had a string of Top 40 country hits late 1950's early 1960's.
7" on Barry Records (B-3011X), USA.
B-side: "Was Judy There". This was originally released in 1960 on Shell Records (45-720) and was a Top 10 hit that summer. Song was inspired by the Hannah-Barbera cartoon character, Yogi Bear (voiced by Daws Butler). Yogi's animated sidekick, Boo Boo, is also mentioned in the lyrics. "Yogi" credited to Stalman-Jacobson-Koppelman.
"I'm Nothing"
No details known.
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