Kenny Everett's World's Worst Wireless Show :: Show #1
Date :: Saturday 30th January 1977
Time :: 15:00 to 16:00 hrs
Station :: Capital Radio 194 (London, UK)
Latest news from IRN (Independent Radio News) read by Nick Page
"Surfin' Bird"
7" on Garrett (GA-4002), USA from 1963
B-side: "King Of The Surf"
"I Get So Lonely"
7" on Polydor (NH 52331), Germany from 1964
Also released in Canada (Allied AR-6335). This song was the B-side and credited to "Tanya Day & The Somebody's (MG-3169)". The A-side ("His Lips Get In The Way") is credited to "Tanya Day with orchestral accompaniment (Screen gems Columbia BHI MG-3168)". Tanya was German: no other details known. Ritchie Blackmore played guitar on this track.
"The Riddle Of Love"
7" on Top Rank (45-JAR-204), UK from 1959
Produced by Bunny Lewis, accompanyment directed by Harry Robinson, song written by May-Silversteed. No chart placing. A-side: "Wish It Were Me" (Buck Ram) by Craig Douglas.
7" on Decca (F11040), UK from 1958
Credited to "The Most Brothers" (Mickie Most and Alex Murray). This was the B-side to their 3rd 7" 'Don't Go Home'
"Mystery Girl"
7" on Decca (F11315), UK, February 1961
Reached #18 in the UK charts. Also found on the UK Decca Records LP "Jess For You" (LK 4390).
"Hello, It's Me"
A special fan club-only 7" flexi-disc.
"I'm Going To Spain"
7" on Bradley's (BRAD 7607), UK.
Steve (or Stephen) Bent also appeared on a couple of charity LP's by the "Showbiz XI" football team. Click in the link (left) to find out more and see images.
"Sandy Went Away"
7" on Cub Records (9033), USA from June 1959 (A-side was "Oh, What A Fool", reached #86 in the US charts). Song was also featured on the LP "Sorry (I Ran All The way Home)" Cub Records (S8003), USA from 1960 (re-issued on CD in 1995) and later on "Doo-Wop Honor Roll Of Girls Names Vol. 2", Adam & Eve Records (502).
7" on Psycho-Sauvé (PS-1033), USA
The original issue was limited to around 500 copies (most probably less). It was later released on Mercury (72862). B-side: "Who's That Knocking On My Door". The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (a.k.a. "The Ledge") is really Normal Carl Odam. T-Bone Burnett provided the drumming. A brilliant record!
"The Girls Are At It Again"
7" on Decca (45-F 11583), UK from 1963
Written by Carr & David. The B-side was "I Reckon You" (Davis & Arnold) and credited to "Polly Perkins and Bill". Both sides produced by Peter Sullivan with musical direction by Harry Robinson. Polly may have played 'Trish' in BBC TV's ill-fated Eldorado in 1992?
"My Girl"
7" on RCA (47-7529), USA from 1959 and on RCA (45-RCA 1146) in the UK
Produced by Chet Atkins. B-side was "Makin' Love"
"Cherry Pie"
From the Decca Records LP "Jess For You" (LK 4390), UK
Also released as a 7" on Decca Records, UK. The song was originally released by "Skip And Flip" in USA.
"Wee Tom"
7" on Decca (F11104), UK, February 1959
B-side "Lady Rockingham, I Presume". Reached #16 in the UK charts.
7" on Warner Bros. (5105), USA, October 1959
Issued in UK (WB12) - with A & B-sides reversed. B-side of US original was "Dreamy Doll".
"The Mechanical Man"
7" on MGM (K 13635), USA
Written by C.Astone, C. Mastren, L.Burgio, M.Gartman, produced by C.L.C.L. Productions for Teddy Randazzo Productions. b/w "Sweet and Sour" (Alessandro Mentrasti). A few copies were released in a picture cover.
"Ooh! 'E Didn't"
7" on Philips (326567), UK from 1963
B-side: "Prepare To Meet Your Fate Mate". Both sides written by Reen Devereaux with accompanyment directed by Ivor Raymonde. They made four other 7" records (all on Philips).
"I Want My Baby Back"
7" on Tollie (T-9039), USA from 1965.
Reached #92 in the billboard chart (it was not limited to just one copy as Kenny claimed on the show). B-side: "Play The Other Side" (instrumental version). Both side written by Botkin & Garfield. This classic was unofficially reissued in 1978 in 2 different b&w picture covers (Wanted Records CULT 45-101). Jimmy died in 1978.
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