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Chemistry Set: rare recordings from NYC-area, all original, all vintage, all recorded between 1981 to 1987 (plus 2 bonus re-workings of old tracks). All music remastered by multi-Grammy award-winner Michael Graves - so the sound quality is spectacular.
Formed in 1980 by Terry Kennedy (vocals & keyboards) and Steve Mecca (bass, synth FX, drum machines), the duo were joined by Mike Reaves (synths and electronic drums), in 1981, catalyzing the band into Chemistry Set. They remained a trio until 1984 when they reverted to the original duo until 1987.
Chemistry Set were heard on New York metro area radio stations and appeared on WDHA's compilation LP NJ Rock IV in 1985. Chemistry Set performed live regularly, garnering a lot of positive feedback, some of which is cited in the 12-page booklet that accompanies this CD.
This is genuine, almost definitive 80's electro pop with exceptional songs, killer vocals, and infectious beats. This is genuine 80's music at its best.
The CD gives you all the rare, vintage, perfectly manicured and remastered, 80's synth-pop. Many of the tracks were professionally recorded - so sound quality is exceptional, even more so after Michael Graves worked his magic. Why Chemistry Set never made it big beggars belief to be honest. Enjoy!
CD housed in an eco-friendly glossy gatefold digisleeve with 12-page booklet.
Where to ship the CD?
E=mc33, Chemistry Set Chemistry Set
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Full-length LP by the long-established & infamous nihilists THE NEW BLOCKADERS in collaboration sound artist XTEMATIC.

Lush matte-finished sleeve and full-colour printed inner.
Pressing as follows:

  • 80 copies: GOLD+BLACK Half'N'Half vinyl
  • 80 copies: BLACK w/ GOLD Splatter
  • 25 copies: Special Artist Edition on black vinyl with a 1-sided, numbered, gray-tinted 7" by TNB. Ten copies of this edition (only available via the label) also include both the gold-black standard edition LPs and both standard and handmade covers.SOLD OUT
Sold Out
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This record was inspired from Matt Waldron's vivid dream ... recollected below ...
In a mostly deserted indoor shopping mall I'm looking for a shop where David Jackman is supposed to be doing a ... lecture? Or maybe a performance? When I find the room, it looks like a classroom at a community college. Mr. Jackman is already there. Apparently the few photos I've seen of him are all wrong: he's actually an elderly Amish fellow, with a stereotypically Amish-looking white beard (sans moustache) and looking the very picture of style in an Irish tweed suit and cloth cap.
Whatever else was supposed to be happening is instantly forgotten when I spot a large fold-out table against the wall piled high with new Organum LPs. All the albums have white sleeves with hand-drawn covers and hand-written text, and somehow I know that all of the LPs inside are one-sided. Everything is very reasonably priced and I waste no time grabbing as many of the gorgeous little darlings as I can carry. The cover of one on the top of my pile has a stylised bear's head drawn in blue and black ink on the front, and a similarly rendered fox (with overlarge ears and an oddly-proportioned body) on the back. The title, or perhaps just an explanation, is handwritten on the front "The Other Side Is Blank".
M.S. Waldron, June 2012.
This is a pressing of just 100 copies only, each numbered. Once gone, they're gone. Being sold on a first come, first served basis. The 7" sleeve features an impression of Matt Waldron's teeth - each impression is unique (an homage to David Jackman's thumb print that he used on those great limited 7's).
Sold Out
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... kaléidoscope maîtrisé d’influences éparses et vastes, l’univers très personnel de pepe wismeer désarçonne par son irrésistible beauté et sa mélancolie ambigüe. mêlant rêverie entêtante avec son ambient bizarroïde et délire expérimental psyché sombre, le duo entraîne dans son ballet et en son cœur les fantômes des legendary pink dots, coil, the cure ou même arvo pärt ...
I don't speak French, so I have honestly have no clue what the above "description" actually says, but I am told that it describes the music, however this set speaks for itself musically and is really worth checking out!
The LP itself has a special "DJ-confusion" cut (where the track marks do not coincide with the actual tracks themselves) and was done as an homage to Throbbing Gristle's "D.O.A." who pioneered this mischievous tactic around 35 years ago with their own DJ-confusion cut.
This vinyl LP + CDr E.P. (different music) is strictly limited to 100 copies - once gone, they're gone.
Pepe Wismeer is not a person but a duo from the Champagne-Ardennes region of France and have been making their own unique brand of music since 1999.
Price $25   - 100 numbered copies
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Finally! The complete recordings of one of Southend's most popular early 1980's bands that had a huge following. This 4-peice electro/punk had an idiosynctractic and pioneering style with an unusual line-up (keyboards/bass/congas/vocals). The sound was bold, brash with a hard edge but also laced with subtle analogue electronics. Dedicated web site here: DAMARGE. Tracks professionally remastered with 3 bonus cuts. DVD features a 16 min live performance along with 2 videos made for this set and a host of extras (including a rare radio interview).
Two versions made: but both have CD & region-free DVD, booklet and poster:
  • 125 deluxe copies: box set, gatefold LP-style sleeve, inner sleeves, 32-page booklet, 2-sided mini-poster, 4 letter-press signed card inserts & numbered certificate
  • 60 standard copies: gatefold LP-style sleeve, inner sleeves, 32-page booklet & 2-sided mini-poster
For North America (ships from USA):
For UK / Europe (ships from UK):

Unboxing video (open in YouTube here)

Press information with hyperlinked PDF here ...
Email me directly (queries, questions etc)
Box set
Box set
Box set
Standard edition
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No Twitter >> No Facebook >> No Google+ >> No MySpace >> No Digital Downloads >> No fancy high-tech-gizmos or gimmicks. Instead, we offer an old-fashioned physical, tactile, recorded artifact: a nautical single by Troum. An elemental vinyl offering to a primordial ocean from whence we all originally came where we will all eventually return. In "Saiws“ (an old Gothic Germanic word for “sea”) Troum manages to conjour images of the vastness and depths of the oceans, and unveils a treasure for our ears and minds.
This extremely limited 7inch picture disc vinyl (179 copies in total) is luxuriously encased in a transparent water-proof plastic “sea & sand” die-cut printed liquid-gel pack printed gatefold sleeve. Yes – each copy is expensive - but the sleeves cost a fortune. The oceanic sleeve and record - inspired, conceptualized and designed by renowned graphic artist Alan McClelland (a/k/a ::: eye.lyft ::: blogspot here) – is a testament to water, waves, oceans, rivers and seas. Dive in …
This release is truly unique ... just see the images below.
... glistening blue enveloping aqua...
... the sea is substance - livid and lustrous and beautiful ...
From Troum themselves...
BLUE MANDALAS & OCEAN WAVES! Picture-disc with unique "organic" object-cover designed by Eye.Lift: a printed gatefold "Sea & Sand" sleeve-bag filled with blue gel & blinking "sand" creating psychedelic, waving effects; on the record two tracks of nautical guitar drone-muzak, a soundtrack for oceanic imaginations, for standing at the sea; this is probably the most beautiful TROUM artefact that was ever released!
Sold Out
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Pepe Wismeer is not a person but a duo from the Champagne-Ardennes region of France and have been making their own unique brand of music since 1999. "The music on this LP moves with patient strides, sometimes swelling to sudden crescendos, accompanied by electronic scrapes and coughs. A slightly damaged, spare, chamber folk-psych, whose distant cousins can be found in the darkly tender moments infused in early Psychic TV / Current 93 / Coil, or in the atmospheric postures of Antony & the Johnsons" (description borrowed from Beta-lactam Ring).
The music is mainly structured around piano and voice accompanied by electric- acoustic guitar, 5-string bass, concrete sounds, samples, oud, sitar, metallophone … and maybe some sheep & birds & water & glass. All music recorded on analogue equipment to add warmth and handcraft to the icy atmospheres. This is a vinyl LP in a 1-off pressing of just 100 copies.
Sold Out
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Vinyl LP is limited to 205 copies (95 copies on psychedelic SPLATTER :: 95 copies on BONE-WHITE :: 25 copies on BLACK). Recorded on vintage equipment in the spirit of 1966. Bad Losers are from Bristol, UK.




Sold Out
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Taming The Outback hail from the UK and will probably be new to many of you - but once you hear their rich, full, layered music you'll be wondering why they never became huge! Check this out if you enjoy Echo & The Bunnymen or Killing Joke or any true UK 1980's indie music.
This is a compilation CD of music spanning Taming The Outback's entire career between 1986 and 1989 (hence the somewhat unimaginative, though accurate, title). The 21-track CD presents the unreleased studio LP, their only 7" and their cassette-only EP, studio demos and some selected live tracks -- all professionally remastered for the best possible sound quality. The CD (in both boxed set and standard versions) comes housed in a thick card LP-style gatefold card sleeve with inner sleeve, 2-sided mini-poster and a 24-page booklet packed with information, band history, exclusive interview, photos, lyrics and memorabilia. Initial copies also come with a sticker.
Two versions:
  • Version #1 >> DELUXE EMBOSSED BOX SET :: 75 numbered copies. Contains the CD (with inner and 24-page booklet) plus an original copy of the band's only 7" (in picture sleeve) + 4 badges + miniposter + sticker + miniature reproduction of Alive & Kicking fanzine (from 1987) featuring the band + numbered insert ...
    Sold Out
  • Version #2 >> CD in thick LP-style gatefold sleeve + miniposter + 24 page booklet, numbered (385 numbered copies)... (low price + cheaper postage too) ... The first few copies will get a set of 4 buttons/badges as a free bonus...
    Price $9   - 385 numbered copies (cheaper postage)
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Check out their music by clicking the image below or here.
These 7 videos were created by "Devil John" (ex-TTO band member) which uses the only known footage of the band from 1987. Click here for images of the band and (aging) press cuttings from the time after the contoversy about their infamous crucifixion publicity shot hit the press.
Out Now
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Organum - what more is there to say?
First vinyl outing for many years. Beautifully mastered by Mike at Prairie Cat Mastering for the clearest, most dynamic sound. While David Jackman wants this record to speak for itself it is worth mentioning that it includes field-ambience recordings plus classic Organum sounds. Plays at 45rpm.
Sold Out

Equation Records E=mc23, Organum
Picture Disc Edition
Limited to 81 copies and only available here. Same music as the regular 7" edition. Comes with a numbered insert plus the same card insert as regular edition.


Sold Out
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Released July 2012
Both vinyl records beautifully mastered by Mike at Prairie Cat Mastering who managed to capture an exceptionally open, clear and rich sound so the full ferocity and detailed sonic textures of these performances are fully realized. Best played very load.
Here is what you get in this really rather over-the-top (deluxe) set... ...
  • 1-sided 33rpm vinyl LP with a silk-screened B-side. This LP is titled "The Boundary Between The Living And The Deceased Dissolved"
  • 1-sided 7" etched red-vinyl titled "D.D.T.T.C.P." ("Distortion Dedicated To The Cherry Point": inspired and edicated to The Cherry Point)
  • Audio CD featuring rare and unreleased audio (comes in a picture sleeve)
  • The 7" comes in its own dedicated picture sleeve and two 7"x7" pro-printed card inserts
  • Slip-mat with exclussive silk-screened BSBC art (adds a little extra bit of hate onto your turntable)
  • 12" by 24 poster
  • 4 stickers
  • 2-sided 12" pro-printed card insert
  • Beautiful silk-screened covers - magnetically adhered to each other
  • 2" (diameter) button (or badge if you're British)
  • Numbered certificate (an edition of 235 copies)
  • Most copies 'sealed' with a circular printed sticker (others have the same sticker added to the contents)
  • All housed in a heavy-weight, flap-sealed, over-sized, PVC sleeve
  • The all-important "Incentive Sticker" is written in Latin (you couldn't ask for more now could you?)
The main sleeve artwork is a haunting Bob McDonald litho-cut and also more original artwork by Geoff Walker.
This is a physically HEAVY release (over 2.25 lbs) - so if you are in the USA I would select MEDIA mail option. Postage outside the USA will be high due to its weight. In Europe try Drone Records. In Japan/Asia try Artecnico. In USA try Malignant

Sold Out

"Troum has set its controls beyond the heart of the Sunn. The pulsating inferno of these 7 drone concertos may require an insurance adjuster, but what a lovely way to burn. It is in your nature to do one thing correctly. Before Troum, you rightly tremble. But fear is not what you owe Troum. You owe Troum awe!" [quoted from Beta-lactam Ring]
Design, layout and artwork by SOMA (aka Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O)))) and comes in an extra-ordinarily heavy pulse-racingly thick gatefold book-bound style sleeve. Record #1 is on sky blue vinyl while Record #2 is on beautiful black vinyl. This is a joint release with Beta-lactam Ring. The sleeve is outstanding in every way - and super-heavy (> 2 pounds in weight, so postage is higher than normal).
Sold Out
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"... sounds like a death-cart being wheeled through a medieval street"
--- vital weekly ---
R.Y.N. are a UK-based duo probably best known for their Astral Death CD (Unrest Productions) and an excellent 7" on Drone Records. On this vinyl-only release R.Y.N. present 44 minutes of completely new recordings: a mix of archaic, unsettling, new and melancholy. This album took many months to record as a result of the careful attention paid to the record by the duo. This LP provides both classic R.Y.N. darkness plus even heavier oppressive, dark, soundscapes that can only be fully appreciated on vinyl over the two side-long tracks: Archaic Techniques Of Ecstacy and Provisional Sketch Of The Mind. Pressed on black vinyl in a spot-varnished silk-screened card sleeve (by Seizure Palace) plus pro-printed inner sleeve and 5 card inserts (housed in separate stickered inner sleeve). If you don't know their work then this is definitely worth exploring. If you do know them then this is a must.
Sold Out
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APSE hail from New England in USA and have been described as "Post-Rock" / "Avant-Garde/Rock" / "Experimental" / ?? ... It may indeed be a tired, old, cliché but the band truly defy normal musical stereotyping. This release presents their debut on vinyl and has been long in the making. This follow-up to their 2006 CD (Spirit on Acuarela Discos) is defined as 'a glossary', that just happens to be a full-length release in its own right. View the APSE band page (here) for videos, discography and more information. Well worth exploring. The record is pressed on highest quality 180g virgin vinyl and presented in a luxurious gatefold sleeve with full printed inner and a numbered post-card insert.
Sold Out
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All-new full-length LP + 7" set pressed on the highest-quality 180g virgin vinyl with the 7" coming in its own picture sleeve and the LP coming in a super-heavy casebound sleeve (like those old 1970's US LP sleeves - very heavy, sturdy and lovely!). We offer here nearly an hour of new sound collages and spheres by the long-established and influential & infamous nihilists THE NEW BLOCKADERS working in close collaboration with the hugely acclaimed and long-running sound artists DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE.

It is a little surprising that these artists have not collaborated before. This is both a challenging and important anti-work that demands close listening as it took ages to craft the sonic textures contained in these spinning circular vinyl grooves. The price is somewhat higher than I would like - but this is out of my control and is due to the casebound sleeve is just lovely.
A small number of sealed (NEW) copies found - ALL black vinyl!!
Sold Out
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A work of blissful delight. Aidan Baker provides 4 sides of enchantment in this long-in-the-making 2xLP set. Gathering Blue provides new original material plus a stunning cover of the Joy Division track "24 Hours" as well as an extended work-out of the remix of "The Cicada Sings Our Love Song" by Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks. We are also treated to a delicate revisiting of the Troum remix of "When You Scream" - both of the aforementioned remixes were originally released in 2005 on the ultra-limited and long-deleted Arcolepsy Records CD "Remixes".
This really is Aidan Baker at his very best and a record that is sure to charm. Comes in a gatefold sleeve, numbered card insert and pressed on heavy 180g virgin vinyl in 3 editions (55 copies on black vinyl, 95 on sky blue vinyl [with white blend] and 294 copies on mottled peacock blue vinyl).
Black Vinyl :: Sold Out
Sky Blue Vinyl :: Sold Out
Peacock Blue Vinyl :: available to distributors only
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An extended work of majestic beauty and submerged low-end vibrations. Deluxe box set includes stereo CD and 5.1 surround sound DVD-Audio, 36-page perfectly-bound book, casebound (a/k/a tip-on) gatefold sleeve, hand-numbered insert and heavy-guage box-slipcase - all designed by Carl Glover @ Aleph Studios. This work was originally destined for a vinyl release but - sad to say - even the best mastering engineers could not capture the deep tones present in this gorgeous musical work. Only the CD + DVD-A formats were able to do the bass and subtle sonic textures justice.
Equation have gone that extra mile on this (our first proper digital) release. Physically it is similar in look, style and feel to the European edition of The Porcupine Tree's Fear Of A Blank Planet box set (on Roadrunner Records).
Equation is both delighted and humbled that an artist of Steven Wilson's stature agreed to let one of his best works to date be issued on our label. You will not be disappointed.
Sold Out
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Full-length DOUBLE LP pressed on the highest-quality 180g virgin vinyl. Four huge glorious monolithic sound-edifices of guitar drone/doom by NADJA (aka Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff). An epic journey starts here.

Maelstrom.com wrote "Bodycage is one of the most serious drone full-lengths ever released". And we agree. This work really does rank as one of the defining releases of the genre.

The vinyl release reissues most of the long out-of-print CD and CDr versions plus it features an extra 44 mins of completely new Bodycage-related music. This monumental work really does work best on vinyl - where you can hear it as it should - and was intended to be heard.
Sold Out
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Full-length LP pressed on the highest-quality 180g virgin vinyl. Two long and glorious guitar pieces by this master of tonal ambience and soundscape crafting. Best played LOUD for maximum effect. Drift away into the nether-world with analogue grace. Comes in a beautiful (and heavy) gatefold sleeve with printed inner bag. Most copies come on delicious metallic grey vinyl except for 50 mail-order only copies which were pressed on incredible metallic gold vinyl.
Sold Out
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Double LP. Special reissue of Troum's long out-of-print Mort Aux Vaches CD from 1999.(This is the first time that Staalplaat have allowed one of their releases to be reissued). Three versions of this masterwerk have been produced ::
   ver 1 :: Clear vinyl w/sepia haze (97 copies) on 180g virgin vinyl
   ver 2 :: Tan w/halo vinyl (147 copies) also on heavy vinyl
   ver 3 :: Picture Discs (217 copies)
This is - quite simply - the most lavish & extravagant packaging ever produced by Equation. The LP records come in a unique clear PVC semi-circular gatefold wallet with a velcro fastener and two satin-finish outer stickers on the front and back. Secured inside is a super-thick 7" PVC sleeve (specially imported from the UK) containing three satin-finished circular double-sided thick cards with stunning and incredibly complex artwork by eyelyft (printed at very high resolution). Also thrown into the set is a 3" sticker and each copy is individually hand-numbered. This set is being offered here at the lowest possible price: it cost a fortune to make and we wish to share the delights of Troum at their very very best with as many afficionados as possible. Simply a stunning release!

Sold Out :: all versions

Full-length LP pressed on the highest-quality 180g virgin vinyl. Featuring a beautiful heavy-card gatefold sleeve with full-color 2-sided insert featuring an illustrated discography of the band's earlier work. Up until now, Gravitational IV has been known as Landing's lost album. Mostly recorded during the sessions that led to 2004's Sphere, Gravitational IV is a varied and multi-textured album. Sound experiments, free flowing drone freakouts, and softly lilting lullabies make up what may be the most accomplished and interesting release of Landing's 8 year career. This is music to stay indoors with. This is vessyl music.

Most copies come on delicious black vinyl except for 50 mail-order only copies which were pressed on incredible mint-green vinyl.
Sold Out

Heavy vinyl 12" picture disc featuring outstandingly beautiful artwork by eyelyft and is strictly limited to 500 numbered copies. Troum provide 4 exquisite tracks covering all the spectrum of sounds one has come to expect from the band: 2 archaic and penetrating rhythmic tracks (Tatan and Aurddrach), one incredibly DEEP/abyssal drone (Chertanovo) and one trade-mark beautiful and ethereal track (Yemanja) reminiscent of their early Ryna CD. Comes with a circular numbered + coloured insert.
Sold Out
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View promotional video clip (opens YouTube in a new window)

High-quality brown vinyl 12" LP featuring some beautiful artwork. This LP is loaded with an unforgetable roster of action-packed songs, whirling the listener into a state of inexplicable dementia and psychiatric ineptitude. Described as "jazz-core", "powdered-wig punk" or "experimental noise-rock", this recording provides a host of musically disorienting songs from who-knows-where through a combination of many different music styles played with irreverence and abandon: Be it Killdozer-esque Baron Of Beef to the haughty posturing of Trash-Knight. Guanranteed Katch blend punk, jazz, meta and pop into a unique miasma of humor and whit.
Sold Out

Heavy vinyl 7" picture disc featuring some beautiful artwork and limited to 444 numbered copies. Troum once again deliver exquisitly beautiful drones and noise to submerge your senses into other-worldly states. Comes with numbered round magnetic insert.
Sold Out
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Special edition boxed set limited to 88 numbered copies with lathe-cut 8.8" picture disc & CD album featuring the infamous UltraBunny (formally known as BunnyBrains 88). The record has an exclusive (and brilliant) instrumental rendition of the Hawkwind classic Born To Go along with a live rendition of their smash hit Squirrel Attack.

This record is only available as part of the special edition of E=mc06. The CD album has more exclusive material - a complete (and coherent!) unedited live performance in New Haven (CT) from 26th Jan 2005. This luxurious boxset comes in a hand-made letterpress printed card box by the renowned artist and graphic artist Bruce Lichter (Savage Republic) along with inserts, sticker and badge.
Sold Out
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A double slow-burn picture CDr limited to 50 numbered copies. This anonymous trans-continental outfit dish-out over 90 minutes of improvised space-dub-prog-garage cosmicness with a smattering of barely-audible subterranean vocals. Comes with a fridge magnet and great cover art. Great music for seismic inversion. m.i. web site here (with audio & games) and here (great images).
Sold Out
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UltraBunny (formally known as BunnyBrains 88) provide a deliberately confusing double-grooved A-side featuring both vocal and instrumental mixes of their live-smash Squirrel Attack. The B-side features live versions of Hawkwind's Born To Go and the amazing Independent Civilian Interogation & Defence Contractor - quite simply a brilliant piece of music. A must-have! Comes housed in a hand-made letterpress gatefold sleeve by artist Bruce Lichter (also has inserts and a great little sticker).
Sold Out

Hexagonal 8" clear vinyl EP in p/s. 6 numbered copies. All copies were given away to the artists along with the Damarge mega box set (E=mc04). This contains the first ever recording by Hadleigh's greatest ever export: Snowboy. Due to sheer stupidity by the printers the wrong song title ("Snowboy's Rockin' The Mike") was printed on the sleeve & label by mistake. It should in fact be Jump On It. This is an archive recording made in a bedroom on the most basic equipment possible. The B-side features 2 tracks from Oaf's unreleased LP Neuf Oaf Beuf (Sur La Plat).
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How do we describe this? A folly? An indulgence? An extravegance? Yes to all three I guess. Limited to 20 copies This is a LP-sized boxed-set containing the complete works of Damarge - an "electro" band from Southend that existed between 1982 & 1985. The set draws together all the available recordings into a lavish vinyl set consisting of the following:
  • 4 x lathe-cut 10" EPs on clear vinyl
  • 2 x lathe-cut 12" LPs on clear vinyl
  • 1 x square lathe-cut 8" clear vinyl single in p/s [see E=mc03]
  • 1 x CDr of everything plus a live video and other recordings (in mp3 format) by other local bands at the time
  • 2 x colour booklets (22 & 13 pages each)
  • 2 x fridge magents
  • 2 x badges ... plus (if that wasn't enough) ...
  • Poster, numerous flyers, 2 stickers and ticket repro
Check out the Damarge web site here for audio + full story.
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Square 8" clear vinyl record in p/s. 35 numbered copies, 23 of which given away free with the Damarge box set (see E=mc04). Triple-O (a/k/a "OOO") thrash out a great punk anthem titled March On London recorded when Margaret Thatcher was at the height of her reign. Rob Paveley privides the flip-side, a fantastic little ditty Monster Song that should have been a cult hit - but like so many good things - never saw the light of day until now ...
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Another outing of acid techno from Jump-II-Funk from Southend-on-Sea (UK) with a picture of the bowling alley on Southend pier burning (what more could you want?).
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Jump-II-Funk present a very catchy 4-track E.P. of high-quality and very danceable acid techno. Jump-II-Funk are one of Southend's finest musical exports since Speedball and Eddie And The Hotrods! Comes with a handy numbered "discog-graphic" sticker.
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