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"1981 to 1984"
CD + DVD (Region 0)
125 deluxe box sets + 60 standard editions
Description ...
Damarge were a 4-piece band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex (UK). All tracks here were recorded between 1981 to 1984.
CD collects all available recordings of Damarge: professionally restored and remastered plus a region-free DVD with a live performance from 1983 and numerous extras, including a radio interview. Damarge had a large and loyal following in their day, but they never fully capitalized on their popularity. Their one and only attempt at recording a single ended in farce (all explained in the information-packed booklet).
This lovingly curated set comes with a 32-page booklet with detailed band history, track-by-track synopsis and recollections of some eventful gigs. A 2-sided poster with pictures and memorabilia is also included. Discs housed in thick LP-style gatefold jacket with inner sleeves. Box set comes with signed letter-press inserts. The band were: Kirt (keys, tapes, rhythms), Oaf Fender Precision bass + huge Marshall Bass Stack, Cliff (vocals) and Snowboy (Latin percussion), featuring some of his earliest recordings.
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Box set
Box set
Box set
Standard edition

E=mc31 :: Gone
"Degenerative Themes"
LP + inner
160 copies (80 Black w/Gold splatter / 80 Black+Gold half'n'half)
No description, none needed, it is what it is ... BLOCKADE!
TNB+Xtematic :: Equation Records :: E=mc31

LP + gatefold sleeve + inner
215 copies (95 on SPLATTER / 95 on BONE-WHITE / 25 on BLACK)
Description ...
60's garage done on pure analogue equipment - "not a byte in sight"
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E=mc30 :: Sold Out
"The Other Side Is Blank"
LP + 7" (both 1-sided) + 4 pro-printed 10x10 card inserts
100 numbered copies
In a mostly deserted indoor shopping mall I'm looking for a shop where David Jackman is supposed to be doing a ... lecture? Or maybe a performance? When I find the room, it looks like a classroom at a community college. Mr. Jackman is already there. Apparently the few photos I've seen of him are all wrong: he's actually an elderly Amish fellow, with a stereotypically Amish-looking white beard (sans moustache) and looking the very picture of style in an Irish tweed suit and cloth cap.
Whatever else was supposed to be happening is instantly forgotten when I spot a large fold-out table against the wall piled high with new Organum LPs. All the albums have white sleeves with hand-drawn covers and hand-written text, and somehow I know that all of the LPs inside are one-sided. Everything is very reasonably priced and I waste no time grabbing as many of the gorgeous little darlings as I can carry. The cover of one on the top of my pile has a stylised bear's head drawn in blue and black ink on the front, and a similarly rendered fox (with overlarge ears and an oddly-proportioned body) on the back. The title, or perhaps just an explanation, is handwritten on the front "The Other Side Is Blank".
M.S. Waldron, June 2012.
This is a pressing of just 100 copies only, each numbered. Once gone, they're gone. Being sold on a first come, first served basis. The 7" sleeve features an impression of Matt Waldron's teeth - each impression is unique (an homage to David Jackman's thumb print that he used on those great limited 7's).

E=mc29 :: Out Now (Running Low)
"le stridor de l'escargot"
LP + CDr E.P. + numbered photographic insert
100 numbered copies
Description ...
... kaléidoscope maîtrisé d’influences éparses et vastes, l’univers très personnel de pepe wismeer désarçonne par son irrésistible beauté et sa mélancolie ambigüe. mêlant rêverie entêtante avec son ambient bizarroïde et délire expérimental psyché sombre, le duo entraîne dans son ballet et en son cœur les fantômes des legendary pink dots, coil, the cure ou même arvo pärt ...
I don't speak French, so I have honestly have no clue what the above "description" actually says, but I am told that it describes the music, however this set speaks for itself musically and is really worth checking out!
The LP itself has a special "DJ-confusion" cut (where the track marks do not coincide with the actual tracks themselves) and was done as an homage to Throbbing Gristle's "D.O.A." who pioneered this mischievous tactic around 35 years ago with their own DJ-confusion cut.

E=mc22 :: Sold Out
The Boundary Between The Living And The Deceased Dissolved
LP + 7" + CD + LOTS OF STUFF!!!
235 numbered copies ... Here is a little video showing you what you get ...
In words ...
  • 1-sided 33rpm vinyl LP with a silk-screened B-side. This LP is titled "The Boundary Between The Living And The Deceased Dissolved"
  • 1-sided 7" etched red-vinyl titled "D.D.T.T.C.P." ("Distortion Dedicated To The Cherry Point": inspired and edicated to The Cherry Point)
  • Audio CD featuring rare and unreleased audio (comes in a picture sleeve)
  • The 7" comes in its own dedicated picture sleeve and two 7"x7" pro-printed card inserts
  • Slip-mat with exclussive silk-screened BSBC art (adds a little extra bit of hate onto your turntable)
  • 12" by 24 poster
  • 4 stickers
  • 2-sided 12" pro-printed card insert
  • Beautiful silk-screened covers - magnetically adhered to each other
  • 2" (diameter) button (or badge if you're British)
  • Numbered certificate (an edition of 235 copies)
  • Most copies sealed with a circular printed sticker (others have the same sticker added to the contents)
  • All housed in a heavy-weight, flap-sealed, over-sized, PVC sleeve
  • The all-important "Incentive Sticker" (stuck to the front PVC sleeve) is written in Latin (you couldn't ask for more now could you?)

Jason Sherwen 196? - 2011 It is with deep regret I have to announce the death of Jason Sherwin - bassist with Taming The Outback.
Jason passed away midday on Thursday 11th August 2011 at Southend General Hospital.
Jason had recently suffered from an unknown viral infection which required a 3-week stay in hospital, but had been discharged as it appeared he had fully recovered. The cause of death is unknown right now.
Jason was quite simply one of the BEST bass players in Essex, and will be dearly missed. It was an honour to have been able to release his CD earlier this year.
Jason Sherwin (1962 - 2011)

E=mc27 :: Sold Out
TROUM >> Saiws / Sêgeler
7" pic disc >> "sand & sea" liquid-gel filled die-cut p/s >> 179 copies
Pictures speak louder than words ....
Troum >> Saiws /Segeler Troum >> Saiws /Segeler Troum >> Saiws /Segeler
Troum >> Saiws /Segeler Troum >> Saiws /Segeler Troum >> Saiws /Segeler
This is expensive ... and we are STILL losing money on each copy!

E=mc23 :: Sold Out
LONG sold out here >> Drone Records have uncovered the very last 10 copies.
Visit their web site >> www.dronerecords.de <<

E=mc24 :: Out Now
"1986 - 1989"
CD :: 385 numbered copies -- deluxe sleeve ... see pics
CD + 7" box set >> 75 copies >> loads of goodies

Taming The Outback hail from the UK and will probably be new to many of you - but once you hear their rich, full, layered music you'll be wondering why they never became huge! Check this out if you enjoy Echo & The Bunnymen or Killing Joke or any true UK 1980's indie music.
This is a compilation CD of music spanning Taming The Outback's entire career between 1986 and 1989 (hence the somewhat unimaginative, though accurate, title). The 21-track CD presents the unreleased studio LP, their only 7" and their cassette-only EP, studio demos and some selected live tracks -- all professionally remastered for the best possible sound quality. The CD (in both boxed set and standard versions) comes housed in a thick card LP-style gatefold card sleeve with inner sleeve, 2-sided mini-poster and a 24-page booklet packed with information, band history, exclusive interview, photos, lyrics and memorabilia. Initial copies also come with a sticker.  
Check out their music by clicking the image below or here.

E=mc26 :: Sold Out
LP :: 8-page booklet + insert
100 numbered copies
Delightful and beautiful and intriging and different -- all in one go! Really worth catching this one. A special 1-off pressing of 100 copies only (never to be repeated). A full LP featuring some of the band's personal best over the past decade of recording some of the most evocative music heard in a long while. Really really worth trying out!  

E=mc23 :: Sold Out
7" (45rpm)
233 copies (p/s + ins) and 81 copies (pic disc + ins)
First new vinyl from Organum for a long while. Comes in two edition:
  • 233 numbered copies: heavy matte p/s, matching card insert SOLD OUT
  • 81 picture discs SOLD OUT
We're extremely proud to announce this release. It is hard to under-estimate the importance and significance of Organum to modern experimental and drone music. David Jackman (the force behind the pproject) wishes the audio to speak for itself so we will not attempt to describe the contents of this release. However, it is worthy to note that the greatest possible care was made to every aspect of this release - which was mastered at Prairie Cat Mastering who provided the most clear and dynamic audio possible. A release worthy of inclusion in the extensive discography of Organum (which you can find here).  
Release info here    ::    Organum info here   ::    Ordering here

E=mc21 :: Still Available
2xLP :: super-heavy gatefold sleeve
400 copies
This is the vinyl issue of the CD in a joint release with Beta-lactam Ring (who released the CD last year). This comes housed inan exquisite super-heavy book-style gatefold sleeve. Record #1 is pressed in sky blue vinyl with record #2 is pressed on black. The album consists of a variety of pieces that have been performed over the past seven years, appearing here in their most finished states.  
Release info here    ::    Troum info here   ::    Ordering here

E=mc20 :: Still Available
"Archaic Techniques Of Ecstacy"
LP :: silk-screened sleeve + printed inner + 5 card inserts
233 copies pressed
R.Y.N. are a UK-based duo probably best known for their Astral Death CD and an excellent 7". On this vinyl-only release R.Y.N. present 44 minutes of completely new recordings: a mix of archaic, unsettling, new and melancholy. This album took many months to record as a result of the careful attention paid to the record by the duo. This LP provides both classic R.Y.N. darkness plus even heavier oppressive, dark, soundscapes that can only be fully appreciated on vinyl over the two side-long tracks. Pressed on black vinyl in a spot-varnished silk-screened card sleeve plus printed inner sleeve and inserts. If you don't know their work then this is definitely worth exploring. If you do know them then this is a must.
Release info here    ::    Artist info here   ::    Ordering info here
Also available from these distributors :
Drone Records (Europe)
Forced Exposure (USA)
Malignant (USA)

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