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1   A Certain Ratio Do The Du / The Fox / Shack Up / Son & Heir (UK, p/s) Factory FAC 4
   A Certain Ratio Flight / And The Again / Blown Away (UK, p/s with inner) Factory FAC 22
   A Certain Ratio Waterline / Funaezekea (UK, p/s) Factory FAC 52
   A Certain Ratio Kether Hot Knives / Knife Slits Water (UK, p/s) Factory FAC 62
   A Certain Ratio Brazilia / Brazilia (Extended) (UK, p/s) Factory Benelux FBN 32
   A Certain Ratio (as Sir Horatio) Abracadubra / Sommadub (UK, p/s) Mix 1T
   A Challenge Of Honour Oradour Sur Glane (p/s, insert) Divine Comedy DCO 29
   A Challenge Of Honour vs. Praetorio Hadrian's Wall (10", p/s) Vrihaspati vr001
   A Flock Of Seagulls Nightmares / The Last Flight Of Yuri Gagarin / Rosenmontag (UK, p/s) Jive T33
10   A House Why Me? (UK, 10" ) Parlophone 10 AHOU 4
   Aadvark The Apostle / The Return Of Rasputin (UK) Skunk POOT 2
   Abecedarians Smiling Monarchs / Benways Carnival (UK, p/s) Factory FAC 117
   AC/DC Interview (pic disc) MM 1210
   AC/DC Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / Hells Bells (w/badge) Atlantic K 11630T
   AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Shoot To Thrill (p/s) Warner B 6073T
   Acetate Zero Somehow About Perfection (100 copies, die-cut p/s, grey vinyl) Claire's Echo echo01
   Acid Mothers Temple / Ultrasound In G (Parts 1 & 2) (10", 300 copies, clear vinyl, embossed clear plastic sleeve) Time-Lag 018
   Acquired Sound Online (UK, 2002) Plastica RED LTDPFT004
   Adamski Killer / Bassline Changed My Life / I Dream Of You (UK) MCA MCAT 1400
20   Adamski Killer Remix / Bassline Changed My Life (UK) MCA MCAX 1400
   Aerothrob Three Bear Blues / Tongue Like An Eel (UK) Rising High RSN 98
   Agathocles / Vomit Fall Bastard Breed, We Don't Need! / The Mirror Of Society (10" E.P., insert) Step Ahead SA001
   Age Of Love The Age Of Love: The Jam & Spoon Mixes (UK, p/s) React #9
   Air Liquide Neue Frankfurter Elektronik-Schule Air Liquide #92
   Air Liquide Ululag Parts 1-4 Blue plan 12
   Air Liquide Ululag Parts 1-4 (white label promo) Blue plan 12
   Air Liquide Liquid Air (1992) / Mandragora (1993) (UK, 2×12") Harvest 597081
   Air Liquide Homocidal Diary E.P. (UK) Harvest 62325
   Air Liquide Neue Frankfurter Elektronik-Schule Part 2 (UK) Harvest 62320
30   Air Liquide If There Was No Gravity E.P. (UK, blue vinyl, sticker, PVC cover) Rising High RSN 79
   Air Liquide Space Brothers E.P. (UK, blue vinyl, sticker, PVC cover) Rising High RSN 90
   Air Liquide M-Age remixes (UK) Rising High RSN 95
   Air Liquide Liquid Air / Ek-Stasis / Sonority Canon / The Increased … (2×10", p/s) Sm:)e SM-9004
   Air Liquide The Mercury E.P. (2×10", clear vinyl) Sm:)e SM-9007
   Air Liquide Robot Wars (10" pic disc) Sm:)e SM-9008
   Air Liquide The Red And Black E.P. (2×10", p/s) Sm:)e SM-9023
   Alien Mutation Alqa / Starship Heart Of Gold (UK) Ambient Space Acid ASA 1201
   Alien Mutation Brain Vortex E.P. (UK, purple vinyl) Ambient Space Acid ASA 1203
   All About Eve What Kind Of Fool / Gold And Silver / Every Angel (UK, 10", g/f booklet p/s) Mercury EVEN 910
40   Alvarado, David Devotional / Sunstone (UK) Peace Frog PFG 002
   Amalgamation of Sound, The Melons / Latmo Airtight Recordings AIR 010
   Animals On Wheels Dummy E.P. (p/s) La Madame Avec Le Chien DOG002
   Anna Coming Down (UK, p/s) Free FOCU6
   Annihilation Eastern Bliss E.P. Obsessive OBR005
   Anorexic Dread Tracey's Burning / Epitath / Tick Tock (UK, p/s) Damaged Goods CRI 12-114
   Aphex Twin, The Didgerido / Flap Head / Phloam / Isoprophlex (UK) Rising High RS9201
   Aphex Twin, The Analord 10 (UK, pic disc) Reflex XMD 5a
   Apollo The Family E.P. (UK, stickered sleeve) Apollo #5
   Apollo XI Peace (In The Middle East) (UK) W.A.U. Mr. Modo APOLLO11
50   Architexture Architexture (10", insert) no label
   Art Of Noise, The Into Battle E.P. (UK, p/s) ZTT ZTIS100
   Art Of Noise, The Close To The Edit / Moments In Love / A Time To Hear (UK, white label promo) ZTT ZTPS01
   Art Of Noise, The Close-Up / Time To Hear / Closely Closely (UK, p/s) ZTT 12ZTPS01
   Art Of Noise, The Legs / Hoops And Mallets (UK, p/s) China WOKX5
   Art Of Noise, The Peter Gunn (Twang Mix) (UK, p/s) China WOKR6
   Art Of Noise, The Peter Gunn (UK, p/s) China WOKX6
   Art Of Noise, The Legacy / Legs / Opus III (UK) China WOKX11
   Art Of Trance Octopus / Orange (UK) Platypus PLAT12
   Ascendence The Lost Track / Marathon (UK, die-cut sleeve) Qube ROOT20
60   Ascendence Toroidal Power E.P. (UK) Planet Rhythm PBR007
   Astral Engineering / Ethereal-ites / Replicant Drifting / Terminus / Mystic Dub / Overcast (UK) Dragon Disc #3
   Atlantis Paradise Part 1 / We Came In Peace (UK) Apollo #2
   Attica (feat. Kirsty Hoiles) Cyber Girl (UK, part 1 of a 2 disc set) Plastic Fantastic PFT042
   Attica (feat. Kirsty Hoiles) Cyber Girl (UK, part 2 of a 2 disc set) Plastic Fantastic PFT042R
   Attila Jahanvash I Can't … Stop / Süßstoff (white label promo insert) Punkt #3
   Audio Montage Barracuda E.P. Freerange FR011
   Aura Planet-S / Air Impulse IP0006
   Autechre Basscad E.P. (UK, 3×10" box set, p/s) Warp 10 WAP 44
   Awex 360 Floor Control E.P. (10") Plastic City 10 PLAC 01R
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70   Baby Doc Toad In The Hole / Yorkshire Pud Arriba ARR 010
   Baby Doc & The Dentists Catalan Dawn Pt. 1 / Catalan Rising Prolekult KULT 003
   Backbeat Band, The Money (UK, 10" MLP) Virgin VSA 1489
   Bad Sector Jesus Blood (Germany, 10", hand-made p/s, insert) Power & Steel PAS 06
   Badly Drawn Boy Pissing In The Wind (Lemon Jelly Remix) / The Shining / Spitting In The Wind Twisted Nerve / XL TNXK010
   Bartos, Karl I'm The Message (die-cut p/s) Home Hom03
   Bass Communion The Use Of Ashes (Holland, 10", 100 copies on clear vinyl, textured PVC p/s) ToneFloat TF 47
   Bass Communion The Use Of Ashes (Holland, 10", 250 copies on orange vinyl, textured PVC p/s) ToneFloat TF 47
   Bass Communion The Use Of Ashes (Holland, 10", 250 copies on blue vinyl, textured PVC p/s) ToneFloat TF 47
   Basso Basso's E.P. Blackdisc BD008
80   Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead / Boys (UK, p/s, blue vinyl) Small Wonder TEENY2
   Balil Parasight / Island / Rosery Pilots / Avidya (UK) Rising High RSN 72
   Barry Gray Orchestra, The Joe 90 Theme / Captain Scarlet Theme (UK) PRT 12PX354
   Beatbizarre The New Breed Iboga
   Beats Workin' Sure Beats Workin' / Extacy #9 (UK, p/s) ffrr FFRX8
   Bedouin Ascent Pavillion Of The New Spirit E.P. (white label promo, insert) Rising High RSN 84
   BeeQueen The Surrough Gate (Germany, 10", #415 of 476 copies, hard card, stapled and stickered g/f sleeve) Ant-Zen act 64
   BeeQueen Sandancing Demos E.P. (USA, 10", 300 copies, heavy p/s) Important imprec186
   Belfegore Belfegore / Heilige Kriege / Nacht In Sodom (UK, p/s) Pure Freude PF32 CK16
   Benisch, Peter Sabines Song / Faster Than Light / River Of Time / Redshift eevo 2201
90   Berardi, Marino Expression In E-Dub 2 / The Pulse Forced 005
   Berardi, Marino Catching Up Catching Up Beats Special Needs NEEDS 016
   Berardi, Marino MB (white label) Wally's Groove World MB 8001
   Berardi, Marino Welcome / My Difinition Wally's Groove World MB 8002
   Berardi, Marino Can't Stop Groovin' / Numero 10 Wally's Groove World #16
   Berardi, Marino Expression In E-Dub Wave WM 50056
   Big Brother Adventures In Success: The First Adventure / The Second Adventure (p/s) Island 12 IS 120
   Big Head R U High 12th Hour TWELVE 15
   Big Popsicle The Gimme Some Sugar E.P. Goodbeats POP 01
   Biosphere Seti Project / The Fairy Tale / Cloud X-3 (p/s) Apollo 12
100   Biotrans Freedom1 / Yesu / Overmind / Manna Stickman STIK 006
   Blank Dogs The First Two Weeks (#030 of 300 copies, silk-screened p/s, green vinyl) Freedom School FSR #003
   Blue Pearl Buckateer (UK, p/s) Big Life BLRR 73
   Bluprint Mathis And Tetchner / Smoothie Exceptional EXEC 18
   Body Count Necessary Evil / Bowels Of The Devil (UK, 10" pic disc, p/s) Virgin VSA 1529
   Bolland, C.J. Live At Universe 30/04/93 R&S RS 93024
   Boris / Stupid Babies Go Mad Damaged 3 / Damaged 4 (Japan, 10" pic disc, 1500 copies, p/s, DVD + insert) Diwphalanx PX-163
   Boris Demos Vol.3 E.P. no label
   Boytronic Bryllyant / You (Germany, 1988, 2 mixes of each track, p/s, white vinyl) BCM 2132 40
   Brainchild Vol 1-3 E.P. Eye Q Classics EYECL 001
110   Brainstorm Hot For You / Don't Let Me Catch You With Your Groove Down Tabu 2Z 805515
   Branca, Glenn Lesson No. 1 (USA) 99 Records 99-01 EP
   Brown, Terry Lee Tribal Nova / Brother For Real / Bad House Music (UK, p/s, brown vinyl) Plastic City #11
   Blue 101 Angry Man / Noplex (UK, p/s) Out Of Romford OOR-018
   Brommage Dub Trini (p/s) Svek SK 041
   Brutal Deluxe Brutality / Aftermath (p/s) X Records XP 005
   Bunny Brains Beach Bunny Bingo (10" p/s) The Now Sound L-44622
   BunnyBrains 88 Squirrel Attack E.P.: Standard Edition (USA, 10", #093 of 333 copies, hand-made g/f p/s, inserts, sticker, red-clear vinyl) Equation E=mc06
   BunnyBrains 88 Squirrel Attack E.P.: Deluxe Box Set (USA, 10" & 8.8" pic disc & CD album, #04 of 88 copies, hand-printed box set, inserts, sticker) Equation E=mc08
   Bushfire Babylon / Enough's Enough / Wise And Foolish (UK) SRT 2662
120   BVDub A Moment's Peace / Xiayu Meanwhile mean 913
   DJ Attitude Megalon / Martian Summer (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4001
   Tasha Killer Pussies Operatika (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4003
   D.A.V.E. The Drummer The Clock (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4013
   London Tranceport Bass Metal Product (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4019
   Tasha Killer Pussies Acid Baby (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4021
   D.A.V.E. The Drummer Ghosts (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4027
   Chris Liberator Spectrum (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4049
   DJ Attitude Bleagh / Sands Of Time (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4051
   Evolution Space Phunq (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4057
130   Gizelle Diagnosis (UK, 1-sided white label p/s) Bag 4073
   Evolution Space Phunq / Milkman's Whistle / Milkman's Backside (UK, p/s) Bag 5003
   Tasha Killer Pussies Hoover Baby / Babes In Space / Bongo Bananas (UK, p/s) Bag 5009
   Gizelle Diagnosis (UK, p/s) Bag 5011
   Chris Liberator Spectrum / Skin Rattle (UK, p/s) Bag 5021
   Saints & Sinners Pushin Too Hard (UK, p/s) Bedrock BED 09
   White Room Strapped (UK, p/s) Bedrock BED 16
   Pole Folder & CP Apollo Vibes (UK, p/s) Bedrock BED 19
   Hamel & Blackwatch Discotek (UK, p/s) Bedrock BED 28
   Pole Folder Enter The Rhythm / Waxxx (UK, p/s) Bedrock BED 29
140   Steiger Postcard From The Edge (UK, p/s) Bedrock BED 42
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   Caezar The Prayer / The Presence Of Love / Time (UK, 2016, #0684, p/s, with CD) Vertere VLR-001
   California Dreams California Dreams E.P. Vol. 2 (UK, p/s) Dance International INT 017
   California Raisins / Cave Untitled E.P. (p/s, insert + CDr) Permanent PERM 003
   Carpe Diem Snake Charmer (white label) Plastic Surgery PS 012
   Casseau, D. & J. Vervloet Danger E.P. (p/s) Nitric NIT 963603
   Cat's Miaow, The The Long Goodbye E.P. (USA, 10") Darla DRL084
   Caustic Window, The Joyrex J9 E.P. Rephlex CAT 009
   Chasing Voices Acidbathory (USA, 1-sided, silk-screened p/s) Preserved Instincts 01
   Chasing Voices Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit (USA, 1-sided, silk-screened p/s) Preserved Instincts 02
150   Chasing Voices Another Walk (USA, 1-sided, silk-screened p/s) Preserved Instincts 03
   Chasing Voices Valley Of The Dry Bones (USA, 1-sided, silk-screened p/s) Preserved Instincts 04
   Chasing Voices Awoken By Tears (USA, 1-sided, silk-screened p/s) Preserved Instincts 05
   Chasing Voices Scold (USA, 1-sided, silk-screened p/s) Preserved Instincts 06
   Chestnut (aka Peter Vriends) The Moods E.P. Naw Music MMI 9334
   Cha Cha 2000 Autobahn (UK, 10" E.P. p/c) Lissy's Liss3
   Charasmatix Mokkacaos / Eiscream (p/s) Pinwheel PIN 004
   Choice Paris E.P. FNAC Music 590155
   Church Of Misery Murder Company / Son Of A Gun (10", g/f p/s, purple vinyl) Man's Ruin MR131
   Cloudded Odd Nosdam / Mr. Dibbs / Why9 (10", p/s) no label MH 016
160   C.M. von Hausswolff L'Esprit (10", #58 of 300 copies, x-ray p/s, coloured vinyl) Disques La Carotte #001
   Coastal Commission, The The Conversation / Jack & Cole (p/s) Beatnonstop BNS 02
   Coil The Restitution Of Decayed Intelligence (USA, 10", #473 of 500 copies, insert) Beta-lactam Ring mt032
   Coil The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser (10") Solar Lodge Coil 007
   Coil vs. Elph Worship The Glitch (2×10", p/s) Eskaton 007
   Coldplay Talk (Remixes) (USA, white label) Capitol SPRO-54897
   Colorusso, Craig Strap Parts (10", insert, white vinyl) Mood MOOD42
   Column One Odyssee (10", 150 copies, p/s, postcard, red vinyl) Tochnit Aleph REC 002
   Congo At The Feast / Music Maker (USA, p/s) 99 Records 99-06EP
   Cooper Clark, John Gimmix / I Married A Monster From Outer Space (UK, triangular-shaped, orange vinyl, p/s) CBS 12-7009
170   Cooper Clark, John Walking Back To Happiness (UK, 10", clear vinyl) CBS S JCC 1
   Cope, Julian Interview 1987 (UK, pink vinyl) Julian JC 12
   Cowley, Patrick Megatron Man / Get A Little (p/s) Arioa 600-552
   Cowley, Patrick Menergy / I Wanna Take You Home (p/s) Fusion FPSF003
   Cranes Tomorrow's Tears / Casa Blanca / Sixth Of May / Dreamless (UK, p/s, poster) Dedicated CRANE004T
   Crazy Penis Do It Good (UK, p/s) Paper Recordings 44
   Crayon Tribal Trail / Free (p/s) Crayon CYRN 015
   Crippled Black Phoenix Crippled Black Phoenix (10", p/s) Invada INV032
   Cure, The A Forest / Another Journey By Train (Australia, green vinyl, generic die-cut p/s) Stunn MSD 421
   Curve Frozen E.P. (UK, g/f p/s) Anxious ANX TG 30
180   Curve Clipped / Die Like A Dog / Galaxy / Cherry (UK, 10", #1682 of 2000 copies) Anxious ANX X 35
   Cybermax Hypertrance / Cyberdrome / This Is Bassline / Hypertrance (UK) Horizon HOR 003
   Cybertrax Songs For A Rainy Day E.P. (UK) Rising High RSN 61
   Cybertrax Flexor / Visions / Bliss / Drifting / Ponder (UK) Rising High RSN 74
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   Dahlbäck, Jesper Sand & Vatten Svek SK 039
   Daly, John Solaris (1-sided ) Feel Music FE 006
   Daly, John Oceans / Move Feel Music FE 011
   Daly, John Sky Dive E.P. (generic company die-cut sleeve) Plak PLAK 14
   Daly, John Monsoon E.P. Wave Music WM50189-1
   Damned, The Fun Factory / Freedom / Pasties / A Riot On Eastbourne Pier (p/s) Deltic DELT7T
190   Damned, The Anything / The Year Of The Jackal (p/s, blue vinyl) MCA GRIMX 5
   Dance 2 Trance Let's Get Rollin' / We Came In Peace / Trance-O-Phobia (p/s) Suck Me Plasma SUCK5
   Danse Søciety, The There Is No Shame In Death (UK, 1980, 200 copies on blue vinyl, hand-made p/s) Pax PAX 2
   Danse Society, The We're So Happy / Womans Own / Belief (UK, 1982) Pax PAX 5
   Danse Society, The Danse / Move (UK, 1983, promo, p/s) Society / Arista SOCX 121
   Danse Society, The Somewhere / Hide / The Theme (UK, 1983) Society / Arista SOC 124
   Danse Society, The Heaven Is Waiting / Lizard Man (UK, 1983) Society / Arista SOC 126
   Danse Society, The 2000 Light Years From Home (UK, 1984, #1679 of 2000 copies, blue marbled vinyl) Society / Arista SOCV 127
   Danse Society, The Say It Again / Fade Away / Sensimilla / Treat Me Right (UK, 1985, 2×12", g/f) Society / Arista SOC 128
   Danse Society, The Hold On (To What You've Got) (UK, 1986) Society / Arista SOC 129
200   Daybed Mr Kitty's Happy Day / Tune In Tokyo / A Bird Will Say Anything To Get Out Of His Cage (UK, 10", p/s, card inert) Shoddy Merchandise SM-228
   D.B.T. Sentimental 303 E.P. Oscillator OS030
   Deepwater Deepwater Sessions #1 (Holland) Wally's Groove World #018
   Destroy All Dreamers Galre / Halo E.P. (die-cut p/s, insert 100 copies on red vinyl) Claire's Echo echo10
   Dickies, The Paranoid / Hideous / Gorilla (10" E.P., white vinyl) A&M SP-12008
   Dissolve Statement (USA, 2014, p/s) Painter Man PMR-002
   Divine Walk Like A Man (shaped pic disc) Proto
   DJ Choci Train Across USA / Morgun Says Hello (UK) VCF 012
   DJ Tom & Norman Be Slave Of Your Desire E.P. Over Drive OVER043
   Doc Boggs When My Wordly Trials Are Over (die-cut p/s, reissue of old 78rpm's) Monk MK 319
210   Doctor & The Medics Interview (UK, pic disc) MM 1228
   Dolphine Underwater / Heaven (over-sized label) Save The Vinyl STV012
   Dr. Fernando! Ppsycho E.P. Diatomyc DT008
   Dr. Kucho The Chase VA #008
   Dream Plant The Mighty Machine (UK, white vinyl) Vacuum 12VAC001
   Dream Plant Giraffe (UK, white vinyl) Vacuum 12VAC002
   Dream Plant A Hammond Forever (UK, white vinyl) Vacuum 12VAC004
   Dream Plant Dawn To Dusk (UK, white vinyl) Vacuum 12VAC005
   Dream Plant Atomic Sucker (UK, white vinyl) Vacuum 12VAC006
   Dream Traveller, The Time Dream Music #001
220   Dust Brothers, The Fourteenth Century Sky E.P. (UK) Junior Boy's Own COLLECT04
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   808 State Pacific (UK) ZTT ZANG1T
   Earth Deuley presents Neo Kontraband / Faceless Hellpass #010
   Ectogram Spitsbergen (p/s, white vinyl) Ochre OCH019
   Electronic Dub Electronic Dub (2×12", white-label coloured-vinyl) Blue #014
   Emperor Machine Yes No Egg / Front Man (p/s) DC Recordings DC59
   Emporar Caligula (UK, #70 of 100 copies, hand-stamped label, promo) Choci's Chewns CCY010
   Energy 52 Café Del Mar (UK) Eye Q #001
   Enfield, Harry Loadsamoney (Doin' Up The House) (p/s) Mercury DOSH112
   Engineers, The Pompeii Lovers E.P. (UK, p/s) Waterfront WFT 32
230   Equus Lava E.P. (white label) Soma #40
   ESG ESG (USA, p/s) 99 Records 99-04EP
   ESG Moody / Dance / The Beat (USA, p/s) 99 Records 99-10EP
   ESG Sample Credits Don't Pay Our Bills Nega Fulo NEGA 789
   ESG Insane (Bass Mix) / Insane (Tambourine Mix) Soul Jazz SJR 138-12
   ESG Dance (Twisted Dayz Remix) no label DAYZ 001
   Eskimos & Egypt Welcome To The Future E.P. (UK, clear vinyl) One Little Indian #94
   Eternal Basement Nothing To Hold / Alien's Friend / Taking Place (UK) Harhouse HH048
   Excession Omega / Nostrum Fire 003
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   4 Voice Catching The Scent Of Mystery / Catching The Scent (p/s) MAN Music MMI9366
240   Fagan, Donald New Frontier / Maxine / The Goodbye Look (UK, p/s) WB W9792T
   Fatima Mansions Only Losers Take The Bus / What? (UK, p/s) Kitchenware SKX 43
   Faust Lied Eines Matrosen: Ravvivando E.P. (10" with Ravvivando LP) Klangbad FRAV 119
   Faust / La Kuizine Trafics / Subliminals / Raomèm (I'm Naked) (10", #170 of 1000 copies, p/s, insert) CRDC CR001
   Field Rotation Why Things Are Different (Germany, 10", 100 copies, clear vinyl) Denovali den123
   Fitalic Repriced (p/s) 19 Box Recordings #014
   Flaming Groovies, The Sneakers (10", p/s, inserts, poster, gold vinyl) Munster MR188
   Flirts, The Passion / Calling All Boys (p/s) BMC BMC2016
   Flowerpot Men, The Walk On Guilded Splinters / Melting Down Motor Angel (UK, p/s) Compost 02
   Flowerpot Men, The Janice Long Session (UK, p/s) Strange Fruit SFNT 007
250   Foreheads In A Fishtank Moaning Mini / Queen Mother / Baby Love / Lemon Sole (UK, p/s) Stuff Records #1
   Fish Go Deep Flying Funk E.P. i records IR187
   Forme Aqua-Note (Vol.1) (p/s) Svek SK 047
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax (Original Mix) / Ferry Cross The Mersey / Relax (UK, 16min, 33 rpm issue) ZTT 12 ZTAS 1
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax (Original Mix) / Ferry Cross The Mersey / Relax (UK, 16min, 45 rpm issue) ZTT 12 ZTAS 1
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax (Sex Mix) / Ferry Cross The Mersey / Relax (UK, p/s) ZTT 12 ZTAS 1
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax (Sex Mix) / Ferry Cross The Mersey / Relax (UK, pic disc) ZTT 12 PZTAS 1
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax (3 mixes from 1998) (UK, p/s) ZTT FGTH1T
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes / War (UK, p/s) ZTT 12ZTAS3
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes (UK, Hibakusha mix) ZTT XZIP 1
260   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes (UK, pic disc) ZTT WARTZ 3
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Rage Hard (UK, 12" box set, p/s) ZTT 12 ZTAQ 22
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes (808 State Mix) (UK, 1-sided 10", red vinyl)
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (Vocal / KZAP Edit) (USA, 1985, clear vinyl, promo, miss printing) Island PR 706
   From Within Homeward Bound / A Million Miles To Earth (Canada) Plus8 #036
   Fujiya & Miyagi Conductor 71 / In One Ear & Out The Other (UK, 10", p/s) Tirk TIRK009
   Fujiya & Miyagi Collarbone / Cassettesingle (UK, 10", p/s) Tirk TIRK014
   Fujiya & Miyagi Photocopier / Ankle Injuries (UK, 10", p/s) Tirk TIRK016
   Full Moon untitled (UK) Full Moon Records #1
   Funkmeister War Dance / Battle Beat (UK, original mix, p/s) Ryker RYKT2
270   Funkmeister War Dance (3 Debauch mixes) (UK, p/s, topless insert) Ryker RYKM2
   Funkmeister War Dance (2 Debauch mixes) (UK, 5" shaped pic disc) Ryker RYKP2
   Futura 2000 The Escapades Of Futura 2000 (France, p/s) Celluloid CYZ104
   Hearts Of Space With A Medium Into Trance (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/20
   Olympic 3 Marathon: London / Marathon: Berlin / Marathon (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/39
   Crypt Corp. 4 Sacrifice / Come To My Laboratory / Supernatural / Mordor (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/52
   Air 4 Je Suis Triste Et Seule Ici / Arc (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/53
   Harmonize 4 Beyond Boredom (Day) / Beyond Boredom (Night) (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/57
   Subsequence 4 DNS Recombination / DNS Modification / Recombination (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/60
   Escape 4 Escape To Polaris / Escape From Polaris / Trip To Polaris (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/63
280   Olympic 4 Fly While You Dive / Subconscious Memories (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax PK08/69
   Cœur Atomique Sundance / Le Cœur / Tuff Transmitter (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax Sub Label PS08/18
   Houdini Brainchild / Neural Deception / Iris / Red Dwarf (Germany, 500 copies only) Fax Sub Label PS08/37
   Various Artists Fax Compilation 5 (Germany, 8×12" box set, #23 of 40 copies, stickers, information sheets) Fax no cat #
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   Gardner & Thomas Propaganda (UK) Pitch Black PB3008
   Garnier, Laurent Hymn (UK) Mute PL12MUTE161
   Geezer The Long And Short Of It / Bubblerap Smitten SMT16
   G.Love & Special Sauce Rodeo Clowns Remix (p/s) Okeh 3BS 42340
   Glass Candy I Always Say Yes (USA, p/s) Troubleman Unlimited TMU 186
   Green Nuns Of The Revolution Conflict / Cor (UK) TIP #006
290   Golden Girls Kinetic (p/s) R&S RS92022
   Goldman, Vivien Dirty Washing (USA) 99 Records 99-05 EP
   Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five The Message (p/s) Sugar Hill SHL117
   Gravity Wax Acoustically Inert Dense Gravity Mechanism (p/s) Silver Girl #031
   Green, Brennan Potato Emperor E.P. Balihu 011
   Greens Keepers Should I Sing Like This E.P. (p/s) Classic CMC42
   Grimble Grumble Om Ma-Ni Pad-Me Hum (USA, p/s, 3 inserts) Burnt Hair SINGE 13
   Gypsy The Gypsy Returns Shaboom SHAB025
   Gypsy I Will Trance You Limbo #003
   Kinetico Driving / Zilla (UK) Ground Groove gro1201
300   Kinetico Valhalla / Specion (UK) Ground Groove gro1202
   Kinetico Emphasis / Suspension (UK) Ground Groove gro1203
   Kinetico Crossfire / Bite (UK) Ground Groove gro1204
   Luke Cage Low Fury / Tightrope (UK) Ground Groove gro1205
   Kinetico Voltage / Esitiv (UK) Ground Groove gro1206
   Luke Cage Generator / Peak (UK) Ground Groove gro1207
   Kinetico Filen / Psyactive (UK) Ground Groove gro1208
   Luke Cage Stripped / Growla (UK) Ground Groove gro1209
   Kinetico Violation / D-Day (UK) Ground Groove gro1210
   Yaka Suki Power Cult / Heat (UK) Ground Groove gro1211
310   Luke Cage Psychoslide / Dawnbreaker (UK) Ground Groove gro1212
   Kinetico Repeater / Avalanche (UK) Ground Groove gro1213
   Yaka Suki Invader / Babylon (UK, p/s) Ground Groove gro1214
   Kinetico Stun Gun / Acid Reign (UK) Ground Groove gro1215
   Kinetico Freefall / Monologue (UK) Ground Groove gro1216
   Slayd Novadrone / Face-On (UK) Ground Groove gro1217
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   Hafler Trio The Water Has No Hair To Hold On To (500 copies, p/s, inner sleeve, clear vinyl) Dekorder 008
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #1 : Timerape (Germany, 1996, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-02
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #2 : Broadcast In White (Germany, 1997, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-03
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #3 : Lipchamber (Germany, 1997, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-04
320   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #4 : GODfood (Germany, 1997, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-05
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #5 : Solvitur Ambulado (Germany, 1997, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-06
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #6 : Dream Adjustments (Germany, 1998, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-07
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #7 : Avec Le Vide Les Pleins Pouvoirs (Germany, 1998, 10", #40 of 46 copies, p/s, signed, booklet, insert, joint release with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) Die Stadt DS-08
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #8 : Hand Wave (Germany, 2000, CD, #40 of 46 copies, signed, hand-made artwork, fold-out cover, inserts) Die Stadt DS-09
   Hafler Trio Who Sees Goes On #9 : Box (Germany, 2000, hand-made and numbered box for the 'Who Sees Goes On' 7×10" record set) Die Stadt DS-10
   Hafler Trio The Concentrated Recapturing Of Thought (500 copies, p/s, inner, milky-clear vinyl) Slapart slp_001
   Hafler Trio + Willem De Ridder No One Remains (10", wooden box set with band, 200 copies, clear vinyl) Crouton crou027
   Happy Mondays Peel Sessions: Tart Tart / Mad Cyril / Do It Better (UK, shaped pic disc, 3500 copies) Strange Fruit 671020
   Hard Corps Je Suis Passé (UK, p/s) Polydor HARDX1
330   Harmonic Resource Air Tripping / Observer / Silver Roadster Lunatec LUNA 018
   Harris + Brooks Fight Club / Multilation / Distrust Staub #11
   Harrison, George When We Was Fab / That's The Way It Goes (UK, pic disc) WEA W8131TP
   Haters, The Sweet Austerity (USA, 10" multigroove E.P., p/s) Commercial Failure CFV 10-2
   Hats And Glasses untitled E.P. (10", p/s, clear vinyl) Teenage Disco Bloodbath BOW013
   Hawklords 25 Years On (UK, p/s, grey vinyl) Charisma CD 332 12
   Hawkwind Silver Machine (UK, silver sleeve) UA 12UP 35381
   Hawkwind Hawkwind Zoo (UK, p/s) Flicknife FLEP 100
   Hawkwind Spirit Of The Age Solstice Mixes (UK, p/s) 4 Real 4R1T
   Hawkwind Silver Machine 1972 (BBC Radio) / Silver Machine (BBC Transciption) (USA, 10", #067 of 500 copies, 1-sided card insert) Cleopatra CLP-194
340   Haza, Ofra Im Nin' Alu (pic disc) WEA YZ190TP
   Haza, Ofra Galbi / Im Nin' Alu (p/s) Globestyle NST117
   Hecate vs. Lustmørd Law Of The Battle Of Conquest (p/s) Hymen ¥041
   Here Today Whistle In The Yard (USA, 1983, p/s) Kat H.T.#1
   Holocube Noizology / Krypton Harthouse HH049
   Hooker, Steve & The Shakers The Missing Link E.P. (UK) Waterfront WFT 25
   Human Hands Jubilee / In The Heart Of China / Lurk (USA, p/s) Monolith MR 001 EP
   Hush Fluctuate Caged CAG013
   Massimo Vivona Crimewave / Drop (UK, 1996, 10", dark pink vinyl) Headzone headx 01
   O.J.Project Locator / Locked (UK, 1996, 10") Headzone headx 02
350   O.J.Project Sonic Shuffle / Thermal Slide (UK, 1998) Headzone headx 03
   O.J.Project Tribal Chord Projection / Break Jack (UK, 1999, 10") Headzone headx 04
   Massimo Vivona Vol. I: Orpheus / Filen (UK, 1995) Headzone headz001
   Massimo Vivona Vol. II: Phases / Opengate (UK, 1996) Headzone headz002
   Massimo Vivona Vol. III: Kinetic / Imij (UK, 1996) Headzone headz003
   Massimo Vivona Trafex / Ascent (UK, 1996, green vinyl) Headzone headz004
   Kulprit Gridlock / Curve Technique (UK, 1996) Headzone headz005
   Massimo Vivona Minifunk Part 1 / Blackout (UK, 1996) Headzone headz006
   Kulprit Solo / Temeco (UK, 1996) Headzone headz007
   Massimo Vivona Minifunk Part 2 / Vice (UK, 1996) Headzone headz008
360   Kulprit Toulouse Tangents / Alternative (UK, 1997) Headzone headz009
   Massimo Vivona Counterfeit / Step X (UK, 1997, die-cut p/s, inner) Headzone headz010
   Kulprit Memory Loss / Trigger Incident (UK, 1997) Headzone headz011
   Massimo Vivona Warcry / Contrast (UK, 1997) Headzone headz012
   Kulprit Exit Line / Pressure Point (UK, 1997) Headzone headz013
   Massimo Vivona Mechanicman / Seiko-n (UK, 1997) Headzone headz014
   Massimo Vivona Chime (UK, 1998, die-cut p/s, inner) Headzone headz015
   Massimo Vivona Chime (UK, 1998, white label) Headzone headz015
   Slayd Hammerhead / Venom (UK, 1998) Headzone headz016
   Massimo Vivona Rock / Roll (UK, 2000) Headzone headz017
370   Massimo Vivona Fidelity / Fidelity (UK, 2000) Headzone headz018
   Massimo Vivona Down / Sabotage (UK, 2001) Headzone headz019
   Massimo Vivona Vision Shifter / Edit / The Shining (UK, 2001) Headzone headz020
   Massimo Vivona The Way / The Other Way (UK, 2001) Headzone headz021
   Massimo Vivona Stella Chant / Kulprit Remix (UK, 2002) Headzone headz022
   Massimo Vivona Cromatico / Translatio (UK, 2002) Headzone headz023
   Massimo Vivona Make My Way / Take Your Way (UK, 2003, white label only) Headzone headz024
   Massimo Vivona Drop-Funk / Forever (UK, 2003) Headzone headz025
   Massimo Vivona Counterfeit Vol.2 / Roadfloo / Continue (UK, 2005) Headzone headz026
   Massimo Vivona N.U.1 / N.U.2 (UK, 1998, p/s) Headzone headznu001
380   Massimo Vivona Nu Attitude Vol.2: Stampede / Mind Control (UK, 1998, p/s) Headzone headznu002
   Massimo Vivona Relaxs / Scorp (Germany, 1995) United Projects UPR 001
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   I:Cube Cash Conv / Deep Republic / Pooh Pah / The Basic Bastard (p/s) Versaltile VER017
   Inade The Flood Of White Light (USA, 10", p/s) Malignant VIRUS LP02
   Incredible T.H. Scratchers Hip-Hop-Bommi-Bop (UK, p/s, with Freddy Love) EMI 5473
   Innominato Clear Air Turbulence 1 & 2 Tycho INTO-01
   Interloper Daddy Vegas / Seatac / Falling Star Plink Plonk PLK29
   Interflow Storyreel (p/s, feat. Anna Robinson) Baroque BARQ017
   I.S.A.N. Eastside (#222 of 250 copies, insert) Kesh Recordings KESH:016
   I.S.A.N. Descette E.P. (1-sided, etched, p/s) Secret Furry Hole SFH-15
390   Thieving Dreamer It's All Dreams (UK, C74 cassette album, p/s) Irdial Discs 3ird td1
   Thieving Dreamer Hot Love 2 (UK, LP, p/s) Irdial Discs 5ird td2
   Aqua Regia Hot Love 3 + 5 (UK, white label, p/s, stickers) Irdial Discs 7ird aqr1
   Post Card Post Card (UK, non-music post card) Irdial Discs 8ird pi341
   Aqua Regia Pump Up The L.E.D.'s To Red, Take Some Drugs And Shake Your Head (UK) Irdial Discs 9ird aqr2
   Aqua Regia Big Band House (UK) Irdial Discs 10ird aqr3
   Aqua Regia Big Go Band Go House (UK) Irdial Discs 10ird aqr3 r2
   Aqua Regia The Age Of Aqueous (UK, 2xLP, p/s) Irdial Discs 11ird aqr4
   Aqua Regia New York City Smile On Me (UK) Irdial Discs 12ird aqr5
   Aqua Regia New York City Smile On Me 3 (UK, George Baron Kelly Remix) Irdial Discs 12ird aqr5 r1
400   Aqua Regia The House Tribe (UK) Irdial Discs 16ird aqr6
   Aqua Regia Omnus Carwash (UK, LP, p/s) Irdial Discs 17ird aqr7
   Aqua Regia Aqueanosolo / Up Down Demo (UK, 7") Irdial Discs 18ird fb1
   Veco.19 EEP (UK, p/s) Irdial Discs 19ird vco1
   Aqua Regia Rugelach (UK) Irdial Discs 20ird aqr8
   Aqua Regia Rugelach (UK, white label) Irdial Discs 20ird aqr8
   Ramjac Corporation Cameroon Massif (UK) Irdial Discs 21ird rmj1
   Ray Tracing Slodato (UK) Irdial Discs 22ird rtc1
   Hainault Japan Inc. (UK) Irdial Discs 23ird hut1
   Beautyon Couple / Over And Over (UK) Irdial Discs 24ird bto1
410   Aqua Regia Uh, Ring Me; Bye / Directory Enquiries (UK) Irdial Discs 25ird aqr9
   Neuropolitique E.P. (UK) Irdial Discs 26ird mat1
   In Sync Warm / Starm (UK) Irdial Discs 27ird ins1
   Ramjac Corporation Baby Got Soul / Analogue City (UK) Irdial Discs 28ird rmj2
   Aqua Regia vs. Rhythm Doc. Levels 1 - 5 (UK) Irdial Discs 29ird col1
   Beautyon Your Ignorance Makes Me Ill, And Angry / Dome (UK, p/s, insert, fake tabloid) Irdial Discs 30ird bto2
   Morganistic In The Shadow / The Enchartment (UK) Irdial Discs 41ird mgc1
   Neuropolitique E.P. (UK, card insert) Irdial Discs 42ird mat2
   In Sync + Pluto Subway Route / Suttees Comet / Ratcatcher (UK) Irdial Discs 43ird ins2
   In Sync Pomping World (UK) Irdial Discs 47ird ins1
420   Neuropolitique Facility Junction (UK) Irdial Discs 49ird mat3
   Various Artists Monster Music (UK, LP, feat. Aqua Regia / Beautyon / Veco. 19 / Ray Tracing, p/s) Irdial Discs 50ird com2
   Various Artists There Are Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules (UK, feat. Aqua Regia / In Sync / Neuropolitique / Ray Tracing / Anthony Manning / Hainault / Ramjac Corporation / Veco. 19, 2×CD) Irdial Discs 50ird com2
   Anthony Manning Elastic Variations (UK) Irdial Discs 51ird aev1
   Neuropolitique Menage À Trois (UK, LP, p/s) Irdial Discs 52ird mat4
   Thee J. Johanz Confidential (UK, p/s) Irdial Discs 53ird tjj2
   Anthony Manning Islets In Pink Polypropylene (UK, p/s) Irdial Discs 54ird aev2
   The Electric Family Mariopaint (UK, LP, feat. Aqua Regia / Spy vs. Spy / Anthony Manning / Mrs. Mimi Majick / Spacemole / The Gasman / 2007 / Beautyon, p/s) Irdial Discs 55ird com3
   Aqua Regia A Taste Of Electricity (UK, 1-sided) Irdial Discs 55ird sexcat1
   Anthony Manning Chromium Nebulae (UK, 2×LP, p/s) Irdial Discs 56ird aev3
430   The Electric Family Mariopaint (The 12inch) (UK, feat. Aqua Regia / Spy vs. Spy / Anthony Manning / Mrs. Mimi Majick) Irdial Discs 57ird tef1
   The Conet Project Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations (UK, 4×CD, book) Irdial Discs 59ird tcp1
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   Jackman, David Ten Cut (UK, 10" saw-tooth shaped lathe cut, #20 of 80 copies) Speed Pig SP-001
   Jackman, David Machine Gun Fighting (Germany, 10", pic disc) Die Stadt DS-29
   Jackman, David Eisen (Germany, 10" test pressing, hand inscribed label "For Bill") Die Stadt DS-35
   Jackman, David Eisen (Germany, 10") Die Stadt DS-35
   Jackman, David & Philip Sanderson Terrain / Adrift (Germany, 10", 100 copies with correct silver/blue labels, p/s) Die Stadt DS-47
   Jackman, David Flak / Wietzendorf (Germany, 10", 400 copies only, p/s, black vinyl edition) Die Stadt DS-53
   Jackman, David Flak / Wietzendorf (Germany, 10", 100 copies only, p/s, white vinyl edition) Die Stadt DS-53
   Jackman, David Flak / Wietzendorf (Germany, 10", 50 copies only, p/s, blue vinyl edition) Die Stadt DS-53
440   Jackman, David Edge Of Nothing / Edge Of Nothing (Germany, 10", 100 copies only, p/s, grey vinyl) Die Stadt DS-60
   Jade The Safar Method 002
   Jah Wobble Dreadlock Don't Deal In Wedlock / Pthilius Pubis (UK, p/s) Virgin VOLE 9
   Jansen, Ewan Pi Chord / Runwater / Liquid Exchange Chalant 001
   Jarre, Jean Michel Zoolookologie (UK, promo) Polydor POSPX 740-DJ
   Jata Celebration / Tears SubConscious eeg2
   Jaydee Plastic Dreams R&S RSGB 101T
   Johnson, Sophie & Peter Happy Together E.P. (p/s) WEA YZ 78T
   Johnson, Sophie & Peter Torn Open / Getting On / Chasing A Dream (p/s) WEA YZ 128T
   Jones, Grace Slave To The Rhythm / Jones The Rhythm (UK, pic disc) Island 12 ISP 206
450   Jones, Grace Slave To The Rhythm (UK, 2×12", stickered sleeve, 8 mixes) Zance SAM 1341
   Jowonio Productions Hands / Birds E.P. (10", p/s) Jowonio Productions #1
   Joy Division vs Slide & Healey Dub Will Tear Us Apart (1-sided) Joy Div 002
   Jump II Funk Disco Biscuits E.P. (USA, #003 of 500 copies, sticker) Equation E=mc01
   Jump II Funk Disco Biscuits E.P. (USA, promo) Equation E=mc01
   Jump II Funk Higher Times (USA, promo) Equation E=mc02
   Junk Project Volume I (UK, p/s) Universal Prime Breaks DMDUPB 009
   Junk Project Volume II (UK, p/s) Universal Prime Breaks DMDUPB 012
   Juno Reactor High Energy Protons (UK, p/s) NovaMute 12NoMu27
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   Kalkbrenner, Paul Brennt / Vineta / Dampf / Salz / Pfeffer (Germany, p/s) Bpitch Control BPC 050
460   Kalkbrenner, Paul Steinbeisser / Mundgucci (Germany, p/s) Bpitch Control BPC 072
   Kalkbrenner, Paul John 3-21 / Press On (Germany, p/s) Bpitch Control BPC 081
   Karceral Flesh Bienvenue (France, 10", with LJDLP) Athanor ATNR 010
   Karceral Flesh Bienvenue (France, 10", 100 copies, grey vinyl, with LJDLP) Athanor ATNR 010
   Kat Mandu The Break / There's Only Been A Few T.K.Disco TKD155
   Kat Mandu The Break '85 Unidisc 12BS-038
   Kermit's Finger Jacques JonBenet Bombshell! (p/s, insert) Poorest Quality
   Khan & Walker Radio Waves II - Shortwaves I to V (UK) Harvest 84420
   Killing Joke Nervous System (10", p/s, 4 inserts) Malicious Damage MD 410
   Kinetico Sconoschiuto / Sincerity Flying Rhino AFR066
470   King, Andrew The Harbinger Of The Decaying Mind (Italy, 10", g/f p/s) Old Europa Café OEMP 010
   KLF (aka JAMMs) All You Need Is Love / Ivum Naya / Rap, Rhyme And Scratch Yourself (UK, 5000 copies, p/s) The Sound Of Mu JAMS 23T
   KLF (aka JAMMs) Whitney Joins The J.A.M.M.'s (UK, 1-sided, p/s) The Sound Of Mu JAMS 24T
   KLF (aka JAMMs) It's Grim Up North (UK, 1-sided, 350 copies, p/s, promo inserts, grey vinyl) The Sound Of Mu JAMS 28T
   KLF (aka JAMMs) Burn The Bastards (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 002T
   KLF What Time Is Love (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 004R
   KLF What Time Is Love (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 004T
   KLF 3 A.M. Eternal (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 005T
   KLF 3 A.M. Eternal (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 005R
   KLF 3 A.M. Eternal (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 005X
480   KLF Last Train To Trancentral (UK, 1000 copies, p/s, original) KLF Communications KLF 008R
   KLF Last Train To Trancentral (UK, p/s) KLF Communications KLF 008X
   Komputer Komputer E.P. (UK, pic disc) NovaMute 12 Mute 175
   Komputer Looking Down On London (UK, p/s) NovaMute 12 Mute 203
   Komputer Valentina / Space Walk (UK, p/s) NovaMute 12 Mute 212
   Komputer Chirpy (UK, white label promo, insert) NovaMute 12 Mute 228
   Koto Jabdah (p/s) Mem MEMIX8047
   Koxbox Stratosfear (p/s) Blue Room BR013
   Kraftwerk Neon Lights (UK, 12", luminous vinyl, p/s) EMI 12CL 15998
   Kraftwerk Klang Box Promo (UK, 4×12" box set, each record with p/s featuring exclusive mixes) EMI Klang Box 101
490   Kraftwerk Expo 2000 (3 Mixes) (UK, inner) EMI 12 EM 562
   Kraftwerk Expo 2000 (4 Mixes) (UK, inner) EMI 7243 8 87984 6 4
   Kraftwerk Expo 2000 (Remixes) (UK, 2×12") EMI ASW 38768
   Kraftwerk Tour De France (UK) EMI 1CK 052
   Kraftwerk Tour De France 2003 (UK) EMI 12EM 626
   Kraftwerk Les Mannequins / Showroom Dummies (UK) Capitol 8502
   Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express: Breakdown Edit KG KG001
   Kraftwerk Home Computer (Tangoterje Mix) / I Wanna Dance / Aquarius Supreme SUPR 005
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   L&B Project Dreams Of Energy (Germany, 1995) Dos Or Die DOS 014
   Laibach Die Liebe / Grosste Kraft (UK, p/s) Cherry Red RED 91
500   Laner, Brad Electric Company (blue/green 10" and yellow 7" in plastic wallet) Krown Pocket KP7/10-003
   Last Men Jimmy Igo / The Word (USA, p/s) Ze ZE12009
   Lazard, Steve Railaway / Whirlpol (Germany, 1995) Element 106 ELENT9406
   Led Zeppelin Baby I'm Gonna Leave You (UK, white label, bootleg remix) no label
   Lemon Interupt Minniapolis / Dirty (UK, rare pre-Underworld original) Junior Boy's Own JBO 7-12
   Lemon Jelly Space Walk / Return To Patagonia (UK, p/s) XL IFXLT 145
   Lemon Jelly Space Walk / Return To Patagonia (UK, promo with leather embossed sleeve) XL IFXLT 147P
   Lemon Jelly untitled (UK, 1-sided laser-etched promo) XL PR1
   Lenk Out Of Key E.P. (UK) Planet Rhythm PRR009
   Liberator, Chris & D.A.V.E. The Drummer Coke Hakker: Parts I & II (UK) Truelove Electronic Communications TEC 003
510   Lightning Clap Lightning Clap / Lighting Dub / Jubilation / Jubilidub (UK, p/s) Jah Free Music JF002
   Liles, Andrew A Love Song (Versions 1 - 11) (10", #127 of 200 copies, p/s, insert, pink vinyl) Macrophonics MAC 003
   Lindsey, Patrick Torment / Inner Life (UK) Harthouse HH 10-02
   Lindstrøm & Christabelle Music [In My Mind] (1-sided) Feedeility Wax 012
   Linx So This Is Romance (UK, p/s) Chrysalis CHS 2546
   Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid (USA, 12", p/s) 99 Records 99-07 EP
   Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes (USA, 12", p/s) 99 Records 99-09 EP
   Liquid Liquid Optimo (USA, 12", p/s) 99 Records 99-11 EP
   Liquid Liquid Dig We Must (USA, 12", p/s) 99 Records 99-13 EP
   Liquid Liquid Cavern (Remix) / Scrapper (Remix) (UK, 2000 copies, p/s) MoWax MW091
520   Liquid Liquid Bell Head (Remixes) (UK, 2000 copies, p/s) MoWax MW096
   Liquid Liquid Cavern (DJ Phantom's "Let's Hear It For The B-Boy" Remix) (1-sided) no label LIQ01
   Lisa Loud The Miles For Sound E.P. (UK, 2001) Plastica RED LTDPFT002
   LLL untitled (white label) no label
   LMNO Pelican Boutros Boutros E.P. (UK, p/s) Fred 001
   Lounge Conjunction Yellow Bird / Sixtysex / Uncensored (p/s) Lounge Conjunction CF 049
   Lustmørd Transmuted (USA, 500 copies, stickered sleeve) HydraHead HH666-189
   N.A.D. Habibi Halua E.P. (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 93/01
   Cyril Cyril E.P. (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 93/02
   Nikolai The Nikolai E.P. (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 93/03
530   Ralph Dee & Marc Et Claude Cologne Summer E.P. (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 93/04
   Microwave Prince Vol.1: Microwavin' / Trancemitter Online / Cyclic Evolution (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 93/06
   Various Artists Esprit De La Jeunesse (Germany, feat. N.A.D. / Microwave Prince / Nikolai / Cologne Summer / Alici Meets Marc et Claude / Marc et Claude / Steve Baltes / Nitro / RMB, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/01
   Nitro Orgasmic Transmission / E-Volution / Paradise Island / Crescendo (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/09
   Microwave Prince Vol.2: Solar Eclipse / I Need Your Love / Golden Times (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/11
   Nikolai Ready To Flow (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/12
   Essential Age Time Slip / Miss Mahurmahey / Essential Age (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/17
   Emanuel Top Turkish Bazar (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/18
   Caunos Herzsprung E.P. (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 94/19
   Zero Gravity Medicine Man / Are We In Time? / Amazon (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 95/21
540   No Soul Paralyse / The Bang (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 95/22
   Steve Baltes Exxperience / Bushfire / Shadows Of Sin (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 95/24
   Various Artists Jubilee 25 (Germany, feat. N.A.D. / Zero Gravity / Microwave Prince / No Soul / Caunos / Future Breeze, p/s) Le Petit Prince 95/25
   Microwave Prince Vol.3: Rat Poison / The Colour Of Love / Eternal Light (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 95/27
   Mike Eggert Eternal Power / You Can Get it / The Intelligence (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 95/28
   Phaser Unbalanced / Inside My Head / Cold (Germany, die-cut corrugated p/s) Le Petit Prince 96/39
   Microwave Prince Vol.4: The Piperoom / Deathcounter (Germany, 500 copies, 50th anniversary pic disc) Le Petit Prince 97/50
   Microwave Prince Vol.5: Ganz Schön Muffig / Topfschlagen (Germany, p/s) Le Petit Prince 01/79
   Various Artists 303% Acid (Germany, feat. Dr. Phibes / Whoo Whoo / Microwave Prince / Vinyl Countdown / Ra-Patera / Mike Ink / Structure, 2×LP, p/s) LPP Limité 94/01
   Very Reasonable Very Weed / Weed (Germany, p/s, yellow vinyl) LPP Limité 95/02
550   Lilo Schulberg Backgammon / In Any Time Another Story (Germany, p/s) LPP Limité 95/03
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   Mæror Tri Pleroma / Altrove (10" pic disc, #140 of 434 copies) Ant-Zen ACT 79
   Maas, Timo Killin' Me / Psycho Phunk / Saigon Tide NS TIDENS 002
   Madoka Dive Plastic Fantastic PFT033
   Maldur Atai Patrols Of Paradise (10", #071 of 240 copies, embossed p/s, stickers) Autarkeia AVI 043
   Man To Man Male Stripper (UK, 1986, pic disc, feat. Man Parrish) Bolts 4-12
   Man To Man These Boots Are Made For Walking (Mexico, 1987, p/s, feat. Jessica Williams) Peerless MX-0171-1
   Man With No Name Floor-Essence (promo) Perfecto PERF108T
   Man With No Name Reincarnation / Revenge (p/s) Atomic ATOM 013
   Mankind untitled Mankind 08
560   Marc Hell Rock'n'Rollin' / Vivid (p/s) Marc + Claude's MECL 0116-6
   MARRS Pump Up The Volume (p/s) 4AD BAD 707
   Martin, Andreas Doppelpunkt Vo Ort (10", p/s, clear vinyl) Robot RR 03
   Martin, Andreas & Christoph Heemann untitled (10", pic disc) Robot RR 20
   Massive Attack Angel (p/s) Circa WBRT 10
   Maurizio Ploy E.P. Basic Channel M1
   Maurizio M2 Basic Channel M2
   Maurizio M3 Basic Channel M3
   Maurizio M4.5 Basic Channel M4.5
   Maurizio M6 Basic Channel M6
570   Maurizio M7 Basic Channel M7
   Maximum Joy Stretch / Silent Street (p/s) 99 Records 99-08EP
   Mayaku Palm Springs / Rainforest (Holland) Wally's Groove World WGW026
   McCulloch, Ian September Song / Cockles And Mussels (UK, p/s, poster) Korova KOW40T
   Memnon Desire (UK, p/s, features "Seroya") Renaissance RENX003
   Meridian Starving Dolphins / Nympheas (UK) Green Martian GM-2001-034
   Metal Music Presents M Trax Basis Low Pressings LP034
   MFA, The The Difference It Makes (Germany, p/s) Kompakt Kom Pop 5
   Millenium Vektor Pod 033
   Miles, Robert Children (UK) Platypus PLAT 18
580   Misjahroon Turn Me On / Dark Vibes Jinx JX-460
   Misjah & DJ Tim X-Trax Volume 1 Aura SUSSX 014
   Misjah & DJ Tim X-Trax Volume 2 Aura SUSSX 017
   Misjah + Groovehead Trippin' Out / Psycho City / Frozen Memories X Trax X-001
   Model 500 The Passage / Mind Changes / Vessels In Distress (UK, p/s) Apollo 111
   Moeller, Brendon Ignition E.P. Apnea APNEA022
   Moeller, Brendon Anchor (p/s) Blind Stitch bls001
   Moeller, Brendon The Big Thrill (p/s) Connaisseur CNSS014-6
   Moeller, Brendon Birth / Medicine Echocord 019
   Moeller, Brendon Elixir E.P. Echocord 029
590   Moeller, Brendon Electricity Leena 07
   Moeller, Brendon One Man's Junk E.P. (p/s) Third Ear 3EEP-088
   Moeller, Brendon Safari E.P. (p/s) Third Ear 3EEP-101
   Mono Memorie Dal Futuro (p/s, promo only grey vinyl) Vinyl Films VR 20033
   Moondog And His Honking Geese Moondog's Music (UK, 10", p/s) Honest John HJP17
   Moon Duo Horror Tour (USA, #335 of 1000 copies, p/s) Souterrain Transmissions Sou28
   Moore, Steve Fever Dream / 30,000 Feet Deep (USA, 10", #498 of 500 copies, p/s) Mexican Summer MEX 027
   Morel Funny Car / Dreaming Of L.A. (USA, p/s) Yoshitoshi YR070
   Morel Funny Car (Remixes) (USA, 2×12", p/s) Yoshitoshi YR088
   Morley, David The Shuttle E.P. R&S RS 93030
600   Moroder, Giorgio The Chase (2×12") Cous-N-ff-ct CNF 019
   Moshic vs. DJ Cyber Asian Love Cyber CR045
   Moshic & Da Silva Gibberish Kismet KMT 18
   Moshic & Da Silva Deep As The Rivers Kismet KMT 20
   Moshic & Zidan 2 Loose La Track Plastica DPFT 013
   Moshic & Zidan Nightstalker Plastica DPFT 014
   Moshic & Zidan 10@Ze Plastica DPFT 020
   Moshic & Landa Faza Pitch Black PB3007
   Moshic Nanok Contrast cont001
   Moshic Indian Moon / Not In Front Of U (p/s) Pitch Black PB3015
610   Moshic Panic System Pipeline Music PLM3002
   Moshic The Myth Of Osiris 3BeatBreaks 3BB002
   Moshic untitled MusicNow MNR 042
   Mouse On Mars Frosch (orange vinyl) Too Pure PURE 31
   Mudd & Pollard Villa Stavros / Dub Stavros Claremont SB C56001
   µ-Ziq Phi*1700 (u/v) / Paco / Crosstown Traffic / Xolbe II R&S RS 94048
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   19th Street Brothers The Park E.P. (Belgium, 1999, p/s) Wha? Roots Recordings WHA? 001
   Na-Dha Na-Dha (Italy, 10", g/f p/s) Old Europa Café OEMP 004
   Naevus / Spiritual Front Bedtime / Badtime (Italy, 10" pic disc, #186 of 500 copies, insert) Old Europa Café OEMP 011
   Necton Rumpfunk / Junkpunk (p/s) Spiritzone 104
620   Nettles Bin Scrape Laden E.P. (p/s) Soot #3
   Neuicide! Neuicide! (UK, 2016, 10", white vinyl, p/s (artist Al Lover)) Fuzz Club
   New Blockaders, The Falten (UK, 2003, 10", #303 of 400 copies, stickered sleeve, clear vinyl) Hypnagogia nag01
   New Blockaders, The + Merzbow Oumagatoki (UK, 2004, 10", 400 copies, g/f p/s) Hypnagogia nag03
   New Blockaders, The Hammer Bruises & Sickle Scars (Germany, 10", 50 copies, handmade p/s) Psych.KG Psych.KG 101
   New Order Blue Monday-95 (UK, p/s) London NUOX 7
   New Phunk Theory Twilight Forensic for -010
   Newcleus Jam On Revenge (USA) Becket BKSL8
   No Joy Negaverse (#409 of 750 copies, p/s, insert) Mexican Summer MEX 124
   Nocturne Nocturne (Germany, 10", #422 of 500 copies, g/f p/s) Tesco Organisation 035
630   Nocturne - K - H - (Italy, g/f p/s) Old Europa Café OEMP 003
   Noise-Maker's Fifes Maïkieêk / Zwaân (10", #016 of 333 copies, g/f p/s) OBUH V15
   Normil Hawaiians Gala Failed E.P. (UK, 1981, p/s) Red Rhino RED 8
   Nostrum Acid House E.P. Time Unlimited time 041-6
   N-R-G Jams Original N-R-G / House N-R-G / Acid N-R-G Tripoli Trax TT003
   Nu-Logic Deep Trouble (UK) Nu-Logic #1
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   Ô Paradis Sin (Italy, 10", g/f p/s, red vinyl) Old Europa Café OEMP 008
   Odd Company, The Swing In Trance / We Are Experienced (UK) Logic LUK 004
   Odyssey Memories / Odyssey MBF LTD12003
   Off Electric Salsa (p/s) PWL SONL1
640   Off Electric Salsa (UK, white label) Sonet SONL2323
   Oldfield, Mike Let There Be Light (UK, p/s) WEA 0630-11701
   Oliver Ho & Mike Harris Light & Dark: Parts I & II (UK) Light & Dark LD002
   Ones, The The Ones Go To Hollywood no label
   OP:L Bastards Sagittarius 3 / Funking (UK, p/s) Zomba CGA 080
   Ora Morgendämmerung (Germany, 400 copies, p/s, clear vinyl) Die Stadt DS-79
   Orb, The Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld (UK, promo, p/s) Big Life ORB PROMO 1
   Orb, The Little Fluffy Clouds / Into The Fourth Extension (UK, p/s) Big Life BLR 33R
   Orb, The Perpetual Dawn (UK, p/s) Big Life BLR T46
   Orb, The Perpetual Dawn: Orb In Dub (UK, p/s) Big Life BLR R46
650   Orb, The Perpetual Dawn: Ultrabass 2 (UK, 1-sided pic disc, 395 copies, sticker plastic sleeve) Big Life Orb Picture 3
   Orb, The Blue Room / Assassin (UK, p/s) Big Life 863 653-1
   Orb, The Assassin (UK, turquoise vinyl) Big Life ORB PROMO5
   Orb, The Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld (UK, white label) W.A.U. / Mr. Modo MWS 017R
   Orb, The Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld (UK, p/s) W.A.U. / Mr. Modo MWS 017T
   Orb, The Satellite Serenade (UK, 360 copies, blue vinyl, remix of Kejiichi Suzuki and Electrotete) W.A.U. / Mr. Modo Suzuki 1
   Orbital Impact USA / Lush (1926 Trancendance Mix) (UK, promo) ffrr 697 120 013-1DJ
   Osbourne, J. Kiss Somebody / Dub (UK, red vinyl) Cha Cha CHAD27
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   Panacea The Day After / Reality Chrome #8
   Paragliders Lithium E.P. Phoolish 99001
660   Paragliders Paragliders / Bagdad (UK, 2×12", double pack) Rising High RSN 83
   Pato Banton Beams Of Light / Depths Of An Oceans Love Tribe T2
   Pet Shop Boys West End Girls (UK, multi-fold 10") Parlophone 10R6115
   Peter Jacques Band Walking On Music (yellow vinyl) Ariola AROD162
   Peyote Alcatraz / I Will Fight No More (p/s) R&S RS 92033
   pH1 Sizzling Love / Technidad No Respect NRR 033
   Piano Magic Wintersport / Cross Country (UK) i release ire 2031
   Piano Magic The Fun Of The Century E.P. Piao! #12
   Picotto, Mauro Proximus BXR Claxixx BXR 1111
   Picotto, Mauro Bug / Eclectic BXR Noise Maker BXR 1109
670   Planet E Team Gooroo E.P. VooDoo 009-6
   Plastyc Buddha Rhodes Royce (p/s) Life Enhancing Audio 541416 500634
   Play By Numbers Cloud Nine (hand-made p/s) Ice Water 27-003
   Police, The You Can't Go Wrong no label PC 001
   Popol Vuh Nachts: Schnee (Mika Vainio Remix) / Aguirre I (Haswell & Hecker Remix) (red vinyl, sticker PVC sleeve) Editions Mego Mego 090
   Porcupine Tree Voyage 34 (UK, p/s) Delerium DELEC EP 007
   Porcupine Tree Voyage 34 (Remix) (UK, p/s) Delerium DELEC EP 010
   Porcupine Tree Moonloop (UK, p/s) Delerium DELEC EP 032
   Porcupine Tree Staircase Infinities (10", 2000 copies) Lazy Eye 3094
   Pounding Grooves untitled (10") Pounding Grooves PGV 28
680   Prime, Michael / Charles Hayward Osculation / Wash.Rinse.Spin Raft 12
   Prince Far-I & Ashantie Roy 83 Struggle / Weeping Wailing Pre 11-12
   Propaganda Present The Nine Lives Of Dr Mabuse (UK, p/s) ZTT 12ZTAS2
   Providence 27.4.97 (10", p/s, inserts) Earworm WORM 10
   Psychedelic Furs Heaven / Heartbeat (p/s) CBS TA4300
   Psyclan Energy Flux / Force Spike / Ion Celest #7
   Pump Panel, The Ego Acid / Ego Acid (Floatation Mix) Synwave SW 04
   Pump Panel, The N-Joi "Papillon" Remix (1-sided white label promo, hand-stamped labels) Deconstruction Joi-2
   Pump Panel, The Confusion / Re-Mover (UK, 2×12", p/s) ffrr FX 260
   Pump Panel, The Confusion Dub / Remover Dub (UK, white label promo) ffrr V2
690   Pump Panel, The To The Sky / Hermans' Head (UK) Missile #02
   Pump Panel, The Ego Acid Re-Pump (UK) Missile #05
   Pump Panel, The Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani "The Horn Track" Remix (UK, Tim Taylor And Dan Zamani) Missile #07
   Pump Panel, The D.H.S. "The House Of God" Remix (UK, 2×12", p/s) Missile #13
   Pump Panel, The Tunnel Vision E.P. (UK) Missile #39
   Pump Panel, The New Order "Confusion" Remix (UK, promo, insert) Missile #47
   Pump Panel, The Ego Acid (4 Remixes) (UK, 2×12", p/s) Primate Recordings PRMT 064
   Pump Panel, The Ego Acid (2 Remixes) (UK, white label) no label WHITE 001
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   Quench Dreams Infectious Infect 3TR
   Quench Hope Remix E.P. Infectious Infect 17T
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700   RAC Tangents E.P. (UK) Warp wap 52
   Radio Stars Nervous Wreck / Horrible Breath (UK, #527 of 1000 copies, p/s) Chiswick NST23
   Ramin Pangaya / Unknown Call / Fascinate (UK, feat. B-Flame) Wide Area Network WAN 07
   Ramin Pangaya / Fascinate (UK, feat. B-Flame, white label) Wide Area Network WAN 07
   Ramin State Of Suspense / Synthetic Dream (UK, feat. E-Basement, oversized label) Logic STV 014
   Ramin Vo. II: Brainticket (UK, promo) Logic LUK 008
   Random Logic Vengo E.P. (UK) The Blak Label BLAK 004
   Razoof You + Me / Qué Pasó Amigo? / Roots And Culture Nesta #006
   Really Smelly Socks Politeness Counts (10", p/s, insert, hand-written labels) Girl Scouts Of Death GSODR 01
   Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Spinning Round / Hold Yourself Down (UK, p/s) Cherry Red REDT60
710   Renegade Sound Wave Kray Twins (UK, p/s) Rhythm King LEFT-8T
   Reverend And The Makers He Loved The Sound Of The Crowd / He Said He Dubbed Me no label PRAY001T
   Rob Rives & Rob Salmon Running Towards A Dream Yoshitoshi YR055
   Ron's Edits Serious / Heads Together / Back 4 More W+L Black WLB06
   Roommates Roommates E.P. (USA, 350 copies, p/s, inserts) Wobblyhead WBL 001
   Ruination Ruination (clear lathe-cut record shaped like a map of the USA, p/s) Youth Attack #08
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   Sabres Of Paradise Smokebelch II (UK, p/s) Sabres Of Paradise PT 009
   Saint Avalanche St. Avalanche Is Filled With Warm Liquids (die-cut p/s, insert, 100 copies on white vinyl) Claire's Echo echo02
   Savant Stationary Dance / Sensible Music (USA, 2000 copies, p/s) Palace Of Lights POL-09
   Scenic The Long Sun / With You All Summer / Moonliner / A Quiet Event (10", #413 of 600 copies, hand-pressed bound card sleeve) St. Ives Saint 07
720   Schmoov Chicken Greese / Chink / Silvery Moog (UK, p/s) Paper Recordings #49
   Science Wonder Glam / Metal Guru / Braindrain / Mr. Soft New Transatlantic NTA 002
   Scope Bacchanal (UK) Sperm #008
   Scope Random Motion / Bit Stream (UK, 10") Out Of Romford OOR 017
   Scott-Heron, Gil Re-Ron / 'B' Movie Arista 12-573
   Scratch Orchestra, The untitled (Germany, 100 copies only, p/s, clear-vinyl) Die Stadt DS-23
   Secret Cinema Secret Cinema 2 (UK, p/s) Music Man MM 016
   Sequential Sequential / Prophet / The Mission (UK) Rising High RSN 45
   Sex Pistols The Biggest Blow (Australia, p/s, clear vinyl) Wizard ZS-12-190
   Shamen, The Alpha Omega E.P. (UK, p/s) One Little Indian 30 TP12
730   Shock Heaven (p/s) Voltaire VR-008
   Sidechained Cityscape Abyss #005
   Sigur Rós untitled #1 (Vaka) (UK, 10", g/f p/s, with stencil) Fat Cat 10FAT002
   Silna Wola Chaos (10", p/s, insert) Malerie
   Similau Similau E.P. Baraka BRK 002
   Sisters Of Mercy Dominion / Untitled / Sandstorm / Emma (box set, poster) Merciful MR43TB
   Skibone Take It To The Top (USA) T.T.E.D. TDE-3018
   Slint untitled E.P. (USA, 10", p/s) Touch & Go TG132
   Smith & Mudd Shulme (1-sided) Claremont SB C56002
   Snares Sabbath Dubs (10", smokey-green vinyl) Kriss KRISS 6
740   Snowboy & The GL Band Bring On The Beat / When Snowboy's Rocking The Night / Guanguancó R.J. (UK, #418 of 750 copies, p/s) ARC CRAX001
   Snowboy & The GL Band Bring On The Beat / When Snowboy's Rocking The Night / Guanguancó R.J. (UK, white label, hand-made p/s) ARC CRAX001
   Snowboy & The Latin Section Mambo Teresa / Wild Spirit (UK, p/s) Waterfront WFT30
   Snowboy & The Latin Section Night In Tunisia / Ritmo Snowbo' (UK) BGP BGPT002
   Snowboy Give Me The Sunshine / El Nuevo Latino (UK) Big Life BLRT54
   Snowboy (as Yuki-Otoki Meets NyQuist) Delerium / NyQuist Theorem (UK, promotional copy) Beatfarm BFR005T
   Soccio, Gino Human Nature / Think Back (p/s) Il Discutto ART1056
   Sodality, The Orgies Of Crime / And You Shall OAE 2054
   Soil Bleeds Black, The Three Living, Three Dead (10", g/f p/s, blood-red vinyl) Old Europa Café OEMP 009
   Solid Sessions Janeiro (p/s) Combined Forces CF 026
750   Solar Quest Acid Air Raid E.P. (UK, promo) Choci's Chewns CC 004
   Sote Wake Up (300 copies, hand-sewn fabric sleeve, white vinyl) Record Label
   Source, The The Source Experience E.P. (UK, 2×12") R&S RS 93027
   Source, The Source E.P. (UK, promo) R&S RS 92012
   Sola Nova A Visit To The Planetarium Dream Inn dream 06
   Speaker Pimps Octagon / Melo's Late Smitten SMT 35
   Sphere Gravity Tune Inn TIR 005
   Spizz Oil Peel Sessions (p/s) Strange Fruit SFPS 022
   S.P.K. Dekompositions (UK, p/s, as SePuKu) Side Effects SER 03
   Spy Q2 / Pi / Phase Collide IDE 007
760   Starecase Starecase / Hopeless Hope #24
   Star Turn On 45 Pints Pump Up The Bitted (UK, p/s) Pacific DRINK 1T
   Star Turn On 45 Pints Xmas Party / Old Lag Signed (UK, p/s) Pacific DRINK 3T
   Stereolab Super-Electric E.P. (10") Too Pure Pure 4
   Stereolab & Nurse With Wound Crumb Duck E.P. (UK, 10", 30 copies, hand made sleeve) Clawfist PIG 20
   Stromlinie Tunnel (Germany, 10" E.P., 495 copies, hand-cut sleeve) Ant-Zen act 48
   Stupids, The Frankfurter E.P. (UK, p/s) Fart #1
   Subtech Give In To The Pressure / Coast to Coast Subtech STECH 005
   Sudden Sway To You, With Regard (UK, w/booklet) Chant 8 EJSP 9692
   Sudden Sway Sat'Day Mornin' Episode (UK, p/s) Rough Trade RTT 213
770   Sudden Sway Peel Sessions (UK, p/s) Strange Fruit SFPS005
   Sugar Hill Gang Rapper's Delight (USA) Sugar Hill SHL 101
   Summer, Donna I Feel Love: Patrick Cowley Mix (p/s) Casablanca FEEL12
   Summer, Donna I Love To Love You Baby (p/s) Casablanca CANX 1014
   Summer, Donna Mac Arthur Park Suite (1-sided) Casablanca NBD 2014
   Summer, Donna I Feel Love (Danny Howells Remix) (2003, 1-sided, clear red vinyl, unofficial) no label 12FE010
   Sun Electric O'Locco / Kama Sutra Space Therapy (p/s) R&S RS 93023
   Sunshower Seven / Weekend Millionaire (UK) Guerilla GPRI 001
   Suntrigger Your Love Mechanism mech 018
   Swag Drum Hydraulics E.P. (UK) Junior Boy's Own JBO 033
780   Swag Drum Hydraulics: Soul Capsule Remixes (UK, p/s) Tyrant TYR12003
   Swag Mixtape Classics E.P. (UK, die-cut center hole to look like a cassette spool) Version 011
   Swag Remixtape Classics E.P. (UK) Version 012
   Sway Winter Heart (die-cut p/s, insert, 100 copies on pink vinyl) Claire's Echo echo03
   Swayzak vs. Theorem Bad Hair Day / Unherluferlick / Break In At Apartment 205 THX thx1
   Sworn Treatment Declined (p/s) Method #15
   System 7 Alpha Wave (UK, p/s) Big Life BFLT 25
   System 7 Miracle / Mia / Sunburst (UK, promo, p/s insert, clear vinyl) Ten TENDJ381
   System 7 Sunburst (UK, p/s) Ten TENX 335 DJ
   Sinus Iridium Sentinal / Tycho / Sentinal II (UK) Stay Up Forever S.U.F. 10:000 m.g.
790   Star Power Nothing Can Save Us! London / Renegade (UK) Stay Up Forever S.U.F. 11:000 m.g.
   Rebel Velle Mizbehavinit / Glass Ball (UK) Stay Up Forever S.U.F. 12:000 m.g.
   A&E Dept. The Rabbit's Name Was … / Cool & The Gang (UK) Stay Up Forever S.U.F. 14:000 m.g.
   Secret Hero Mutiform (UK) Stay Up Forever S.U.F. 26:000 m.g.
   Dynamo City One Night In Hackney / One Night In A Village In Kent (UK) Stay Up Forever S.U.F. 69:000 m.g.
   Chris Liberator And D.A.V.E. The Drummer Present Dynamo City One Night In Hackney Remixes (UK) Stay Up Forever Remixes S.U.F.R. 36
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   3,000,003 Evolve (promo version) Roost RR 004
   Tantamanna Bad Dreams (promo version) Baroque BARQ 030
   Tantra Hills Of Katmandu / Wishbone (p/s) WEA K17830T
   Tantra Hills Of Katmandu: Patrick Cowley Megamix (Italy) JDC JDC0100
800   Tantra Hills Of Katmandu / 40 Minutes Of Hot Platers (Italy, B-side featurs Various Artists) Unidisc SPEC1229
   Tantra Hills Of Katmandu (Original Underground Mix) (USA, feat. Patrick Cowley on synthesizer (uncredited)) Hot Classics HC-4
   Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Teenage Jesus And The Jerks E.P. (USA, pink vinyl) Migraine CC-336
   Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Pre Teenage Jesus (USA) Ze ZE 12011
   Temple City Kazoo Orchestra Some Kazoos (USA, #067 of 1000 copies, multi-coloured vinyl) Rhino RNEP 501
   Terje, Todd Diamonds (1-sided, remix of Paul Simon) no label TANG5
   Terje, Todd I Want Your Love (1-sided, remix of Chic) no label
   Terminator Benelux Red Alert E.P. HoS 12 HOS016
   That Petrol Emotion Sensitive (UK, 10" box set, numbered #1388, poster) Virgin VSAX 1261
   The Ones Go To Hollywood Superstar / The Ones Can't Get Enough no label Frankie 01
810   This Heat Health & Efficiency (UK) Piano THIS 12 01
   Throbbing Gristle Discipline (UK) Fetish FET 06
   Tiermes 210 (10", insert) Kaos Kontrol KK 007
   Tietchens, Asmus Rattenhau (10", insert) The Bog 003
   Tom Wax My Definition (marble vinyl) PhutureWax PWR 005
   Trace Lost Entity / Jazz Primitives Lucky Spin LSR 019
   Trail Dead And The Rest Will Follow (10" pic disc) Interscope 9880608
   Trust In Trance AbanDon / Journey Through Your Mind (p/s) Symbiosis SYMB 003
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   Ultra Milkmaids Telepherique (10", hand-made photo p/s, insert) Rendezvous Radikal #03
   Ultra Milkmaids + Celluloid Mata Orion / Roum / Wendy / Actified (10", p/s) Acti-room act95
820   Unit Moebius Bunker 003 (1-sided) Bunker #003
   Underworld Rez / Cowgirl (UK, 2014, Anniversary reissue, yellow vinyl) UnderworldLive.com COLLECT020
   Underworld Long Slow Slippy / Eventually But (UK, 2017, 500 copies, die-cut p/s) UnderworldLive.com UWR00083
   Underworld Doing Druxx / Doing Dubz (bootleg mash-up) no label
   UnSub Missive InPhobia 000 E.P. (p/s) Indoor USM 002-6
   Use Of Ashes Ice / Mousehill (Holland, 10", orange vinyl, textures p/s) ToneFloat TF47
   Utah Saints Star (UK, promo, grey vinyl) ffrr FXXDJ 268
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   Van Den Berg, Michiel Phandenberg Disc 1 (Holland, 1992) Subtopia 92-SUB-2
   Van Den Berg, Michiel Phandenberg Disc 2 (Holland, 1992) Subtopia 92-SUB-3
   Velocity Lust: Remixes (UK) Guerilla GSPS 001
830   Virus Sun (UK, p/s) Perfecto SAM 1637
   Vitrola Maritime Tatami (p/s) Dark Entries DE-055
   Vivona, Massimo Over / Espiration Liquid Audio Soundz GTN 1011-30
   Vivona, Massimo Strategy / Attitude vol III (p/s) Go & Records 001
   Velvet Girl Walking In Sunshine (p/s) Bonzai ZAI 001
   Varied Lily Star Dance & Waves DW 1911
   Vapour Space Gravitational Arch Of 10 (p/s) Internal LIARX 9
   Väth, Sven Ritual Of Life (p/s) Eye Q WE 231
   Very Things, The Mummy, You're A Wreck Reflex 12 RE9
   Vriends, Peter Joy / Anger (USA, 10", orange vinyl) Sm:)e SM-9009
840   (Dr) Skuf Sensi / The More I Get, The More I Want (UK) Vinyl Rhythm VR 001
   Skuf Losing My Mind / My Bass Is Big / Jungle Love (UK) Vinyl Rhythm VR 002
   Skunk Klub, The Skratch The Beat / Feel The Beat (UK) Vinyl Rhythm VR 003
   The Herb Superb The Groove E.P. (UK) Vinyl Rhythm VR 004
   Skunk Club & The Herb Superb The 160 E.P. (UK) Vinyl Rhythm VR 005
   Jump 2 Funk Huggy Bear / Hot Shot (UK) Vinyl Rhythm VR 006
   Jump 2 Funk Funk Freak / House Freak (UK, p/s) Vinyl Rhythm VR 007
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   Wagon Christ Sunset Boulevard E.P. (promo stamped labels) Rising High RSN 82
   Wander Wander E.P. (Holland, 10", 100 copies, p/s) Plinkity Plonk plonk007
   Warrior Soul (Love Is) The Drug E.P. Music For Nations KUT 164
850   Waters, Roger Hello (I Love You) (Holland, 250 copies on marbled vinyl, p/s) ToneFloat TF37
   Waveblower Waveblower Vol. 1: Acid Warp / Hybrid Resource (UK) Delerium 24
   Waveblower Waveblower Vol. 2: Search A Sound / Polyphonic Depth (UK, 2×10") Delerium 29
   Wavelan It Will Stand / Over Phase / Cygnal / It's Something Special IST 007
   Wednesday's Child Change / Bungee Progression WED 003
   Wegner, Sven Hooked Up Vol. 1 (white label promo) Panic #01
   Wermut Les Cinq-A-Sept Post-Neoistes (Italy, 10", g/f p/s, white vinyl) Old Europa Café OEMP 007
   Wermut Les Nuits Dalmates Nouvelles Agapes Post-Neoistes (Italy, 10", #112 of 392 copies, g/f p/s) Old Europa Café OEMP 013
   Wigglin' Hips, The Oh Lord! (p/s) Get Less From Kenrock KEN23
   Wild, Damon Red Dog / Bloodhound (UK) Sinewave SW 16
860   Wilson, Steven Luminol / The Watchmaker (pic disc, die-cut p/s, Record Store Day issue) Kscope KSCOPE838
   Wrangler Brutes untitled E.P. (USA, 2005, 2×8", 600 copies, g/f) Clarence Thomas No.1
   Wooden Shjips Contact (USA, white vinyl) Mexican Summer MEX 014
   Wooden Shjips Remixed (500 copies on clear vinyl) Thrill Jockey 12.49
   Woodpeckers Naked / Dark Clouds / Rage Global Ambition GAMB 007
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   Yello Call It Love (Trego Snare Version 2) / Santiago (Live At The Palladium, New York) (g/f p/s) Mercury YELLO12
   Yello The Stella Suite Pt 1 (Oh Yeah) / You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (1st demo version) (1-sided MLP) Vertigo SAM243
   Yello Live At The Roxy NY Dec 1983 (p/s) Vertigo 822-262-1
   Yokota, Susumu Mix E.P. (p/s) Leaf DOCK 23
   Young Gods, The Skinflowers Play It Again Sam BIAS206
870   Zs Glyphs / Play (10", p/s, clear vinyl) Ricecontrol #10
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   Various Artists Voltaire Records (feat. Erik Artur / Lovelock / Narctrax / Loose Shus / Le Pimp, #062 of 500 copies, p/s) Voltaire Records VR 001
   Various Artists Rockin' Bones (10", 500 copies, p/s) Rockin' Bones RON010
   Various Artists Out Of Romford (UK, feat. Dek Novel / Oblivion / Broken Keys / RX17) Out Of Romford OOR 023
   Various Artists The Volt (feat. anonymous artists) The Volt 002
   Various Artists The Volt (feat. anonymous artists) The Volt 003
   Various Artists Liquefaction (feat. Piano Magic / I.S.A.N. / Horton Jupiter / The Wisdom Of Harry, p/s) Liquefaction duske 8
   Various Artists Eva-Tone Soundsheets (feat. Bedlam Four / Rising Storm / Unrelated Segments / Painted Faces/ Children Of The Mushroom, 9" flexi disc, with pop-up cube) Eva-Tone Soundsheets 106811A&BX
   Various Artists Class X (feat. Donna Summer / Spandau Ballet / Bronski Beat, subscription-only DJ mix) Class X CX 5
   Various Artists Art Mix (feat. Frankie Goes To Hollywood / The Cure / New Order / Boxcar, DJ-only subscription disc) Art Mix AM 8809
880   Various Artists Hot Tracks (USA, feat. Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Eric Roberts / Touch Of Class, DJ-only subscription disc) Hot Tracks SA 3-7

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