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1   A Certain Ratio The Big E (UK) A&M ACRCD 514
   A Certain Ratio Early (UK) Soul Jazz SJR CD60
   A Certain Ratio The Graveyard And The Ballroom (UK, digipack) Universal Sound US CD20
   A Reminiscent Drive Flame One E.P. (France) f-comm F043CD
   A Reminiscent Drive Embrace E.P. (France) f-comm F053CD
   A Reminiscent Drive Given E.P. (France) f-comm F065CD
   A Reminiscent Drive Mercy Street (France) f-comm F071CD
   A Reminiscent Drive N.Y.C. Dharma E.P. (France) f-comm F080CD
   A Reminiscent Drive Two Sides To Every Story (Remixes) E.P. (France) f-comm F094CD
10   A Reminiscent Drive Mercy Street (Japan, card cover) Toy's Factory TFCK-87801
   A Reminiscent Drive Ambrosia (France) f-comm F120CD
   ABBA Forever Gold (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Polar 533 083-2
   ABC The Lexicon of Love (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack) Neutron 982 4373
   ABC The Lexicon of Love II (UK, 2016) Virgin V 3150
   Abandoned Asylum Derelicts Of Distant Hope (USA, digipack) Malignant TumorCD63
   Abrahams, Josh Satyricon Edel CB 791
   Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. In O To Infinity (USA) Important IMPREC297
   Add N To (X) Metal Fingers In My Body (UK) Mute CDMUTE224
   Adkins, Hasil Chicken Walk Dee Jay Jamboree DJ CD 55025
20   Adverts, The Crossing The Red Sea (UK) Castle ESMCD451
   Affinity Affinity (UK) Angel Air SJPCD111
   Afterlife The Album, The Single Remixes BMP FUNXD316
   Agitation Free Malesch (digipack) Revisited SPV 42782 CD
   Agitation Free 2nd (digipack) Revisited SPV 42792 CD
   Ahmed, Ilyas Between Two Skies / Towards The Night (2×CD, card cover, insert) Foxy Digitalis ACE 003
   Air (French Band) Moon Safari Source CDV 2848
   Air (French Band) Premiers Symptomes Source PM 501
   Air (French Band) 10000Hz Legend Source CDV 2945
   Air (French Band) Virgin Suicides Emperor Norton EMN7029
30   Air Liquide The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration Sm:)e SM-8004
   Air Liquide Red Sm:)e SM-8015
   Air Liquide Black (mail order only) Sm:)e SM-8016
   Air Liquide Air Liquide Blue 006
   Air Liquide Nephology (The New Religion) Blue 013
   Air Liquide Superfreaky Harvest 7243 8 86840
   Air Liquide Anybody Home? Harvest 7243 4 95944
   Air Liquide X (2×CD, digipack) Harvest 7432 188 1362
   Air Liquide Let Your Ears Be The Receiver Multicolor MCR133.2
   AirSculpture Europa (UK) Neu Harmony NH 006
40   AirSculpture Fjord Transit (UK, fully signed) Neu Harmony NH 012
   AirSculpture Quark Soup (UK, 2×CD) Neu Harmony NH 019
   AirSculpture TranceAtlantic (UK, 2×CD) Neu Harmony NH 037
   Akwaaba Akwaaba (pseudonym for The Idjut Boys) Discfunction 810127
   Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias The Best Of The Albertos Demon MAU CD 604
   Alien Sex Fiend, The The Singles 1983-1995 (UK, 2×CD) Cherry Red CDM GOTH
   Alio Die / Ora The Door Of Possibilities (with dried leaves inserted into jewel case) Hic Sunt Leones HSL 006
   Allan, Dave & The Arrows From Paradise To Hell (France, #0223 of 5000 copies) Sordide Sentimentale SSCD003
   Allen, Dævid / Harry Williamson Twenty Two Meanings (UK, digipack) Gliss CD005
   Allen, Dævid Stroking The Tail Of The Bird (UK) Voiceprint VP207
50   All Seeing I, The Pickled Eggs & Sherbert (digipack) ffrr EW851
   Almuró, Anfré Dépli (digipack) Elico MPO-3330
   Alpha & Omega Watch & Pray Alpha & Omega A&OCD27
   Alphaxone Absence Of Motion (USA, 2015, digipack) Cryo Chamber
   Alps, The A Path Through The Sun (USA, 100 copies, CDr) Root Strata 50
   Alps, The A Path Through The Moon (USA, 100 copies, CDr) Root Strata 51
   Alps, The Jewelt Galaxies / Spirit Shambles (USA, over-sized card cover) Spekk kk: 08
   Alps, The Le Voyage Type TYPE056
   Alternative TV Live at Rat Club '77 Obsession OBSESS CD 005
   Alternative TV The Radio Sessions (UK) Overground OVER 44
60   Alternative TV Punk Life (UK) Overground OVER 70
   Altres Tripping The Dark Fantastic (2×CDr, DVD slimpak case) Multi-Purpose MPCDR001/002
   Aluk Todolo Voix (USA) flame99
   Alva Noto Xerrox Vol.1 (over-sized card cover) Raster-Noton R-N 078
   Alva Noto Unitxt (6-panel card cover) Raster-Noton R-N 095
   Alva Noto Xerrox Vol.2 (over-sized card cover) Raster-Noton R-N 103
   Alvarado, David Transfiguration NRK CD015
   Alvarado, David Mayasongs (digipack) Peace Frog PFG010
   Alvarado, David Midnight Express Guidance GDRC540
   Amber Squad, The Are We Having Another Here Or What!?! Detour DRCD043
70   Amen Dunes Through Donkey Jaw Sacred Bones SBR059CD
   Amiina Kurr (heavyweight hard-back cover) Ever EVER11CD
   Amon El Khela (Italy) Eibon AMN 005
   Amon The Legacy (Italy, digipack) Eibon AMN 017
   Amon Amon (Italy, 300 copies) Murder Release MRCD 001
   Amon Mer (#51 of 150 copies, hand-made screwed-down perspect plate cover, picture CD) Blade WMDA 10
   Amon Foundation (Italy, 2×CD, card cover, inners) Eibon Amn053/afe070cd
   Amon / Never Known Live At Molto (Italy, 200 copies only, hand-made silk-screened cover) Afe AFE 006
   Amon / Nimh Sator (Italy, card cover, inner) Eibon Sat069
   Amon Düül Para Dieswärts Düül (digipack) Spalax 14946
80   Amon Düül Psychedelic Underground Repertoire REP 4616-WY
   Anakrid Banishment Rituals Of The Disenlightened (USA, card cover, insert) Beta-lactam Ring mtl99
   Anderson, Leona Music To Suffer By [Remastered] (UK) Trunk JBH037CD
   Andy, Horace In The Light / In The Light Dub (UK) Blood & Fire BEFCD 006
   Andy, Horace The Prime Of Music Club MCCD 302
   Angling Loser, The Author Of The Twilight (oversized p/s) Time Released Sound TRS036
   Anoice Remmings (USA, digipack) Important imprec076
   Anomalous Disturbances The Spirit Molecule (USA) AD 01
   Anomalous Disturbances HovR (USA, hand-made digipack) AD 02
   Anomalous Disturbances Archive One (USA, hand-made digipack) AD 03
90   Antarcticans, The The Antarcticans (USA, card cover) The New Black tnb 001
   Antarcticans, The Teach Children: Fear All Teachings Of Eternity The Doom Of nature (USA, card cover, insert) The New Black tnb 002
   Apócrýphos The Prisoners Cinema (Canada, digipack) Cyclic Law 73rd Cycle
   Apollo Four Forty Krupa Sony SSXCD5
   Apollo Four Forty Getting' High On Your Own Supply (UK) Stealth SSX3440
   Apoptose Nordalnd (Germany, 1000 copies, digipack) Tesco Organisation 041
   Apoptose Bannwald (Germany, digipack) Tesco Organisation 078
   Appletree Theatre, The Playback Rev-Ola CR REV 287
   Apse Apse (Spain) Acuarela nois047
   Apse Spirit (Spain, slipcase) Acuarela nois063
100   Apse Spirit (UK, digipack) ATP ATPRCD29
   Apse Climb Up (UK, digipack) ATP ATPRCD34
   Arc Octane (UK) Something Else SER 014
   Arc Radio Sputnik (UK) DiN 07
   Arc Blaze (UK) DiN 15
   Arc Arcturus (UK) DiN 19
   Arc Fracture (UK, 1500 copies) DiN 28
   Arc Church (UK, 1500 copies) DiN 35
   Arc Umbra (UK, digipack) DiN 45
   Arc Fleet (UK, 1000 copies, digipack) DiN 53
110   Arcana Cantar De Procella (Sweden, pull-out digipack) Cold Meat Industry CMI.55
   Arcana The Last Embrace (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.79
   Arcane Automaton (Holland, 2016) Groove Unlimited GR-1001
   Arcane Moon (Holland, 2017, card cover) Groove Unlimited GR-236
   Arcane Arcane: Live @ E-Day 2017 (Holland, 2017, g/f card cover) Groove Unlimited GR-240
   Arcane Gather Darkness (UK) Neu Harmony NH 010
   Arcane Future Wreck (UK) Neu Harmony NH 014
   Arcane 33.333 rpm (UK, card cover) Neu Harmony NH 034
   Arcane Alterstill (UK) Neu Harmony no cat #
   Arcane Pulse (UK) no label
120   Archn Templ Emanations Of A New World (500 copies, oversized cover) Utech URCD030
   Archon Satani Mind Of Flesh & Bone (UK) Cold Spring CSR 63
   Arecibo Trans Plutonian Transmissions Atmosphere AT002
   Argerich, Martha The Collection 1 (Germany, 2008, 8×CD box set) Deutsche Grammophon 477 5870
   Arkestra One Arkestra One Cosmic Sounds
   Armchair Migraine Journey Cosmic Space Journey (USA, #253 of 300 copies, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt162
   Armstrong, Graig The Space Between Us (UK, multi-fold cover, plastic pouch) Melankolic CDSADX3
   Arnott, Kenny The Singing Wanderer British Archive Of Country Music BACM CD D 487
   Art Of Noise Into Battle With The Art Of Noise (UK, card cover) ZTT / Salvo Element 16
   Art Of Noise Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise (UK, 2×CD, digipack) ZTT / Salvo Element 17
130   Art Of Trance Wildlife On One (UK) Platypus PLAT 25
   Art Attacks, The Outrage & Horror (UK) Overground OVER58
   Asbestoscape Asbestoscape no label
   Asche Recycling-Art (#94 of 100 copies, fold-out A5 cover, inserts, booklets) Nuit Et Brouillard NB CD 02
   Asche & Spencer Stay OST Varese Sarabande 302 066 392
   Ashra New Age Of Earth (UK) Virgin CDV 2080
   Ashra (as Manuel Göttsching) Dream & Desire (France, 1991) Spalax 14243
   Asmorod Derelict (Germany, A5 fold-out cover) Tesco Organisation 039
   Assassin Assassin Deep Shag 809879 008
   Astralasia Whatever Happened To Utopia? (UK, 2×CD) Magick Eye EYE CDLP 5
140   Astral Come & Go (UK) Curveball CURVE 1
   Astral Future Times (UK) Curveball CURVE 8
   Astral Astral (UK) Curveball CURVE 9
   Atjazz LabFunk Mantis Recordings MANT001
   Augustus Pablo Dub, Reggae & Roots Ocho OCHOCD 004
   Augustus Pablo Gold (digipack) Jet Star JSGCD 0452
   Aun Motorsleep (Canada, digipack) Alien8 ALIENCD80
   Aun IIV (USA, digipack) Important imprec289
   Aun Black Pyramid (Canada, digipack) Cyclic Law 29th Cycle
   Aun & Allseits Irrlicht (card cover) Oral 25 CD
150   Aural Float Freefloat Elektolux e1011100cd
   Aurora Ordinary World Positiva CDTIV-139
   Autechre Eps 1991-2002 (UK, 5×CD box set) Warp WARPCD211
   Avarie Uranium USSR 1972 (Italy, digipack) Small Voices SVR06022
   Azusa Plane Tycho-Magnetic Anomaly And The Full Consciousness of Hidden Harmony Camera Obscura CAM002CD
   Azusa Plane America Is Dreaming Of Universal String Theory Colorful Clouds For Acoustics cloud16/17
   Azusa Plane The Highway's Jammed With Broken Heroes (k-raa-k)3 k024
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   B-52's Nude On The Moon: Anthology (2×CD box set, 52-page book) Rhino R2 78357
   Bacharach, Burt Anyone Who Had A Heart (USA, 6×CD box set, 44-page hardback book) Universal 5342542
   Bad News Bad News (UK) EMI 7243 5 78097 2 6
160   Bad Sector Retrovirus (Italy) AFE CD025
   Bad Sector The Harrow (Italy) AVR / ESI Reset.01
   Bad Sector Survival Tools (USA, 3" CD, limited 170 copies, hand-painted jewel case) Cohort CRCD 109
   Bad Sector Ampòs (Italy, 777 copies) God Factory GF1
   Bad Sector Transponder (digipack) Infinite Productions IF-12
   Bad Sector Dolmen Factory (Italy, digipack) Membrum Debile Propoganda MDP 6000-35
   Bad Sector Plasma (Italy, #245 of 747 copies) Old Europe Café OECD 011
   Bad Sector Reset (Italy, #027 of 345 copies, 72-page book by Tommasa Lisa titled "Rebis Periferiche", includes exclusive 3" CD) Old Europe Café OECD 075
   Bad Sector Unification (Italy, digipack) Old Europe Café OECD 162
   Bad Sector Ampòs (Germany, 500 copies, digipack) Power & Steel PAS 17
170   Bad Sector CMASA (Germany, digipack) Power & Steel PAS 23
   Bad Sector Chronoland (Germany, digipack) Power & Steel PAS 30
   Bad Sector / Astro Idioland (Germany, card cover) Power & Steel PAS 32
   Bad Sector Toroïdal Body (Italy, CD + 7" set, #058 of 300 copies) Pre-Feed / Eibon PFep003
   Bad Sector Raw Data (3" CDr) Taâlem alm 71
   Bad Sector Bad Box (#029 of 170 copies, hand-made box, inserts) Tantric Harmonies DR1 / DR2
   Bad Sector Xela (Russia, #024 of 489 copies, metal-tin cover, signed & dedicated to me by artist) Waystyx WR 01
   Bad Sector Kosmodrom (Russia, #232 of 795 copies, plastic box, large booklet) Waystyx WR 15
   Bad Sector Storage Disk 1 (Russia, 500 copies, cut-out cardboard slipcase, 8-page foldout booklet) Waystyx WR 30
   Bad Sector Storage Disk 2 (Russia, 500 copies, cut-out cardboard slipcase, 8-page foldout booklet) Waystyx WR 43
180   Bad Sector Storage Disk 3 (Italy, 2016, #195 of 500 copies, digipack) Bad Sector BS 02-2016
   Bad Sector + Shee Ritina Stimulants Neurotransmitter Actions (*) (#53 of 150 copies) Loud! / Solipsism CD01/26
   Bad Sector + Contagious Orgasm Vacuum Pulse (Italy) Old Europe Café OECD 032
   Baker, Aidan (as ARC) The Circle Is Not Round (Italy, silk-screened card cover) A Silent Place ASP02
   Baker, Aidan The Sea Swells A Bit (Italy, textured card cover) A Silent Place ASP06
   Baker, Aidan (as ARC) Glassine 1 (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP22
   Baker, Aidan Remixes (#082 of 250 copies, hand-made card cover, booklet) Arcolepsy ar12
   Baker, Aidan Green Figures (France, 2011, 300 copies, mini-gatefold sleeve, with Kevin Micka) Basses Frequences BF.38
   Baker, Aidan Book Of Nods (USA, #013 of 500 copies, card cover, insert) Beta-lactam Ring mt163
   Baker, Aidan Green & Cold (USA, #307 of 400 copies, card cover, insert) Beta-lactam Ring mt164
190   Baker, Aidan Songs Of Flowers & Skin (USA, #191 of 400 copies, card cover, insert) Beta-lactam Ring mt165
   Baker, Aidan Lost In The Rat Maze (USA) Consouling Sounds SOUL0011
   Baker, Aidan Periodic (#138 of 1250 copies, over-sized cover) Crucial Blast bliss10
   Baker, Aidan Oneiromancer (Germany, 2×CD, card cover) Die Stadt DS-90
   Baker, Aidan Trinity (Germany, #421 of 500 copies, card insert, 3-way split-release with Leah Buckareff / Nadja) Die Stadt DS-107
   Baker, Aidan Loop Studies 2 Dissonance ESS011
   Baker, Aidan Noise Of Silence (card cover) Essence Music ESS015
   Baker, Aidan Pendulum Gears Of Sand GOS 12
   Baker, Aidan Green & Gold Gears Of Sand GOS 21
   Baker, Aidan Noise Of Silence (#128 of 150 copies, card cover) Hyperblasted HyRe002
200   Baker, Aidan I Wish Too, To Be Absorbed (USA) Important imprec214
   Baker, Aidan Dry (card cover) Install INST007
   Baker, Aidan Saite An Saite (300 copies, 3-way split release with Sandbleistift, Milan / Relapxych.0) Licht-Ung 96
   Baker, Aidan Closure Axioms (#028 of 300 copies, digipack) Miskatonic Soundlab MSLABCD001
   Baker, Aidan I Will Always And Forever Hold You In My Heart And Mind (#138 of 156 copies, die-cut cover, insert) Small Doses DOSETWO
   Baker, Aidan Scalpel (#171 of 500 copies, die-cut cover) The Kora TKR008
   Baker, Aidan Fragile Movements In Slow Motion (#062 of 101 copies, 3" CD in small-size DVD-style clasp-case) Universal Tongue UT08
   Baker, Aidan Live 2008-14-11 (#108 of 323 copies, 3" CD in small-size DVD-style clasp-case, with Brandon Valdivia) Universal Tongue UT22
   Baker, Aidan Candescence (60 copies, packaged in nylon-stocking material) Verato Project verazität 034
   Baker, Aidan Broken & Remade (digipack) Volubilis #01
210   Baker, Aidan & Ultra Milkmaids At Home With … (538 copies) Infraction INFX010
   Baker, John The John Baker Tapes: Volume 1 - BBC Radiophonics (UK) Trunk JBH028CD
   Baker, John The John Baker Tapes: Volume 2 - Soundtracks, Library, Home Recordings, Electro Ads (UK) Trunk JBH029CD
   Banco De Gaia Maya (UK) Planet Dog BARKCD003
   Bandulu Guidance (UK) Infonet INFCD 3
   Barbarella Barbarella E.P. (UK) Harthouse HARTUK 4CD
   Bardoseneticcube Untitled (#74 of 100 copies, textured cover) Black Dead Rabbit Productions BDRP 094
   Barnes & Barnes Yeah, The Essential Oglio OGL 81606
   Barrett, Syd Crazy Diamond (3×CD box set, booklet) Harvest SYD BOX 1
   Bart & Friends I Was Lonely 'til I Found You (Australia) Library shhh17
220   Bart & Friends & The Cat's Miaow 10 Songs About Cars & Girls Drive-In #24
   Bartos, Karl Communication (sliding-sleeve slipcase) Home LC 01256
   Bartos, Karl Off The Record (digipack in card case with fastened booklet) Bureau B BB079
   Basinski, William Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive (USA, 2×CD, card p/s) 2062 2062.1302
   Basinski, William Cascade (USA, 2015, 4-panel digipack) 2062 2062.1501
   Bass Communion Pacific Codex (USA, CD + DVD-A set, #011 of 975 copies, 36-page booklet, casebound cover, thick-card slipcase, insert) Equation E=mc16
   Bass Communion Ghosts On Magnetic Tape (UK, card cover) Headphone Dust HDBCCD9
   Bass Communion Chiaroscuro (UK, card cover) Headphone Dust HDBCCD19
   Bass Communion | Muslimgauze bcvsmgcd (USA, card cover) Soleilmoon sol 146cd
   Bass Communion Loss (USA, CD + DVD-A, card cover) Soleilmoon sol 155cd
230   Bass Communion Untitled (Holland, 4×CD box set, 2000 copies, 60-page book, each disc housed in card sleeves w/inner. Set collects: Vajrayana / Indicates Void, Pacific Codex, Reconstructions & Litany / Temporal) ToneFloat tf129
   Bates, Martyn Migraine Inducers / Antagonistic Music (Complete Versions) (USA, 2×CD, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt196 / mt197
   Baymoore, Jack & The Bandits A-V8 Boogie (Sweden) Tail TRCD-102
   B-Bang Cider Do You Think (with band photo) B.B.C. BBC1
   BB Gun BB Gun (USA) TPOS
   BBC Drama Workshop The Seasons (UK, Poems by Ronald Duncan, music by David Cain) Trunk JBH043CD
   Beach Boys Pet Sounds Capitol CDP 7 48421
   Beastie Boys, The The Sounds Of Science: Anthology (2×CD, digipack, slipcase, booklet) Capitol CDP 7243 5
   Beatles, The The Beatles Stereo Box (14×CD + DVD box set, remastered) EMI 3 82416 2 1-14
   Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (USA, 2017, 4×CD + DVD + Blu-Ray box set, lenticular sleeve, book, memorabelia) Parlophone
240   Beatles, The Anthology Volume 1 (2×CD) Parlophone CDP 7243 8 24445
   Beatles, The #1 (Japan, over-sized jewel case, booklet) Toshiba-EMI Japan TOCP-65600
   Beatles, The Love (CD + DVD-A, digipack, slipcase) Capitol 0946 3 79810 2 3
   Beatles, The The U.S. Albums (13×CD box set, 64-page booklet) Capitol B0019645-02
   Beat Pharmacy Constant Pressure (USA, digipack) Deep Space Media DS50164-2
   Beat Pharmacy Steadfast (USA, digipack) Deep Space Media DS50173-2
   Beat Pharmacy Wikkid Times (USA) Deep Space Media DS50200-2
   Beckley, Matt Songs Of My Wasted Youth FauxRock FRCD-0001
   Becuzzi, Gianluca Memory Makes Noise (card cover) Small Voices SVR06021
   Becuzzi, Gianluca & Fabio Orsi Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines (card cover) A Silent Place ASP12
250   Bedouin As Above So Below Salahadin CD-001
   BeeQueen Der Holzweg (wooden cover, inserts) Anomalous NOM1CD
   BeeQueen Treatise (#64 of 500 copies) Auf Abwegen AATP08
   BeeQueen Mappa Mundi (Holland, 100 copies, official band-only release) Korm Plastics KP 2689
   BeeQueen A Touch Of Brimstone (Holland, over size booklet) Korm Plastics KP 3011
   BeeQueen Stetson (Holland, #229 of 600 copies, fastened cover) Mort Aux Vaches
   BeeQueen Time Waits For No One (Holland) Staalplaat 080
   BeeQueen Gund (Holland, 500 copies, card cover) Plinkity Plonk plonk 11
   BeeQueen Long Stones And Circles (Holland, hand-sewn leather cover) Plinkity Plonk plonk 12
   BeeQueen SugarBush Raum #02
260   Beethoven The 9 Symphonies (5×CD box set, conducted by Toscanini) RCA Red Seal 82876-55702
   Beggar It Beggars Belief … DRCD056
   Bel Canto Shimmering, Warm And Bright Warner Music 9031-76489
   Belbury Poly The Windows (UK) Ghost Box 03
   Belbury Poly The Owl's Map (UK) Ghost Box 07
   Belle & Sebastian Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (2×CD, hardback digipack) Matador OLE 658-2
   Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit (UK, CD + DVD, hardback digipack) Rough Trade RTRADCDX280
   Belly King (UK, hardback book) 4AD CAD 5004
   Belong Common Era (card cover) Kranky krank135
   Ben Eyes Flood (USA, 2015, #17 of 50, randomly encased organic detritus embedded and solidified in polyurethane housed in a 4 square, lidded medical specimen tray. Hand printed insert w/ vintage watery photograph) Time Released Sound TRS058
270   Benn, Tony Tony Benn's Greatest Hits CBM International POLCD007
   Bennett, Brian Aim High: Brian Bennett At KPM 1973-1976 (UK) RPM RPM 290
   Berry, Chuck The Chess Years (9×CD box, book) Charly CD RED BOX 2
   Bertoia, Harry Sonambient (Complete Collection) (USA, 2016, 11×CD box, book) Important IMPREC419
   Beta Band The Beta Band (UK) Regal Recording Reg 30
   Beta Band The Best Of (2×CD) Astralwerks ASW 36621
   Betty Botox Mmm, Betty! (digipack) Endless Flight cd2
   Beyond Sensory Experience Faint (Germany, card p/s) Cyclic Law 58th Cycle
   Beyond Sensory Experience Tortuna (Italy, digipack) Old Europa Café OECD 049
   Beyond Sensory Experience Urmula (Italy, digipack) Old Europa Café OECD 059
280   Beyond Sensory Experience Ratan (Italy, digipack) Old Europa Café OECD 064
   Beyond Sensory Experience Pursuit Of Pleasure (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.137
   Beyond Sensory Experience + Moljebka Pvlse Zielona Góra (digipack) Ur Muzik UR001
   Biosphere Substrata (1997) All Saints ASCD33
   Biosphere Patashnik (UK, 1994, #257 of 1000 copies, fold-out digipack) Apollo AMB 3927 CD-X
   Biosphere Microgravity (Norway, 2015, 2×CD, digipack) Biophon BIO3CD
   Biosphere Patashnik (Norway, 2016, 2×CD, digipack, reissue) Biophon BIO4CD
   Biosphere Cirque (Norway, 2016, 2×CD, digipack, reissue) Biophon BIO26CD
   Biosphere The Petrified Forest (Norway, 2017, slipcase) Biophon BIO30CD
   Biosphere Substrata (Japan, 1997, extra tracks) Life FLCD-1009
290   Biosphere Microgravity (Norway, 1991) Origo Sound OCD 9105
   Biosphere Insomnia (Norway, 1997) Origo Sound SOUND 15
   Biosphere Departed Glories (Norway, 2016, digipack) Smalltown Supersound STS281CD
   Biosphere Wireless - Live At The Arnolfini, Bristol (UK, 2009, digipack) Touch TO:38
   Biosphere Cirque (UK, 2000) Touch TO:46
   Biosphere Substrata / Man With A Movie Camera (UK, 2010, 2×CD) Touch TO:50
   Biosphere Shenzou (UK, 2002) Touch TO:55
   Biosphere Autour De La Lune (UK, 2004) Touch TO:62
   Biosphere Dropsonde (UK, 2005, digipack) Touch TO:66
   Biosphere N-Plants (UK, 2011, digipack) Touch TO:84
300   Biosphere / Deathprod Stator (UK, 2015, over-sized g/f) Touch TO:99
   Biosphere Biosystems: The Biosphere Remixes Voices Of Wonder BSCD022
   Biosphere / Deathprod Nordheim Transformed (Norway, 2006) Rune Grammofon RCD 2005
   Biosphere / Higher Intelligence Agency Polar Sequences (UK, 1996, 5000 copies) Beyond RBADCD17
   Biosphere / Higher Intelligence Agency Birmingham Frequencies (UK, 2000) Headphone H002
   Birch And Meadow Butterflies And Graves (USA, #043 of 100 copies, hand-made box, multi-fold insert, insert card and magnifying glass) Time Released Sound TRS034
   Bix Beiderbeckke Bix Beiderbeckke And The Wolverines, 1924-1925 (Canada, 1993) Timeless CBC 1-1013
   Bixby, Dave Ode To Quetzalcoatl Guerssen GUESSCD025
   Björk Human Behaviour (Japan) Polydor Japan POCP-1361
   Björk Debut (UK, 15000 copies, songbook) One Little Indian TPLP31 CDL
310   Björk Post (UK, clear handbag) One Little Indian TPLP%! CDX
   Black Dog, The Music For Real Airports (UK) Soma CD083
   Black Marble A Different Arrangement (digipack) Hardly Art HAR-063
   Black Sabbath Symptom Of The Universe (2×CD, embossed slipcase, 50-page booklet) Rhino R2 73772
   Black Sabbath Black Sabbath (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack) Sanctuary 2700817
   Black Sabbath Paranoid (Deluxe Edition) (3×CD, digipack) Sanctuary 1782444
   Black Sabbath Master Of Reality (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack) Sanctuary 2701106
   Black To Comm Alphabet 1968 Type TYPE053
   Blackfield Blackfield (2×CD, digipack) Snapper Music SMACD88o
   Blackshaw, James O True beleivers (USA, card cover) Important imprec084
320   Blame Logical Progression: Level 2 (2×CD) Good Looking GLRCD 002X
   Blancmange The Very Best Of Blancmange (slipcase) Rhino MCDLX539
   Bleep The North Pole By Submarine SSR/Crammed SSRCD100
   Blek Ink Blek Ink (USA) BaDaBing! Bing 022
   Blind Lemon Jefferson Texas Blues (5×CD box set) Snapper Music SBLUECD502X
   Blink Twice Newer Unknown Breeds Broken Seal BS 003
   Blitzkrieg Bop Top Of The Bops Overground OVER 69
   Blocked, The Smashed Hits Detour DRCD042
   Blood Axis In Gowan Ring (Russia, #022 of 101 copies, card cover) CorZar 018 CD
   Blood Axis The Gospel Of Inhumanity (digipack, booklet) Storm STRM-05
330   Blood Axis Born Again (foil stamp card cover) Storm STRM-12
   Blood Axis Ultimacy (card cover) Storm STRM-13
   Blood Box A World Of Hurt (500 copies) Katyn / Malignant KAT 03 / Tumor06
   Blood Box Iron Dream (Italy) Eibon BLO047
   Blood Box Funeral In An Empty Room Power & Steel PAS 29
   Blow Up Hollywood Blow Up Hollywood Blow Up Hollywood DIDX 081118
   Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass (500 copies, card cover) Release The Bats RTB#44
   Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Irr.App.(Ext.) Discordant Convergence Phage Tapes PT:197
   Blue States Nothing Changes Under The Sun Memphis Industries MI011
   Bluebird Hot Blood Dim Mak DM034
340   Bluebird Falling Back To Earth Dim Mak DM057
   Bluebird Black Presence Dopamine DR1011
   Blues Control Local Flavor Stillbreeze SB95
   Blur 13 (UK, numbered, box-set, poster, enhanced CD) Food 499 1290
   Boards Of Canada Music Has The Right To Children (UK, digipack) Warp CD55x/skald1
   Boards Of Canada Geogaddi (UK, hardback book) Warp CD101
   Boards Of Canada The Campfire Headphase (UK, digipack) Warp CD123
   Boards Of Canada In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (UK) Warp CD144
   Boards Of Canada Trans Canada Highway (UK, card sleeve) Warp WAP200CD
   Boddy, Ian Slide (UK, 1500 copies) DiN 32
350   Bolland, C.J. D.J.Kicks (UK) K7 k7038cd
   Bolland, C.J. The 4th Sign (UK) R&S RS 92024
   BombCircle Lightweight Spooky Kermit
   Bonzo Dog (Doo/Dah) Band Dog's Life (UK, 3×CD) EMI 5099 9474 9724
   Boo Radleys, The Giant Steps (UK) Creation CRECD 149
   Borghi, Matt & Ben Fleury-Steiner What the Night Leaves behind Gears Of Sand GOS 030
   Boris Mabuta No Ura (many inserts) Essence Music ess005
   Boris Dronevil - Final (2×CD, card cover) Inoxia IXCD-0403/0404
   Boss, The Underdog Detour DRCD038
   Bowie, David David Bowie (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack) Deram 531 792-5
360   Bowie, David Best Of: 1969-1974 (UK) EMI 7243 8 21849
   Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (UK) EMI CDP 79 44002
   Bowie, David Diamond Dogs (UK) EMI CDP 79 52112
   Bowie, David Low (UK) EMI CDP 79 77192
   Bowie, David Five Years 1969-1973 (USA, 2015, 10×CD box set, reproduction sleeves, hardback book) Parlophone DBX 1
   Bowie, David Who Can I be Now? (1974-1976) (USA, 2016, 12×CD box set, reproduction sleeves, hardback book) Parlophone DBX 2
   Bowie, David A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982) (USA, 2017, 11×CD box set, reproduction sleeves, hardback book) Parlophone DBX 3
   Bowie, David Earthling (UK) RCA 7432 144944
   Bowie, David Early On: 1964-1966 Rhino R2 70526
   Branca, Glenn Lesson No.1 Acute ACT005
370   Brejcha, Boris My Name Is (Germany, 2010) Harthouse HHMA017
   Briggs, Anne Anne Briggs Water water199
   Brighter Death Now Necrose Evangelicum Cold Meat Industry CMI.36
   Broadcast Work And Non Work Warp CD52
   Broadcast Echo Is Answer Warp WAP125
   Broaddus, John 4 at 18 (USA) Parnassus Nump PNR 40002-2
   Brokesch, Susanne Sharing The Sunhat (digipack) Disco-B db#60cd
   Brook, Michael Cobalt Blue (UK) 4AD CAD 2007
   Brook, Michael Live At The Aquarium (UK) 4AD TAD 2011
   Brother John Rydgren Silhouette Segments (2×CD, digipack) Omni Recording 168
380   Brown, Glen And King Tubby Termination Dub (1973 - 79) (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 015
   Brown, James Gold (USA, 2007, 2×CD) Polydor B0008913-02
   Bryans, Gavin Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet Point D 135396
   Budgie Best Of MCA MCLD 19067
   Budgie Heavier Than Air (Rarest Eggs) NMC Pilot 42
   Bukem, LTJ Logical Progression (UK, 2×CD, 1st edition, extra track, digipack) ffrr 828 747
   Bukem, LTJ Earth: Volume 1 (UK) Good Looking EARTHCD001
   Bukem, LTJ Earth: Volume 2 (UK) Good Looking EARTHCD002
   Bukem, LTJ Earth: Volume 3 (UK) Good Looking EARTHCD003
   Bukem, LTJ Earth: Volume 4 (UK) Good Looking EARTHCD004
390   Bukem, LTJ Journey Inwards (UK, 2×CD) Good Looking GLRAA001
   Bullet The Entrance To Hell Angel Air SJPCD281
   Bullitnuts 1st Of The Day (UK) Pork 036
   Bullitnuts Roast (UK) Pork 046
   Bunny Brains CD*1993 (1700 copies, hand-made cover) LHG
   Bunny Brains Box The Bunny (4×CD + DVD set, digipack) Narnack NCK7021
   Burning Spear Marcus garvey / Garvey's Ghost (UK, 1990) Island RRCD 20
   Burroughs, Wiliam Best Of … (4×CD box set, book) Giorno Poetry Systems 314 536 701/2/34-2
   Bush, Kate Aerial (2×CD, card cover) Columbia 82796 97772-2
   Buttons For The Chimp Hear Mo' Evil (#491 or 1000 copies, digipack) Chimp CHIMP2
400   Buzzcocks Another Music In A Different Kitchen (Special Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack) EMI 7 24 5969 43427
   Buzzcocks Love Bites (Special Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack) EMI 7 24 5969 43526
   Buzzcocks A Different Kind Of Tension (Special Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack) EMI 7 24 5969 43328
   Bvdub Then (card cover) AY DQC-825
   Bvdub Resistance Is Beautiful (digipack) Darla DRL250
   Bvdub Serenity (digipack) Darla DRL252
   Bvdub The Art Of Dying Alone (digipack) Glacial Movements GM008
   Bvdub I Remember (Translations Of Mørktid) (digipack) Glacial Movements GM011
   Bvdub Tribes At The Temple Of Silence (digipack) Home Normal n023
   Bvdub The First Day (1750 copies, slimline DVD case, 2 projector slides, photo print) Home Normal homen031
410   Bvdub All Is Forgiven (card cover) n5 Music CATMD205
   Bvdub & Ian Hawgood The Truth Hurts (card cover) Nomadic Kids Republic 001
   Byrne, Julie Rooms With Walls And Windows (card cover) Orindal ORD10
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   C17H19NO3 1692 / 2092 (USA) Malignant Tumor09
   Café De l'Enfer Marchant A Quatre Pattes An-Devant De La Rédemption (digipack) Steinklang SK54
   Caithness Apostasy & The Sorrowful Child (card cover) Kaosthetik KSTK 007
   Can Atilla Ave Eat CD 1001
   Canton, Adgardo Promenade D'été D'ulis NASA (digipack) Nepless CO 981
   Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre A Year With 13 Moons (USA) Mexican Summer MEX198
   Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre Love Is A Steam Type TYPE075
420   Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band The Spotlight Kid / Clear Spot Reprise 26249-2
   Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band Trout Mask Replica Reprise 2072-2
   Capt. Rizz Manifesto Capt. Rizz CR 1
   Caretaker, The Patience (After Sebald) (UK, card cover) History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW013
   Caretaker, The Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3 (UK, 2017, 3×CD, multi-fold card p/f) History Always Favours The Winners HAFTWCD0103
   Caretaker, The We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow (UK) V/Vm Test VVMTCD15
   Caretaker, The Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia (UK, 6×CD set, 250 copies, insert) V/Vm Test VVMTCD25
   Caretaker, The Selected Memoried From The Haunted Ballroom (UK, Zip-lock bag with paper insert) V/Vm Test OFFAL02
   Caretaker, The A Stairway To The Stars (UK, Zip-lock bag with paper insert) V/Vm Test OFFAL07
   Carpenters, The The Ultimate Collection (USA, 2006, 2×CD) A&M 0602498446263
430   Carpenter, John Lost Themes Sacred Bones SBR123
   Caspian You Are The Conductor (USA, sticker) Dopamine DR1016
   Caspian The Four Trees (USA, digipack) Dopamine DR1017
   Catfish, The Blackjack (USA, band only release) HBS 3001
   Cat's Miaow, The The Long Goodbye (USA) Darla DRL-084
   Cat's Miaow, The A Kiss And A Cuddle Bus Stop BUS 1015
   Cat's Miaow, The Songs For Girls To Sing Drive-In
   Caul A Golden Epiphany (Italy, inners) Eibon cau040
   Caul Crucible (USA) Malignant VIRUS 03CD
   Caul Light From Many Lamps (USA) Malignant Tumor11
440   Caul Muein Underground Inc UIN1025
   Caul & Kirchenkampf Sleep - Night - Death (USA, card sleeve) Malignant Tumor31
   Celer Without Retrospect, The Morning (Italy, 2012, digipack) Glacial Movements GM015
   Celer Zigzag (oversized card sleeve) Spekk KK027
   Celer & Machinefabriek Compendium (UK, 2015, digipack) Irrational Arts IA004
   Chalk, Andrew The River That Flows Into The Sands (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 02
   Chalk, Andrew Vega (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 03
   Chalk, Andrew Blue Eyes Of The March (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 05
   Chalk, Andrew Goldfall (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover, 2 binding sashes, insert) Faraway Press 06
   Chalk, Andrew The River That Flows Into The Sands II (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover) Faraway Press 07
450   Chalk, Andrew East Of The Sun (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 08
   Chalk, Andrew & Daisuke Suzuki The Days After (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover) Faraway Press 11
   Chalk, Andrew The Cable House (UK, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 16
   Chalk, Andrew & Daisuke Suzuki In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature (UK, 300 copies, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 17
   Chalk, Andrew Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies' Wave Stereo (UK, heavy slipcase with dowelling spine fastening a colour inner sleeve, obi) Faraway Press 21
   Chalk, Andrew East Of The Sun (Itally, 1997) Hic Sunt Leones HSL 012
   Chalk, Andrew Crescent (USA, 500 copies) Robot RR-22
   Chalk, Andrew & Daisuke Suzuki The Shadows Go Their Own Way (Japan, 300 copies, heavy-card book-bound cover, obi) Siren 015
   Chalk, Andrew Ghost Of Nakhodka (Japan, 400 copies, book-bound card p/s, obi) Siren 017
   Chaser Game On! (UK) Soma CD13
460   Children Of The Bong Sirius Sounds (UK) Ultimate BARKCD012
   Chopin Etudes (performed by Maurizio Pollini) Deutsche Grammophon 413 794-2
   Chopin Nocturnes (performed by Tamás Vásáry) Deutsche Grammophon 429 154-2
   Chopin Klavierwerke / Works For Piano (10×CD box set) Membrane PC 321
   Chopin Piano Concertos 1 & 2 Philips 434 145-2
   Chopin Chopin Vol. 2 (performed by Vladimir Horowitz) RCA Victor GD 60376
   Chord Progression (USA, multi-fold silk-screened cover) Important imprec136
   Christus & The Cosmonaughts From Atop This Hill (USA, #012 of 120 copies, pre-order only with numbered insert, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt078
   Churchill, Sir Winston Churchill's Speaches (2×CD) EMI 7243 474564 2 8
   Churchills Jericho Jones - Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys (2×CD, slipcase) Hed-Arzi 64360
470   Cinematic Orchestra, The Every Day Ninja Tune ZEN CD59
   Cisfinitum Bezdna Monochrome Vision MV02
   Cisfinitum Coniunctio (card cover) Ewers Tonkunst HHE 009
   Clangers, The Music From The TV Series (slipcase) Trunk SOUP001
   Clapton, Eric Sessions For Robert J (CD + DVD) Reprise 48926-2
   Clash, The The Clash CBS 46873
   Clash, The The Story Of The Clash (2×CD) Columbia 495351
   Clash, The London Calling: 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition (2×CD + DVD, digipack, 32-page booklet, poster) Epic E3K 92923
   Cluster First Encounter Tour 1996 Purple Pyramid CLP 9933-2
   Cluster Cluster II (France, 1994, digipack) Spalax CD 14864
480   Cluster Zuckerzeit (France, 1994, digipack) Spalax CD 14865
   Cluster Grosses Wasser Sky CD 3027
   Cluster Curiosum Sky CD 3063
   Cluster Live Japan 1996 Soul Static Sound SOUL 17
   Cock Sparrer The Decca Years (UK) Captain Oi! AHOY CD 279
   Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (UK, large booklet) Captain Oi! AHOY CD 136
   Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (UK) Captain Oi! AHOY CD 138
   Cockney Rejects Join The Rejects: The Zonophone Years '79-'81 (UK, 3×CD set) Zonophone ZEMCD2011
   Cocteau Twins The Pink Opaque (UK) 4AD CAD 513
   Cocteau Twins Lullabies To Violaine (UK, 4×CD set, slipcase, card cover) 4AD CT BOX 2
490   Coh Mort Aux Vaches (Holland, #165 of 1000 copies, plastic cover) Mort Aux Vaches
   Coil Stolen & Contaminated Songs (UK, #1524 of 2000 copies) Threshold House LOCI CD04
   Coil Astral Disaster (UK, digipack re-issue, extra tracks) Threshold House LOCI CD14
   Coil Queens Of The Circulating Library (pink clamshell case) Eskaton ESKATON 020
   Coil Musick To Play In The Dark Volume 1 Chalice GRAAL 003CD
   Coil Jesi, 11 June 2004 no label 23 copies, DVD, digipack, insert
   Coldplay Parachutes Capitol 0 6700 30162 2 3
   Coldplay Live 2003 (CD + DVD set) Capitol C9 7243 5 990140-4
   Coldstream South Island (#063 of 150 copies, insert) Under The Spire spire 028
   Cole, Nat 'King' Stardust: The Complete Capitol Recordings 1955-1959 (Germany, 11×CD box set, 132-page hardback book) Bear Family BCD 16342 KL
500   Cole, Nat 'King' L.O.V.E: The Complete Capitol Recordings 1960-1964 (Germany, 11×CD box set, 132-page hardback book) Bear Family BCD 16717 KL
   Coleclough, Jonathan Introductory Paperback (Holland) Korm Plastics KIP 016
   Coleclough, Jonathan Cake (Japan / USA, 500 copies, duration of 35min. 22sec.) Siren / Robot SR-03 / RR-14
   Coleclough, Jonathan Cake (alternate version) (Japan / USA, 400 copies, similar packaging as the original version, 41:05 in duration) Siren / Robot SR-03 / RR-14
   Coleclough, Jonathan Minya (#59 of 111 copies, hand-made cover) Strange Circus SCCDR-07
   Coleclough, Jonathan Beech For John And Miko (500 copies) Seal Pool Spool 01
   Coleclough, Jonathan Halant / Heat / Beech (150 copies) no label
   Coleclough, Jonathan Murray One / Tunnel (100 copies) no label
   Coleclough, Jonathan / Andrew Chalk Sumac (UK, 500 copies) ICR ICR030
   Coleclough, Jonathan / Bass Communion / Colin Pooter untitled (UK) ICR ICR039
510   Collapsar Beyond The Event Horizon (USA, 3-panel digipack) Malignant Tumor38
   Collins, Phil Take A Look At Me Now (UK, 2016, 8×CD box set) Atlantic PCBOX 1CD
   Collins, Shirley The Classic Collection Highpoint Recordings HPO 6008
   Collins, Shirley & Dolly Anthems In Eden BGO BGOCD442
   Congas, The Heart Of The Congos (UK, 2×CD) Blood & Fire BAFCD 009
   Conifer Crown Fire (USA, digipack) Important imprec209
   Controlled Bleeding Gibbering Canker-Opera Slaves (Studies In Meditation And Evisceration) (5×CD box set, 200 copies, signed insert, individual cover) Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P.-007
   Conrad, Tony & Faust Outside The Dream Syndicate (USA) Table Of Elements Li3
   Conrad, Tony Early Minimalism Vol.1 (USA, 4×CD box set, book) Table Of Elements As33
   Contact (aka Paul Lawler) Zero Moment (USA, 2016) Temporary Residence TRR271
520   Contrastate False Fangs For Old Werewolves Fin De Siécle Media FDS 14
   Contrastate Mort Aux Vaches (Holland, #009 of 500 copies, fastened cover, silk-screened) Mort Aux Vaches
   Contrastate A Breeding Ground For Flies (UK, 500 copies, over-sized case with tray) Dirter DPROMCD91
   Cooper Clarke, John Ou Est La Laison De Fromage? ( ) Receiver RRCD 110
   Cope, Julian Floored Genius 1 (UK) Island CID 8000
   Cope, Julian Floored Genius 2 (UK) Nightracks CDNT 003
   Cope, Julian & Donald Ross Skinner Rite (signed, mail order only) Ma-Gog 1
   Coph Nia That Which Remains (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.85
   Cosey Fanni Tutti Time To Tell (UK, 2000 copies, cards, book, folder) Conspiracy International CTI93 004
   Cosmicity Escape Pod For Two A Different Drum ADDCD1148
530   Cosmic Rough Riders Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine Poptones MC5015
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 1st Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD05
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 2nd Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD06
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 3rd Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD07
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 4th Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD08
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 5th Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD09
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 6th Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD10
   Count Arthur Strong Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show! 7th Series (UK, 3×CD, digipack) Komedia KOMCD11
   Cowley, Patrick School Daze (USA) Dark Entries DE-052
   Cox, Carl F.A.C.T. (2×CD, digipack) React CD1/2 56
540   Cradle Of Filth Cradle Of Filth (A-5 cross-shaped packaging in plastic wallet) Music For Nations CDMFNX 242
   Cramps, The Psychedelic Jungle / Gravest Hits I.R.S. CD 70058
   Cramps, The Stay Sick! Vengeance 672
   Cramps, The Flame Job Medicine 9 24592-2
   Cranberries, The No Need To Argue Island CID 8029
   Cranes, The Particles & Waves (UK, digipack) Dadaphonic DADA 003
   Cranes, The Wings Of Joy (UK, with an untitled CD E.P. (DEDCD 003S)) Dedicated DEDCD 003
   Cranes, The La Tragédie D'Oreste Et Électre (Inspirée Par "Les Mouches" De Jean-Paul Sartre) (UK, 10,000 copies, digipack) Dedicated DEDCD 024
   Cranes, The Population Four (UK, box set, booklet) Dedicated DEDCD 026
   Cranes, The Future Songs (UK) Instinct INS592-2
550   Cranes, The Live In Italy (UK) Instinct INS617-2
   Cranioclast Koitaransk & Ration Skalk MMM eee 25
   Crass The Feeding Of The Five Thousand (UK, box set reissue, book, poster) Crass CC01
   Crass Stations Of The Crass (UK, box set reissue, book, poster) Crass CC02
   Crass Penis Envy (UK, box set reissue, book, poster) Crass CC03
   Crass Christ - The Album (UK, box set reissue, book, poster) Crass CC04
   Crass Yes Sir, I Will (UK, box set reissue, book, poster) Crass CC05
   Crass Ten Notes On A Summer's Day, The Swansong (UK, box set reissue, book, poster) Crass CC06
   Crazy Penis A Nice Hot Bath With … (UK, 1999) Paper Recordings papcd004
   Crazy Penis The Wicked Is Music (UK, 2002) Paper Recordings papcd016
560   Crazy Penis A Nice Hot Edit With … (UK, 2011, digipack) Paper Recordings papcd022
   Crazy Penis 24 Hour Psychedelic Freakout (UK) Shiva CD001
   Crazy P(enis) A Night On Earth (UK) Shiva SHIVACD 009
   Crepescule Music For Decay (fold-out cover) Tegal TR 0014
   Cressida Cressida (card g/f) Repertoire REPUK 1126
   Cribbins, Bernard The Very Best Of Bernard Cribbins EMI 7243 5 78658 2
   Crow, Bob Living Well (US) Temporary Residence TRR 114
   Culpeper's Orchard Culpeper's Orchard Shadoks Music 166
   Cults Percussion Ensemble Cults Percussion Ensemble (UK) Trunk JBH046CD
   Cure, The Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, slipcase) Rhino R2 74682
570   Curless, Dick A Tombstone Every Mile (Germany, 7×CD box set, 72-page book) Bear Family BCD 15882 GI
   Curless, Dick Hard, Hard Traveling Man (Germany, 4×CD box set, 72-page book) Bear Family BCD 16171 DI
   Curless, Dick The Long Lonesome Road Omni 152
   Current 93 Dawn (UK, digipack) Durtro 002
   Current 93 & HöH Island (UK, 2000 copies) Durtro 006
   Current 93 Emblems: The Menstral Years (UK, 2×CD) Durtro 016
   Current 93 Halo (UK, digipack) Durtro Jnana 1977CD
   Current 93 Thunder Perfect Mind (UK, 2×CD, card cover) Durtro Jnana 1979CD
   Curve Blindfold E.P. (UK) Anxious ANX CD 27
   Cut/Copy Zonoscope (digipack) Modular MODCD134
580   Cutler, Ivor An Elpee And Two Epees (UK) Decca 982 660-6
   Cybajaz The Devil Is An Idiot No Bones BONES CD 06
   Cyclotimia New Death Order (Germany) State Art SA 018
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   Dagda Mor The Border Of The Light Functional 010
   Dalton, Karen In My Own Time (USA, foil-stamped digipack) Light In The Attick LITA 022
   Daly, John Sea And Sky (digipack) Wave WM50206-2
   Damned, The The Black Album: 25th Anniversary Edition (UK, 2×CD, booklet) Chiswick CDWKM2 275
   Damned, The Play It At Your Sister (UK, 3×CD box set, numbered #2650, 138-page book) Castle CMXBX1128
   Danse Society Seduction: The Society Collection (UK) Cherry Red CDM GOTH 6
   Dara Puspita 1966-1968 (digipack) Sublime Frequencies SF054
590   Dark Dark (1000 copies) Kissing Spell KSCD 9204
   Dark Star Twenty Twenty Sound (card cover) Harvest 497 2012
   Das Synthetische Gischgewebe The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance (2×CD) Monochrome Vision mv09
   Das Synthetische Gischgewebe Le Vide Pour Appui (Russia, 424 copies, plastic cover with glued leather inserts) Waystyx waystyx 42
   Davey, Alan Captured Rotation (UK, digipack) Emergency Broadcast System EBS SCD 122
   Davis, Greg Somnia Kranky krank074
   Davis, Miles Kind Of Blue (card cover) Columbia 2382
   Dead Can Dance 1981 To 1998 (3×CD + DVD box set, embossed card case, booklet) Rhino / 4AD R2 78359
   Dead City The Dead Sessions Incas 102
   Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death Decay Music DKS-13
600   Dear Eloise Beauty And Strangers (Birds) Maybe Mars Maybe 34.1
   Death … For The Whole Wide World Drag City DC387
   Death In Vegas Dirge Concrete HARD44CD1
   Debussy La Mer: Nocturnes CBS MDK 44645
   Debussy Complete Piano Music Volume 1 Philips 438 718-2
   DeepChord Presents Echospace The Coldest Season Baked Goods LOVE033
   DeepChord Presents Echospace Vantage Isle Sessions (USA, 2008, digipack) Echospace [Detroit] 313-1
   DeepChord Presents Echospace Live In Detroit (USA, 2017, digipack) Echospace [Detroit] 313-7
   DeepChord Presents Echospace Liumin (2×CD) Modern Love LOVE064
   DeepChord Hash Bar Loops (UK) Soma SOMACD091
610   DeepChord Summer (UK) Soma SOMACD099
   DeepChord Auratones (UK, 2017) Soma SOMACD117
   Deep Purple Live In Japan Special (3×CD) EMI 8 27726 2
   Deep Purple Machine Head: 25th Anniversary Edition (2×CD box set, book) EMI 8 59506 2
   Deepsea Drive Machine Saion Lorca LRCR-002
   Deepsea Drive Machine Sonar For Life Cool Sound DLCS-2005
   Deepsea Drive Machine untitled E.P. Dub Inc DBGL-0006
   Deepsea Drive Machine Forma Dub Inc DBGL-0009
   Deepsea Drive Machine / Hi-5 Ability / Voyage CV Recordings CVRS-001
   Delaria, Lea House Of David (USA, 2015) Ghostlight 8-6969
620   Demarsan, Eric Le Cinéma d'Eric Demarsan Musiques De Films 1968-2003 (digipack) Universal 983 260 1
   Depeche Mode The Singles 81>98 (3×CD box set) Mute LCDMUTEL5
   Depeche Mode Speak & Spell (CD + DVD set, digipack, slipcase) Mute DMCD1/009463379923
   Derek And The Dominos Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (2×CD, digipack) Polydor B0015353-02
   Dernière Volonté Obeir Et Mourir (2×CD embossed box, 14 postcards bound in a sash) Nuit Et Brouillard NB.CD.06
   Dernière Volonté untitled (#104 of 212 copies, card cover) CorZar 012 CD
   Dernière Volonté Ne Te Retourne Pas Hau Rock HR!1000
   Derdiyoklar Ikilisi Cobam Mamos Pharaway Sounds PHS012CD
   Desiderii Marginis Songs Over Ruins (digipack) Cold Meat Industry CMI.56
   DestroyAllDreamers Á Couer Léger Sommiel Sanglant Where Are My wam017
630   Detroit Elevator Co., The Excerpts (UK) Peacefrog PF099
   Deutsch, Andrew Loops Over land (card cover) Divine Frequencies DivF05
   De/Vision I'm Not Dreaming Of You A Different Drum ADDCD1217
   Diagram Brothers Some Marvels Of Modern Science + Singles LTM LTMCD2480
   Dickinson, Rev. Emmett Complete Recorded Works 1929-1930 In Chronological Order Document DOCD-5441
   Die Toten Hosen Learning English: Lesson 1 Virgin 262 310
   Digital Sex Essence & Charm (France, #803 of 5000 copies) Sordide Sentimentale SSCD 002
   Digweed, John Live In Argentina (4×CD + DVD, signed) Bedrock BEDATA01CD
   Digweed, John MMII Sony PEA-CD-6166
   Digweed, John Stark Raving Mad Thrive 90704-2
640   Digweed, John Transitions Vol. 3 (CD + CDr) Thrive 90777-2
   Digweed, John Transitions Vol. 4 Thrive 90788-2
   Dirty Beaches Drifters / Love Is The Devil Zoo Music ZM015
   Divine The Best Of Hot HTCD 16-2
   Dixon, Terrence From The Far Future Pt.2 (digipack) Tresor 256CD
   DiY Strictly 4 Groovers Warp WARP CD18
   DiY 2922 Days DiY 30
   DJ Shadow Endtroducing (oversized card cover, slipcase) Mo Wax MW059CD
   DJ Shadow Endtroducing (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, slipcase, digipack, booklet) Island 80004455-02
   DJ Shadow The Private Press (2×CD) Island CIDD8118
650   DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Brainfreeze Sixty 7 Recordings
   DNA Live Avant AVAN 006
   Dock Boggs Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings (1927-29) (hardback sleeve with 64-page book) Revenant 205
   Dodds, Johnny Johnny Dodds On Paramount (UK, 2011, 2×CD) Frog DGF77
   Dollar Shooting Stars - The Dollar Collection (2×CD) Castle Music CMRCD 411
   Donkeys, The Television Anarchy Detour DRCD030
   Doof Let's Turn On TIP CD 10
   Dove Yellow Swans Live During War Crimes (card cover) Release The Bats RTB 038
   Dr. Feelgood Looking Back (6×CD box set, book) EMI ACDFEEL 1
   Dr. Feelgood Down By The Jetty (2×CD, digipack) EMI 0946 363951 2 8
660   Drake, Nick Fruit Tree (4×CD box set, book) Hannibal HNCD 5402
   Dreadzone Second Light Virgin CDV 2778
   Drift Surface Extra (#29 of 70 copies, screwed-down metal-holed cover) Blade WMDA 012
   Drones, The Expectations: Tapes From The Attic 75-82 Overground OVER 60
   Drug Free America Trip: The Dream Remixes Dreamtime KTB 14CD
   Dublicator Ancient Vibrations (50 copies, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut cover) Entropy EP.008
   Dubliners, The Original Dubliners (2×CD) EMI 0777 7 89065
   Dubstar Goodbye (digipack) EMI 7243 8 21217 2
   Dubstar Disgraceful (2×CD) EMI 7243 8 52762 2
   Duncan, John Crucible (#057 of 500 copies, hand-made wooden box, inserts) Die Stadt DS-18
670   Duncan, John Mort Aux Vaches: Seek (#265 of 1000 copies, fastened cover) Mort Aux Vaches
   Duozero Esperanto (card cover) Small Voices SVR06019
   Durutti Column Domo Arigato Factory FACD 144
   Durutti Column Circuses & Bread Factory FACD 154
   Durutti Column Valuable Passages Factory FACD 164
   Durutti Column Obey The Time Factory FACD 274
   Durutti Column Lips That Would Kiss: Madeleine Factory Benelux FBN 2 CD
   Durutti Column A Paean To Wilson Kooky Kookydisc 29/1 & 29/2
   Durutti Column The Return Of The Durutti Column London Facdo 14
   Durutti Column L.C. London Facdo 44
680   Durutti Column Dry Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90024
   Durutti Column The Sporadic Recordings (#0016 of 4000 copies) TTTTTTTTT SPORE 1
   Dury, Ian New Boots And Panties!! (UK, 2017, 4×CD + LP box set, clear vinyl) Edsel NBAPBOX01
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   Eagles Hotel California (Deluxe Edition) (USA, 2017, 2×CD, card cover) Asylum R2 562945
   Earth Live Hex: In A Large City On The American Continent (CD + 3" CD, 500 copies, oversize cover, sash) Archive 16 + 16.5
   Earth Hibernaculum (USA, CD + DVD) Southern Lord sunn74
   Earthling Society / High Mountain Tempel Pilgrimage To Thunderbolt Pagoda (333 copies; black CDr mounted in black card over-sized cover) Lotushouse LHRCD14
   Earthmonkey Audiosapien (USA, digipack) Beta-lactam Ring mt038
   Earthmonkey Alms Of Morpheus (USA, 2×CD, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt243
   Earthmonkey Pharmacy Fields (USA, #046 of 200 copies, signed copies in a hand printed/painted/collaged cover by Mr. Peat Bog) Beta-lactam Ring mt260
690   Eater All Of Eater Cargo CMD-024
   Echo & The Bunnymen Evergreen (2×CD) London 828 980-2
   Echo & The Bunnymen Crystal Days: 1979 to 1999 (4×CD hardback box set, book) Rhino R2 74263
   Eddie And The Hot Rods Life On The Line Captain Oi! AHOY CD 133
   Eddie And The Hot Rods The Singles Collection Captain Oi! AHOY CD 308
   Eidulon Idolatriae (USA, digipack) Malignant Tumor33
   Electric Moon Lunatics Nasoni 101-2
   Eline Cout 13 Pieces (#047 of 100 copies, unique silk-screened p/s) Pretty Penny PPL001
   Elvis Presley The Complete Elvis Presley Masters (30×CD box set, 294-page book, second edition) RCA Legacy 88697118262
   Emeralds Solar Bridge (USA, digipack) Hanson HN183
700   Emeralds Emeralds (USA, digipack) Hanson HN200
   Emeralds What Happened (USA, card cover) No Fun Productions NFP-35
   Emeralds Does It Look Like I'm Here? (USA, digipack) Editions Mego eMEGO 101
   Emeralds Just To Feel Anything (USA, digipack) Editions Mego eMEGO 150
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer (USA, 2016, 3×CD, digipack) BMG BMGCAT2CD1
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Works Volume 1 (USA, 2017, 2×CD, digipack) BMG BMGCAT2CD8
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Fanfare 1970-1997 (USA, 2017, 18×CD + 3×LP + 2×7 + 3×BluRay box set, 3000 copies, digipack) BMG BMGCAT101BOX
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Then & Now (2×CD) Eagle EAG 098-2
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus (2×CD) Razor & Tie 7930183417-2
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Trilogy Deluxe Edition (USA, 2015, 3×CD, digipack) Sony Music 88875004902
710   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack, slipcase) Sanctuary 1776980
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery (Deluxe Edition) (3×CD, digipack, slipcase) Sanctuary 5308195
   Emerson, Lake & Palmer Welcome Back My Friends … Ladies & Gentlemen (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack, slipcase) Sanctuary 2712812
   Emme Ya / Nuit Split (oversized card cover) Noctivagant NEY001
   En Nihil Death Keeps Red Stream RSR 0115
   Encomiast Espera H/S HSCD09
   English, Lawrence The Peregrine Room40 RM469
   Enigma Sadness Part 1 (UK) Virgin DINSD 101
   Eno, Brian Ambient 1: Music For Airports (UK) Virgin EEGCD 17
   Eno, Brian More Music For Films (UK, digipack, plastic slipcase) Virgin 7243 5 63649-2
720   Enya The Memory Of Trees Reprise 9 46106-2
   Enya Shepherd Moons WEA 9031-75572-2
   Enya Watermark Reprise 9 26774-2
   ESG Step Off (UK) Soul Jazz SJR CD64
   ESG Keep On Moving (UK, slipcase) Soul Jazz SJR CD138
   ESG Come Away (UK, slipcase) Soul Jazz SJR CD150
   ESG South Bronx Story 1 (UK, slipcase) Universal Sound US CD10
   ESG South Bronx Story 2 (UK, slipcase) Soul Jazz SJR CD167
   Esperanto Elektric Music Atlantic 82604
   Et Cetera Et Cetera Long Hair LHC00071
730   Eternal Tapestry A World Out Of Time (USA, card cover) Thrill Jockey thrill 319
   Eternal Tapestry Prometheus Rising (USA, 100 copies, CDr given with "A World Out Of Time" CD) Thrill Jockey none
   Evans, Bill The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961 (3×CD) Riverside 3RCD-4443-2
   Evoke Scurvee Evoke Scurvee (#008 of 100 copies, A5-corrigated card cover, cork inner, inserts) no label
   Exotoendo Push Kara (France) Athanor ATNR 008
   Exploited, The Totally Exploited / Live In Japan (UK, 2×CD) Recall SMD CD 136
   Exploited, The Punk's Not Dead (UK, digipack) Captain Oi! AHOY DPX 601
   Expo 70 Sonic messanger (USA, 2×CD, 150 copies, hard-back cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt225 / mt233
   Expo 70 Journey Through Astral Projection (card cover) Immune 012
   Expo 70 Animism (digipack) Kill Shamen KSR22
740   Expo 70 Psychic Funeral (2×3" CDr, plastic cover) Ruralfaune
   Expo 70 Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos (#083 of 111 copies, 3" CD in small-size DVD-style clasp-case) Universal Tongue UT23
   Exxasens Polaris (170 copies, soft DVD-style p/s) ConSouling Sounds
   Eyeless In Gaza Summer Salt & Subway Sun (USA, 2×CD box set) Beta-lactam Ring mt210 / mt211
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   5th Dimension,. The The Very Best Of The 5th Dimension Camden 74321 674452
   F/i Space Mantra Lexicon Devil lexdev001
   F/i Why Not Now? … Alan! Lexicon Devil lexdev004
   F/i The Past Darkly / The Future Lightly: Rare & Unreleased 1983-1989 (2×CD) Lexicon Devil lexdev005
   F/i Blue Star / Merge Parlour Lexicon Devil lexdev006
   F/i Paradise Out Here Lexicon Devil lexdev018
750   Fairport Convention Come Ye All - The First Ten Years (USA, 2017, 7×CD box set, 48-page book, poster) UMC 574 847-9
   Faithless Take The Long Way Home (UK) Cheeky CHEKCD.031
   Faithless Reverence (UK, 2×CD) Cheeky CHEKXCD 500
   Fall, The A-Sides (UK) Beggars Banquet BEGA 111 CD
   Fall, The B-Sides (UK, 2×CD) Beggars Banquet BEGA 116 CD
   Fall, The Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Castle Music CMDDD461
   Fall, The The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 (UK, 6×CD box set, book) Castle Music CMXBX982
   Fall, The The Real New Fall LP (UK, digipack) Narnack NCK 7018
   False Mirror Derelict World (USA, digipack) Malignant Tumor47
   Fast Cars "Well … You Started It" (UK) Detour DRCD050
760   Fatboy Slim Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars (UK) Skint ASW50460
   Fauré Piano Music (played by Pascal Roge) (UK) Decca 425 606-2
   Faust untitled (Germany, 1000 copies) Klangblad 1
   Faust You Know FaUSt (Germany) Klangblad 2
   Faust Edinburgh 1997 (Germany) Klangblad 3
   Faust Wakes Nosferatu (Germany) Klangblad 4
   Faust Wakes Nosferatu (Germany, #069 of 200 copies, band-only signed box-set edition, original photos and inserts) Klangblad 4
   Faust Ravvivando (Germany) Klangblad 5
   Faust The Land Of Ukko & Rauni (2×CD) Ektro 007CD
   Faust IV (UK, 2×CD) Virgin / EMI 0946 356362 2 2
770   Faust The Wümme Years 1970-1973 (UK, 5×CD box set, limited "Subscribers Edition" box set with booklet numbered #142 and personalized to William Bailey) ReR Megacorp FB1
   Faust Rien (USA) Table Of Elements 24Cr
   Faust The Faust Concerts Vol. 1 (USA, 1000 copies) Table Of Elements 26Fe
   Faust The Faust Concerts Vol. 2 (USA, 1000 copies) Table Of Elements 27Co
   Faust … In Autumn (UK, 3×CD + DVD box set, 32-page booklet) Dirter DPROM 059CD
   Faust | Nurse With Wound Disconnected (digipack) Art-Errorist Product D/DIS 1/07
   Fear Falls Burning He Spoke In Dead Tongues (USA, 2×CD) Ikon / Projekt 174
   Fear Falls Burning The Infinite Sea Of Sustain (USA, DVD-A, 500 copies, textured oversized cover, printed obi and inner) Soleilmoon SDVD4
   Fear Falls Burning The Carnival Of Ourselves (Holland, card cover, inner, obi) ToneFloat TF63
   Fear Falls Burning I'm One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace (Holland, card cover, inner, obi) ToneFloat TF64
780   Fehlmann, Thomas Gute Luft (Germany, card cover) Kompakt CD81
   Felix Da Housecat Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever (digipack) Emperor Norton ENR 7072-2
   Feminine Complex, The To Be In Love Teenbeat Teen 236
   Fenwick, Ray Riding The Rock Machine (Groups & Sessions 1962 - 1978) (UK) RPM #176
   Ferrari, Luc Archives Génétiquement Modifiées / Société II (USA, digipack, 20-page booklet) Robot RR-39
   Field, The From Here We Go Sublime (Germany, digipack) Kompakt CD 57
   Field, The Yesterday And Today (Germany, digipack) Kompakt CD 72
   Field, The Looping State Of Mind (Germany, digipack) Kompakt CD 94
   Field, The Cupid's Head (Germany, digipack) Kompakt CD 110
   First Law Revelation 5:2 (Germany, 200 copies, card cover) StateArt SA07
790   Fischerle Rozrost (3" CDr, die-cut, triangular 8-panel multi-fold cover) Entropy EP.002
   Fischerspooner #1 FSM OSCD1X
   Fixations, The The Sound Of Young London Detour DRCD054
   Fleischmann, B. TMP Charhizma 015
   Fleury Steiner, Ben Keep Weather Eye Open (digipack) Infraction INFX 040
   Flint Glass Circumsounds (6-panel digipack) Tympanik / Brume TA007 / 20
   Floating Points Elaenia (UK, card p/s) Luakabop LB0085CD
   Florence Fost Jenkins Murder On The High C Nostalgia Naxos 8.120711
   Flowers, Rachel Listen (USA, 2016, card g/f) NO Label
   Flux Of Pink Indians Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible / Neu Smell (UK) One Little Indian OLI 002
800   Flying Lizards, The Flying Lizards / Fourth Wall (UK, 2×CD) RPM RetroD883
   Flying Saucer Attack Instrumentals 2015 (UK, 2015, card g/f) Domino WIGCD351
   Flying Saucer Attack Flying Saucer Attack (USA, 1993) VHF #11
   Flying Saucer Attack Distance (USA, 1994) VHF #14
   Focus Hocus Pocus: The Best Of Red Bullet RB 66.194
   Focus Hocus Pocus Box (13×CD box set) Red Bullet RB 66.307
   Focus Group, The Hey Let Loose Your Love (UK) Ghost Box 05
   Fog & Ocean Fog & Ocean RSQ 555CD41/RSQ020
   Fog In The Shell, The Private South Paradigms 026
   Four Tet Pause Domino WIGCD94
810   Four Tet Rounds Domino WIGCD126
   Four Tet Everything Ecstatic Domino WIGCD154
   Fovea Hex Bloom E.P. (Germany, card cover) Die Stadt DS-83
   Fovea Hex Huge E.P. (Germany, 2×CD, 300 copies, card cover) Die Stadt DS-86
   Fovea Hex Allue E.P. (Germany, 300 copies, card cover, extra CD "An Answer", all 3 E.P.'s housed in spot-gloss card box) Die Stadt DS-89
   Foxx, John Cathedral Ocean Metamatic META 001CD
   Frampton, Peter Frampton Comes Alive! (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack, slipcase) A&M 069 490 563-2
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Club Mixes 2000 Repertoire REP 4913
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax Remixes Star 69 CD520
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Maximum Joy (UK) ZTT ZTT165CD
820   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasuredome (UK, 2×CD, digipack) ZTT / Salvo Element 06
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Sex Mix (UK, 2×CD, digipack) ZTT / Salvo Element 22
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Frankie Said (UK, slipcase) ZTT / Salvo Element 25
   Frankie Goes To Hollywood Frankie Said (Reissue) (UK, CD + DVD, digipack) ZTT / Salvo Element 29
   Frank Sidebottom A B C & D (UK) Cherry Red CDMRED 143
   Freedom Hawk Sunlight (digipack) Magic Lady
   Freeez Southern Freeez (UK) SFE SFE017
   Froese, Edgar Aqua (UK) Virgin CDV 2016
   Fruit Eating Bears Gentle Creatures Despite Their Fierce Appearance (UK) Overground OVER83
   Fry, Mark Dreaming With Alice (UK) Sunbeam SBRCD5028
830   Fujiya & Miyagi Electro Karaoke In The Negative Style (UK) Massive Advance MADV003
   Fujiya & Miyagi Remixes (UK) Massive Advance MADV006
   Fujiya & Miyagi Transparent Things (UK, digipack) Deaf, Dumb & Blind DDB 30027
   Fujiya & Miyagi Lightbulbs (UK, card sleeve) Deaf, Dumb & Blind DDB 30034
   Fullerton Whitman, Keith Playthroughs (USA) Kranky KRANK055
   Fullerton Whitman, Keith Multiples (USA) Kranky KRANK081
   Fullerton Whitman, Keith Recorded In Lisbon At Galeria Ze Dos Bios, October 4th 2005 (USA, card sleeve) Kranky KRANK092
   Furry Things The Big Saturday Illusion (USA) Trance TR-43CD
   Fuse Dimension Intrusion (UK) Warp CD 12
   Future Sound Of London Lifeforms (Paths 1 - 7) (UK) Astralwerks ASW 6114-2
840   Future Sound Of London Lifeforms (UK, 2×CD) ebV-Virgin CDV 2722
   Future Sound Of London Dead Cities (UK, box set, 100-page book) ebV-Virgin CDVX2814
   Füxa The Modified Mechanics Of This Device Antenna 001CD
   Füxa Inflight Audio i-release ire 4012
   Füxa Füxa 2000 (UK) Rocket Girl rgirl24
   Füxa Supercharged (UK) Rocket Girl rgirl33
   Füxa vs. Ectogram untitled Ochre OCH048
   Füxa vs. Six Clips untitled (USA, #358 of 500 copies) Mind Expansion no number
   Various Artists Compilation 4 (Germany, 2×CD) Fax PK 08/07
   Silence Silence I (Germany) Fax PK 08/25
850   Air Air (Germany) Fax PK 08/54
   Silence Silence II (Germany) Fax PK 08/68
   Sequential Sequential (Germany) Fax PK 08/73
   The Putney The Putney (Germany) Fax PK 08/76
   Namlook Namlook I (Germany) Fax PK 08/78
   4 Voice 4 Voice (Germany) Fax PK 08/79
   Hearts Of Space Hearts of Space (Germany) Fax PK 08/81
   Limelight Limelight (Germany) Fax PK 08/82
   Deltraxx Deltraxx (Germany) Fax PK 08/83
   Namlook Namlook II (Germany) Fax PK 08/84
860   Air Air II (Germany) Fax PK 08/85
   Escape Escape (Germany, 2×CD) Fax PK 08/87
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog I (Germany) Fax PK 08/96
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog II (Germany) Fax PK 08/99
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog III (Germany) Fax PK 08/101
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog IV (Germany) Fax PK 08/108
   Air Air III (Germany) Fax PK 08/116
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog V (Germany) Fax PK 08/123
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog VI (Germany) Fax PK 08/133
   Silence Silence III (Germany) Fax PK 08/135
870   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog VII (Germany) Fax PK 08/143
   The Dark Side Of The Moog The Dark Side Of The Moog VIII (Germany) Fax PK 08/146
   Move D & Namlook The Retro Rocket (Germany) Fax PK 08/147
   Various Artists 1 Year Ambient (Germany) Fax PKPWPS 1
   Various Artists 1 Year Dance (Germany) Fax PKPWPS 2
   Coeur Atomique Coeur Atomique (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/27
   Gorn Gorn (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/29
   Gamma Gamma (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/30
   Datacide Datacide (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/31
   I.F. I.F. (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/33
880   Atom Heart Orange (Monochrome Stills) (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/36
   Houdini Houdini (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/38
   Music To Films Music To Films (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/40
   +N "Plane" (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/46
   Zenith Zenith (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/48
   Oskar Sala Subharmonic Mixtures (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/85
   Spyra Phonehead (Germany) Fax Sub-Label PS08/86
   Dreamfish Fishology (Germany, 500 copies) Fax World PW02
   Glitch Intertia (Germany) Fax World PW04
   2350 Broadway 2350 Broadway (Germany, 2×CD) Fax World PW05
890   Alien Community Alien Community (Germany) Fax World PW06
   The Fires Of Ork The Fires Of Ork (Germany) Fax World PW07
   Hemisphere Hemisphere (Germany) Fax World PW08
   Shades Of Orion Shades Of Orion (Germany) Fax World PW09
   A New Consciousness A New Consciousness (Germany) Fax World PW10
   From Within From Within (Germany) Fax World PW11
   Psychonavigation Psychonavigation (Germany) Fax World PW13
   Dreamfish Dreamfish 2 (Germany) Fax World PW16
   The Fires Of Ork The Fires Of Ork 2 (Germany) Fax World PW44
   Namlook, Pete Seasons Greetings = Winter (Germany, signed) Fax +49-69/450464 SEA 01
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900   Gambit, The Lance Trio Cocktail 2000 (UK) Music For Leisure MFLCD03
   Ganymede Space And Time Cohaagen CMCD1006
   Garrick Trio, Michael Moonscape (UK) Trunk JBH022CD
   GAS Nah Und Fern (Germany, 4×CD box set, inserts) Kompakt CD66
   Gaughan, Dick Handful Of Earth Topic TSCD416
   Gaye, Marvin Gold (USA, 2005, 2×CD) Polydor B0003119-02
   German Oak Down In The Bunker (USA, 2017, 3×CD, digipack) Now-Again Reserve NA 5151
   Gershwin, George Rhapsody In Blue Laserlight 15 606
   Get Carter OST (slipcase) Cinephile CIN CD 001
   Ghosts On Water Senshu (UK, book-bound cover) Faraway Press 04
910   Ghosts On Water Ghosts On Water (UK, book-bound cover) Faraway Press 12
   Giulio Aldinucci Spazio Sacro (USA, 2015, 75 copies, hand-made deluxe version) Time Released Sound TRS053
   Glitter Band, The The Albums (UK, 2016, 4×CD box set) 7T's GLAMBOX162
   Glo Even As We Gas CD 09
   Global Communication 76 : 14 (2×CD, slipcase) Sanctuary DQFDD014
   Gnome & Spybey Beyond Willie's Place (digipack) Tourette 020
   Godowsky The Complete Studies On Chopin's Etudes (2×CD) Hyperion CDA67411/2
   Godspeed You! Black Emperor lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven! (2×CD) Kranky KRANK 043
   Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O. (Canada) Constellation CST 024
   Godspeed You! Black Emperor Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Canada) Constellation CST 081
920   Godspeed You! Black Emperor Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress (Canada) Constellation CST 111
   Golden Oaks, The Autumn Testament (card cover) A Silent Place ASP17
   Golden Sores, The A Peaceable Kingdom BloodLust! B!126
   Golden Void Golden Void (USA, 2012, card cover) Thrill Jockey THRILL318
   Golden Void Berkana (USA, 2015, card cover) Thrill Jockey THRILL398
   Goons, The The Goon Show Volume 12 "Shut Up, Eccles" (UK, 2×CD) BBC ZBBC 1725
   Gorillas Message To The World (UK) Damaged Goods DAMGOOD CD 49
   Gorillaz Demon Days (UK, multi-fold digipack, DVD and plastic slipcase) Parlophone 7243-47447-0-0
   Grails Doomsdayer's Holiday (USA, promo in card cover) Temporary Residence TRR 144
   Grails Deep Politics (USA, slipcase) Temporary Residence TRR 169
930   Grassow, Mathias Dissolution (600 copies, prints, folder) Aurora AUR04
   Grassow, Mathias The Fragrance Of Eternal Roses Arya AY09
   Grassow, Mathias Sky Gterma 002
   Grassow, Mathias Tamanoshima Gterma 034
   Grateful Dead, The The Grateful Dead Warner Bros. 7599-27167
   Gravity Wax Low Energy Particulate (USA) Mind Expansion ME 013
   Gray, Barry Stand By For Adverts: Rare Jingles, Jazz & Advertising Electronics (UK) Trunk JBH039
   Green Milk From The Planet Orange / Kuruu Crew Split (USA) Beta-lactam Ring mt104
   Greene, Lorne The Man Omni 128
   Grouper A|A (2×CD, card cover) Kranky krank168
940   Gruntsplatter The Death Fires Crowd Control Activities CROWDED 19
   Gruntsplatter The Aberrant Laboratory Dark Vinyl #52
   Gruntsplatter Chronicling The Famine (digipack) Desolation House DS 020
   Gruntsplatter The Aberrant Laboratory Dark Vinyl #52
   G.R.I.T. Expanse (The Remixes - Part I) (1970 copies, black die-cut card cover, varnished insert) Entropy EG.001
   G.R.I.T. Expanse (The Remixes - Part II) (1970 copies, black die-cut card cover, varnished insert) Entropy EG.002
   G.R.I.T. Expanse (cv313 'Expansed Reprise') (100 copies, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut card cover) Entropy EP.021
   Guentner, Markus 1981 (Germany) Kompakt CD 39
   Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue (numbered, digipack, sticker) Matador OLE 574-2
   Guru Guru Hinten Tempel 14295
950   Guru Guru Guru Guru Repertoire PMS 7056-WP
   G.X. Jupitter-Larsen + Allan Zane Banjax Somnimage SOM00014
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   Hackett, Steve 5 Classic Albums (Europe, 2016, 5×CD set) Spectrum 5368771
   Hafler Trio Hljódmynd (Germany, #540 of 1000 copies, felt cover) Die Stadt DS-01
   Hafler Trio No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful And Seamless Unions (Germany, oversized card cover) Die Stadt DS-58
   Hafler Trio + Autechre Æo3 & 3hæ: Part 2 (Germany, card cover, obi, inserts) Die Stadt DS-82
   Hafler Trio Being A Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water (USA, #071 of 100 copies, signed photo insert, card cover) Important imprec039
   Hafler Trio Á Éc AÐ, Halda Á Fram? (USA, card cover) Important imprec050
   Hafler Trio I Never Knew That's Who You Thought You Were (USA, #080 of 100 copies, signed photo insert, card cover) Important imprec055
   Hafler Trio Exactly As I Am (USA, oversized card cover, feat. Jonsi Birgisson) Important imprec066
960   Hafler Trio Masters Of Money (Holland, oversized cover, 28-page booklet, poster) Korm Plastics paragraph 2
   Hafler Trio How To Reform Mankind (Holland, oversized cover, 24-page booklet, poster, postcard) Korm Plastics paragraph 6
   Hafler Trio Cleave: 9 Great Openings (1000 copies, embossed paper-wallet, transparent wraparounds and silver prints) Nextera ERA 2017-2
   Hafler Trio No More Twain, Of The Flesh: 11 Unequivocal Obsecrations (1000 copies, embossed paper-wallet, transparent wraparounds and silver prints) Nextera ERA 2022-2
   Hafler Trio + Colin Potter A Pressed On Sandwich (1000 copies, embossed paper-wallet, 8-page booklet) Nextera ERA 2040-2
   Hafler Trio An Utterance Of The Supreme Ventriloquist (USA, oversized card cover) Soleilmoon SOL 134CD
   Haig, Paul Cinematique (1000 copies) Les Temps Modernes LTMCD 2309
   Half Man Half Biscuit Back In The DHSS / The Trumpton Riots Probe Plus PROBE 4
   Hall Of Mirrors Altered Nights (USA, card cover) Malignant Tumor54
   Hallucinogen Twisted Dragonfly BFLCD 15
970   Hammersmith Gorillas, The Gorilla Got Me (UK) Ace CDWIKD 185
   Hammock Raising Your Voices … Trying To Stop An Echo (USA) Darla DRL176
   Hamsters, The Hamster Jam (UK) Rockin' Rodent CD 7
   Hamsters, The The Hamsters (UK) Rockin' Rodent CD 8
   Hamsters, The Electric Hamsterland (UK) On The Beach FOAM CD 1
   Happy Mondays Double Easy: The US Singles (USA) Elektra 9 61543-2
   Hardfloor Funalogue Warner HH-CD 003
   Hardfloor T.B. Resuscitation (UK) Harthouse HART UKCD 1
   Hardfloor Into The Nature - The Remixes (UK) Harthouse HART UK 20CD
   Harper, Roy Stormcock (hardback cover) Science Friction HUCD047
980   Harris, M. & Eraldo Bernocchi Overload Lady Sub Rosa SR124
   Harris, M & A. Child Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt: Live Berlin '98 Manifold MANCD28
   Harris, Rolf Best Of Rolf Harris (UK) EMI CDP 7 95371-2
   Haters, The Saifuhai 1 & 2 (#44 of 80 copies, hand-made cover) MSBR MR28
   Hauschka Abandoned City (USA, 2014, digisleeve) Temporary Residents TRR232
   Hauschka What If (USA, 2017, digisleeve) Temporary Residents TRR290
   Hawkshaw, Alan Girl In A Sportscar (UK) Coalition 7 0630 180712 5
   Hawkshaw, Alan Mo'Hawk - The Essential Vibes (UK) RPM 256
   Hawklords The Barney Bubbles Memorial Benefit Concert (UK, DVD, digipack) Hawklords
   Hawklords Dream (UK) Shellshock LORDS0913
990   Hawkwind Friends & Relations: The Very Best Of Plus Rarities (UK, 2×CD, digipack) Anagram CDM GRAM 152
   Hawkwind Warrior On The Edge Of Time (UK, 2×CD + DVD + LP box set, 2000 copies, 48-page booklet, poster, cards, ticket) Atomhenge ATOMBOX 1001
   Hawkwind Spirit Of The Age: An Anthology 1976-1984 (UK, 3×CD box set, 48-page booklet) Atomhenge ATOMBOX 3002
   Hawkwind The Dream Goes On: An Anthology 1985 - 1997 (UK, 3×CD box set, 48-page booklet) Atomhenge ATOMBOX 3003
   Hawkwind 25 Years On (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Atomhenge ATOMCD 2006
   Hawkwind Quark, Strangeness And Charm (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Atomhenge ATOMCD 2009
   Hawkwind P.X.R. 5 (UK) Atomhenge ATOMCD 1010
   Hawkwind Live Seventy Nine (UK) Atomhenge ATOMCD 1011
   Hawkwind The Chronicles Of The Black Sword (UK) Atomhenge ATOMCD 1012
   Hawkwind Live '78 (UK, Released as The Hawklords) Atomhenge ATOMCD 1014
1000   Hawkwind Levitation (UK, 3×CD box set, 48-page book, 3 card inserts) Atomhenge ATOMCD 3016
   Hawkwind Sonic Attack (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Atomhenge ATOMCD 2019
   Hawkwind Church Of Hawkwind (UK) Atomhenge ATOMCD 1021
   Hawkwind Space Bandits (UK) Atomhenge ATOMCD 1025
   Hawkwind Choose Your Masques (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Atomhenge ATOMCD 2026
   Hawkwind Distant Horizons (UK) Atomhenge ATOMCD 2028
   Hawkwind At The BBC - 1972 (UK, 2×CD) BBC HAWKS7
   Hawkwind Levitation (UK) Castle CLACD 129
   Hawkwind Palace Springs (UK) Castle CLACD 303
   Hawkwind Live Chronicles (UK, 2×CD) Castle CCS CD 829
1010   Hawkwind Blood Of The Earth (UK) Eastworld EWO042CD
   Hawkwind Blood Of The Earth (UK, 2×CD box set) Eastworld EWO043CDLTD
   Hawkwind Spacehawks (UK, digipack) Eastworld EWO139CD
   Hawkwind Ritual Of The Solstice: Future Reconstructions (UK, slipcase) Emergency Broadcast System EBS SCD 117
   Hawkwind Love In Space (UK, 2×CD, digipack) Emergency Broadcast System EBS SCD 120
   Hawkwind Love In Space - Remixes (UK, die-cut cover) Emergency Broadcast System EBS CD 106
   Hawkwind Distant Horizons (UK) Emergency Broadcast System EBS CD 139
   Hawkwind Hawkwind (UK, digipack) EMI 7243 8 37552-2
   Hawkwind In Search Of Space (UK, digipack, with Hawklog) EMI 7243 8 37553-2
   Hawkwind Doremi Fasol Latido (UK, digipack) EMI 7243 8 37554-2
1020   Hawkwind Space Ritual (UK, 2×CD, digipack) EMI 7243 8 37557-2
   Hawkwind Space Ritual: Collectors Edition (UK, 2×CD + DVD, digipack, slipcase) EMI 0946 3 94071-2
   Hawkwind Hall Of The Mountain Grill (UK, digipack) EMI 7243 8 37555-2
   Hawkwind The 1999 Party (UK, 2×CD, poster, slipcase) EMI 7243 8 33333-2
   Hawkwind Parallel Universe (UK, 3×CD) EMI HAWKS 8
   Hawkwind Space Ritual Live (UK, 2015, 2×CD + DVD) Gonzo Media Group HAWKGZ103DVD
   Hawkwind Spirit Of The Age: Solstice Remixes (USA) Griffin GCD-343-2
   Hawkwind Warrior On The Edge Of Time (USA, box set, book) Griffin 55421 3931-2
   Hawkwind Astounding Sounds Amazing Music (USA, box set, book) Griffin GCD-483-2
   Hawkwind Quark Strangeness & Charm (USA, box set, book) Griffin GCDHA-162
1030   Hawkwind 25 Years On (USA, 4×CD box set, book, poster and goodies) Griffin GCD-299-0
   Hawkwind Set #1: First Set Of 5 LP's. Japanese Disc Union Box Set (Japan, 5×CD box set, reproductions of original sleeves, obis, inserts: Hawkwind (TOCP 95059); In Search Of Space (TOCP 95060); Doremi Fasol Latido (TOCP 95061); Space Ritual (2xCD set, TOCP 95062/63); Hall Of The Mountain Grill (TOCP 95064)) Toshiba TOCP various
   Hawkwind Set #2: Second Set Of 5 LP's. Japanese Disc Union Box Set (Japan, 5×CD box set, reproductions of original sleeves, obis, inserts: Astounding Sounds Amazing Music (ECP-10208); Live '78 (ECP-10209); PXR 5 (ECP-10210); Quark, Strangeness & Charm (2xCD set, ECP-20176/177); Hawklords (2xCD set, ECP-20178/179)) WHD Entertainment ECP various
   Hawkwind Set #3: Third Set Of 4 LP's. Japanese Disc Union Box Set (Japan, 4×CD box set, reproductions of original sleeves, obis, inserts: Live Seventy Nine (ECP-10211); Levitation (3xCD set, ECP-20180/181/182); Live Chronicles (2xCD set, ECP-20183/184); The Chronicle Of The Black Sword (ECP-10212)) WHD Entertainment ECP various
   Hawkwind Set #4: Fourth Set Of 4 LP's. Japanese Disc Union Box Set (Japan, 4×CD box set, reproductions of original sleeves, obis, inserts: Sonic Attack 2xCD (ECP-20202/203); Church Of Hawkwind (ECP-10232); The Xenon Codex (ECP-10233); Alien 4 (ECP-10234)) WHD Entertainment ECP various
   Hawkwind Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Japan, 2×CD box set, reproduction of original sleeve, obi, inserts) WHD Entertainment IEZP-52
   Hawkwind Atomhenge 76 (UK, 2×CD) Voiceprint HAWKVP 5CD
   Hawkwind The Weird Tapes Vol. 1 - Sonic Assassins & Dave Brock (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 6CD
   Hawkwind The Weird Tapes Vol. 3 - Free Festivals (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 8CD
   Hawkwind The Weird Tapes Vol. 4 - Live 1978 (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 9CD
1040   Hawkwind Family Tree (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 13CD
   Hawkwind In Your Area (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 17CD
   Hawkwind SpaceBrock (UK, miss-pressed first edition: only 32 copies known) Voiceprint HAWKVP 18CD
   Hawkwind Yule Ritual London Astoria 29-12-00 (UK, 2×CD) Voiceprint HAWKVP 19CD
   Hawkwind Canterbury Fayre 2001 (UK, 2×CD) Voiceprint HAWKVP 22CD
   Hawkwind Take Me To Your Leader (UK, CD + DVD, 2000 copies) Voiceprint HAWKVP 35CDSE
   Hawkwind Take Me To Your Future (UK, 2-sided disc: DVD + CD) Voiceprint HAWKVP 38DD
   Hawkwind Sprit Of The Age (Part 1) (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 55CD1
   Hawkwind Sprit Of The Age (Part 2) (UK) Voiceprint HAWKVP 55CD2
   Hawkwind Hawkwind 1997 (UK, limited signed private Hawkwind issue) Voiceprint HAWKVP 999
1050   Hawkwind Dawn Of Hawkwind (UK, #170 of 2000 copies, book and CD set) Voiceprint BP309CD
   Hawkwind Space Ritual Sundown V.2 (UK, box set, poster, card cover) American Phonograph Clp 1232-2
   Hawkwind Live From The Darkside (UK, digipack) Burning Airlines PILOT 64
   Hawkwind Hawklords Live (UK) DoJo CD 71
   Hawkwind Onward (UK, 2×CD, hardback digipack) Eastworld EW0100CDLTD
   Hawkwind Live & Rare (Onward Flies The Bird) (UK) Emporio EMPRCD 710
   Hawkwind Electric Tepee (UK) Essential ESSCD 181
   Hawkwind Zones (UK) Flicknife CDM GRAM 57
   Hawkwind Knights Of Space (UK) Landmark 74419
   Hawkwind Golden Void 1969-1979 (UK, 2×CD, gold-surfaced discs) Purple Pyramid CLP 0471-2
1060   Hawkwind The Friday Rock Show Sessions (UK) Raw Fruit FRSCD 005
   Hawkwind Ambient Anarchists (UK, 2×CD) Recall SMD CD 121
   Hawkwind Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin (UK, digipack) Spalax CD14846
   Hawkwind The Hawkwind Remix Project (UK) Warlord 777CD
   Hawkwind BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (UK) Windsong WINCD 007
   Hawkwind Light Orchestra Stellar Varations (UK, slipcase) Cherry Red EANTCD 1008
   Haynes, Jim Sever Intransitive INT032
   Hazard North (UK) Ash International ASH #4.5
   Hazard Wood (UK, with full-length vinyl LP, 1000 copies) Ash International ASH #5.5CD
   Hazard Lech (USA) Malignant Tumor05
1070   H.E.A.D. 97 98 Caipirinha CAI2016
   Heartour Three (digipack) Heartour HTR333
   Heaven 17 Penthouse And Pavement (UK, expanded edition) EMI CDVR 2208
   Hecker, Tim Mirages (gloss card cover) Alien8 Recordings ALIENCD47
   Hecker, Tim Harmony In Ultraviolet (card cover) Kranky krank102
   Hecker, Tim An Imaginary Country (card cover) Kranky krank130
   Hecker, Tim Ravedeath, 1972 (card cover) Kranky krank154
   Hecker, Tim Dropped Pianos (card cover) Kranky krank161
   Hecker, Tim Virgins (card cover) Kranky krank183
   Hecker, Tim Mort Aux Vaches (1000 copies, fastened card cover) Mort Aux Vaches
1080   Hector, Jesse Running Wild (UK, CD + DVD) RPM RPMCDVD525
   Heid Arktogaa (USA, slipcase, 4 inserts) Malignant Tumor15
   Helen The Original Faces (digipack) Kranky krank196
   Helvetia The Clever North Wind (digipack) The Static Cult Label tscl 0002
   Hendrix, Jimi Axis: Bold As Love MCA MCAD-10894
   Hendrix, Jimi Electric Ladyland MCA MCAD-10895
   Hendrix, Jimi The Ultimate Experience Polydor 517 235-2
   Herbst9 From A Dark Chasm Below (Germany) Loki Foundation LOKI 21
   Herbst9 Eta Carinae (Germany) Loki Foundation LOKI 28
   Herbst9 Buried Under Time And Sand (Germany, digipack) Loki Foundation LOKI 39
1090   Herbst9 Through Bleak Landscapes (Germany, with Z'Ev) Loki Foundation LOKI 45
   Herbst9 The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon (Germany, digipack) Loki Foundation LOKI 48
   Herbst9 Usumgal Kalamma (Germany, 2×CD box set) Loki Foundation LOKI 56
   Herbst9 Fragmentary (Germany, 2×CD, digipack) Loki Foundation LOKI 62
   H.E.R.R. The Winter Of Constantinople (UK) Cold Spring CSR 56
   H.E.R.R. XII Caesars (UK) Cold Spring CSR 117
   High Spirits Another Night High Spirits
   Higher Intelligence Agency Colourform Beyond RBADCD5
   Hines, Earl "Have You Ever Felt That Way?" 1929-1933 (UK, 2004) Frog DGF55
   Hjarnidaudi Pain:Noise:March (750 copies, card cover and stamped envelope) Paradigms Recordings PARADIGMS002
1100   Hoedh Hymnvs Atmosphere AT 03
   Hollow Earth Dog Days Of The Holocaust (USA, 500 copies) Crowd Control CROWDED 10
   Holst, Gustav The Planets (UK) EMI CD-CFP 4243
   Homosexuals, The Astral Glamour (3×CD, multi-fold digipack, 32-page booklet) Messthetics MSS-204
   Hooker, Steve Don't Try To Understand 'Em Crazy Love CLMCD 64131
   Horizon 222 Through The Round Window (UK) DOVe CD222
   Horizon 222 The Three Of Swans (UK, digipack) Charrm CD18
   Hot Toddy Super Magic (UK, 2000) Pape Recordings PAPCD008
   Hot Toddy Late Night Boogie (UK, 2010, 2×CD, digipack, slipcase) High Note HN796CD
   House, Simon Spiral Galaxy Revisited (UK) Black Widow BWRCD 047-2
1110   House, Son The Complete Library Of Congress Sessions Travelin' Man TM CD 02
   Howie B Fabric Live .05 (promo) Fabric #05
   Howlin' Wolf The Chess Box (USA, 3×CD box set, booklet) Chess CHD3 9332
   Hoyle, Linda Pieces Of Me (card g/f) Repertoire REP 5201
   Hubbs, Stan Crystal (500 copies, 16-page booklet) Companion / Gloriette CR5 / none
   Hudson, Keith Pick A Dub (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 003
   Huerco S. Colonial Patterns Software SFT037
   Human League The Very Best Of Caroline CAR 92645
   Human Voice, The Silent Heart (Canada, digipack) Cyclic Law 82nd Cycle
   Hutch Demouilpied Otherness (2×CDr, 100 copies, hand-made over-sized cover) Entropy ER.006
1120   Hydroplane Hydroplane (USA) Drive-In drive09
   Hydroplane Hope Against hope (USA) Drive-In drive33
   Hylos Consuetudines (USA, digipack) Malgnant Tumor40
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   I Am Robot And Proud The Catch & Spring Summer Autumn Winter (USA) Darla DRL181
   I Am Seamonster Nebulum (100 copies, stickered tin cover) Basses Frequences
   I:Cube Adore Big Red 201-2
   I, Ludicrous 20 Years In Show Business (UK, 2×CD) Castle Music CMQDD1484
   I Monster Daydream In Blue (UK) Instant Karma ZEN6713372
   I Monster Neveroddoreven (UK) Dharma CD2
   I-Roy Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff (1972-75) (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 016
1130   I Satellite Auto:Matic Omega omega.001
   Idjut Boys Saturday Nite Live (UK) Nuphonic NUX143
   I.E.M. 1996-1999 (UK) Headphone Dust HDIEMCD8
   I.E.M. Untitled (Complete IEM) (Holland, 4×CD box set, 2000 copies, 60-page book, each disc housed in card sleeves w/inner. Set collects: I.E.M. (1996), An Escalator To Christmas, Arcadia Son, IEM Have Come For Your Children (2001)) ToneFloat tf73 / tf74 / tf75 / tf76
   Iggy Pop Lust For Life (UK) Virgin CDOVD 278
   Illusion Of Safety Mort Aux Vaches #1 (Holland, 1000 copies) Mort Aux Vaches
   Illusion Of Safety Mort Aux Vaches #2 (Holland, sand-paper cover) Mort Aux Vaches
   Impact All Stars Forward The Bass (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 022
   In Death Throes Live Executions 1998 - 2001 (USA, 3×CD box set, #14 of 30 copies, inserts) Live Bait LBSP 01
   In Death Throes Infernal Deities Transcending (USA, 500 copies) Live Bait LBRF 10
1140   Inade Burning Flesh (Germany, 500 copies) Loki Foundation LOKI 24
   Inade The Crackling Of The Anonymous (Germany) Loki Foundation LOKI 29
   Inade Samadhi State (Germany, digipack) Loki Foundation LOKI 41
   Inade The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects (Germany, 2×CD + DVD wooden box set, #147 of 259 copies, each disc in digipack) Loki Foundation LOKI 50
   Inade Audio Mythology One (Germany) Loki Foundation LOKI 57
   Inade Audio Mythology Two (Germany) Loki Foundation LOKI 60
   Inade Aldebaran (UK) Cold Spring CSR13
   Indignant Selinity Plays Wagner (UK) Type Type060
   Infinite Body Carve Out the Face Of My God (digipack) Post Present Medium PPM28
   Infinity Project, The Mystical Experience (UK) Blue Room BR005
1150   Infinity Project, The Feeling Weird (UK) TIP CD3
   Ingenting Kollektiva Lost Beyond Telling (CD + DVD, card cover) Invisible Birds ib006
   Inner Circle & The Fatman Riddim Section Heavyweight Dub / Killer Dub (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 029
   Inner City Unit (Judge Trev's) Now You Know The Score (500 copies) Judgement JUDGECD 001
   Inner City Unit Passout (UK) Oldhitz CD OLD 001
   Instant Automatons, The Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon (USA) Messthetics #210
   Intrusion The Seduction Of Silence (Germany, digipack) Echospace 313-3
   Iron Maiden Live After Death (UK, 2×CD) EMI 7243 8 35873-2
   Iron Maiden Best Of The Beast (UK, 2×CD, hardback slipcase) EMI CDEMDX 197
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Perekluchenie (USA, digisleeve) Beta-lactam Ring mt072b
1160   Irr.App.(Ext.) The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk (USA, CDr) Errata In Excelsis eieCS001
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Flux / Crayfish (USA, CDr) Errata In Excelsis eieCS002
   Irr.App.(Ext.) 4 Orphans (USA, CDr, with Nurse With Wound) Errata In Excelsis eie dig001
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Second Stage (1991-1995) Archive selections (USA, CDr) Errata In Excelsis eie dig005
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Cosmic Superimposition (USA) Errata In Excelsis eie dig006
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Ustrojenstvozagyvat E.P. (USA, CDr) Errata In Excelsis eie dig008
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Orgonosis 4 (USA) Errata In Excelsis eie dig010
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Ozeanische Gefühle (USA) Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS 002
   Irr.App.(Ext.) Kreiselwelle (USA) Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS 016
   Isaacs, Gregory Slum In Dub African Museum AMCD018
1170   I.S.A.N. Digitalis Darla DRL-098
   I.S.A.N. Salamander (UK, slipcase) Morr Music MM003
   I.S.A.N. Salle D'Isan (UK, digipack) Morr Music MM017
   I.S.A.N. Lucky Cat (UK, digipack) Morr Music MM022
   I.S.A.N. Meet Next Life (UK, digipack) Morr Music MM042
   I.S.A.N. Plans Drawn In Pencil (UK, digipack) Morr Music MM068
   I.S.A.N. Glow In The Dark Safari Set (UK, digipack) Morr Music MM099
   I.S.A.N. Japan Tour 2004 E.P. (UK, card slipcase Japanese tour-only, with Styrofoam & The Go-Find) Morr Music / After Hours none / AH.050
   I.S.A.N. Beatronics (UK, digipack) Tugboat TUGCD004
   Isis Live 4 (USA, letter-press card cover, tour only CD, insert) no label ISIS-TOUR 1447
1180   Isolator Culture & Principal Of Anti-Human Exaltation (USA, 6-panel digipack) Black Plagve INFECT15
   Isolde All Things To Fall Like Marching Men (#191 of 300 copies, heavy card cover, insert, obi) Penny Poppet PP 003
   Isolée We Are Monster (UK) Playhouse PLAY CD 15
   Isolée Western Shore (UK) Playhouse PLAY CD 17
   Isolrubin BK Crash Injury Trauma (USA) Soleilmoon SOL 151
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   Jääportit Voimasuo (600 copies, digipack) Epidemie EPR067
   Ja-Man All Stars In The Dub Zone (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 041
   Jack Or Jive Kokorobito Live In Hong Kong 2008 (Hong Kong, hardback card cover) Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P.-008
   Jack Or Jive Tenshou (Hong Kong, foil-stamped hardback card cover) Ultra-Mail Prod. / Cynfeirdd U.M.P.-010 / Cyn 048
   Jackman, David Sternklare Nacht (UK, #05 of 50 copies, signed hand-made cover) Flugzeug Schallplatten FS 26
1190   Jackman, David Rabenfeld (UK, 50 copies, signed and hand-made, personalized to William Bailey) Flugzeug Schallplatten FS 27
   Jackman, David Fiery Holes (UK, #104 of 200 copies, signed and numbered hand-made cover) Aeroplane AR-22
   Jackman, David Verhalte Dich Ruhig (Germany, 500 copies) Die Stadt DS-16
   Jackman, David Sol Mara (USA / Japan, 500 copies) Robot / Die Stadt RR-21 / DS-19
   Jackman, David Up From Zero (UK, 500 copies) Robot RR-31
   Jad Fair The Making Of The Album Seminal Twang TWANG 2
   Jaffa Elevator Stereo Deluxe SD 060
   Jam & Spoon The Complete Stella R&S RSUK 14XCD
   Jam, The Compact Snap! (UK) Polydor 821 712-2
   Jam, The Direction Reaction Creation (UK, 5×CD box set, book) Polydor 537 143-2
1200   Jameson Raid Just As The Dust Has Settled Shadow Kingdom SKR030
   Japan Tin Drum (2×CD box set, booklet) Virgin CDVX 2209
   Jarre, Jean-Michel Oxygene Parts 1 - 6 (UK) Dreyfus/Polydor 800 015-2
   Jarre, Jean-Michel Oxygene Parts 7 - 13 (UK) Dreyfus/Polydor 486 984-2
   Jarre, Jean-Michel Oxygene Part 8 (UK) Dreyfus/Polydor 64323-2
   Jarre, Jean-Michel Waiting For Cousteau (UK) Dreyfus/Polydor 843 614-2
   Jarre, Jean-Michel Rarities CD CT03
   Jason Nevins vs. Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain (UK) INCredible INCRL17CD
   Jason Nevins vs. Run D.M.C. It's Like That (UK) Sm:)e SM 9065-2
   Jazz Crusaders Freedom Sound (USA) Pacific Jazz CDP 7 96864-2
1210   Jefferson Airplane The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane (UK) RCA Victor 82876 75893 2
   Jello Biafra Spoken Word Album #8: In The Grip Of Official Treason (UK, digipack, booklet) Alternative Tentacles Virus 370CD
   Jennifer Gentle A New Testimony (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP13
   Jennifer Gentle & Kawabata Makoto The Wrong Cage (Italy) A Silent Place ASP34
   Jennsen, Geir Cho Oyu 8201m (UK, oversized card cover) Ash International Ash 7.1
   Jerks, The Jerk Off (UK) Overground OVER 65
   Jesus And Mary Chain 21 Singles (USA) Rhino R2 78256
   Jesu Conqueror (Japan, 2×CD, digipack, printed clear slipcase, extra tracks) Daymare DYMC-017
   Jesu Lifeline (Japan, digipack, extra Japanese-only remixes) Daymare DYMC-044
   Jesu Jesu (Japan, 2×CD, LP-style card cover) Daymare DYMC-045
1220   Jilted John True Love Stories … Plus Castle CMRCD 1262
   John Lyell & Brent A. Reiland Synthetic Universe Solar Wind 7-3965-2
   John The Postman Puerile (UK) Overground OVER 72
   Johnson, Blind Willie Dark Was The Night (USA) Columbia CK 65516
   Johnson, Linton Kwesi Independent Intavenshan: The Island Anthology (2×CD) Island 314 524 575-2
   Johnson, Linton Kwesi Poet And The Roots: Dread Beat And Blood Virgin Frontline CDFL 9009
   Johnson, Robert The Complete Recordings (USA, 2×CD box set, book) Columbia C2K 46222
   Johnson, Robert King Of The Delta Blues Singers (USA) Columbia CK 65746
   Johnson, Robert The Blues Biography United Audio Entertainment TBB 25062
   Johnson, Tommy The Complete Recorded Work … In Chronological Order (Austria) Document DOCD-5001
1230   Jones, Grace Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions (UK, 2×CD) Island 524-501-2
   Jones, Quincy This Is How I Feel About Jazz (USA) Impulse GRP11152
   Joy Division Heart And Soul (UK, 4×CD box set) London 828 968-2
   Judah Judah (Italy) Small Voices SVR 07020
   Judd, F.C. Electronics Without Tears (UK, digipack) Public Information PUBINFO03
   Judge Dread Big Hits Summit SUMCD 4088
   The Halfway House Orchestra The Complete Recordings In Chronological Order (1925-1928) (Canada, 1995) Jazz Oracle BDW 8001
   Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra / Sam Morgan's Jazz Band The Complete Recordings In Chronological Order (1925-1928) (Canada, 1995) Jazz Oracle BDW 8002
   Curtis Mosby / Henry Starr Curtis Mosby / Henry Starr (1924-1939) (Canada, 1995) Jazz Oracle BDW 8003
   The Dorsey Brothers Volume 1 (1928) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8004
1240   The Dorsey Brothers Volume 2 (1929-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8005
   The Dorsey Brothers Volume 3 (1930-1933) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8006
   Red Nichols Red Nichols On Edison (1924-1927) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8007
   Various Richmond Rarities (1927-1931) (Canada, feat. Alex Jackson / Red Perkins / Alphonso Trent / Zack White) Jazz Oracle BDW 8008
   Various Gennett Rarities (1927-1929) (Canada, feat. Syd Valentine's Patent Leather Kids / The Triangle Harmony Boys / The Black Birds Of Paradise / Frank Bunch And His Fuzzy Wuzzies / Willie Jones And His Orchestra / Horace Smith / Eddie Miles And His Florentine Orchestra / Dunk Rendleman And The Alabamians) Jazz Oracle BDW 8009
   Various Chicago Rhythm (1923-1928) (Canada, feat. Al Turk (1924-1926) / Charley Straight (1923-1926) / Gene Greene (1912-1913)) Jazz Oracle BDW 8010
   Various Robert H. Cloud (1927-1931) (Canada, feat. Ross De Luxe Syncopaters / Jacksonville Harmony Trio / QRS Boys / Rollin Smith / Robert Cloud Orchestra / Georgia Jumpers And The Grand Central Red Cap Quartet) Jazz Oracle BDW 8011
   Douglas Williams The Complete Records (1928-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8012
   Roger Wolfe Kahn Recorded In New York (1925-1932) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8013
   Bill Carlsen Devine's Wisconsin Roof Orchestra (1926-1928) / Bill Carlsen And His Orchestra (1929-1931) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8014
1250   Ben Pollack Volume 1 (1926-1928) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8015
   Ben Pollack Volume 2 (1928-1929) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8016
   Ben Pollack Volume 3 (1929) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8017
   Jack Linx & Maurice Sigler Jack Linx & Maurice Sigler (1924-1927) (Canada, feat. Jack Linx & His Birmingham Society Serenaders / Sigler's Birmingham Merrymakers) Jazz Oracle BDW 8018
   Original Indiana Five Volume 1 (1923-1925) (Canada, feat. Indiana Syncopaters / Original Indiana Syncopaters / Original Indiana Five / John Sylvester And His Orchestra) Jazz Oracle BDW 8019
   Wilton Crawley Showman, Composer & Clarinetist (1927-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8020
   Various Dallas Rhythm (1924-1929) (Canada, feat. Jack Garner's Orchestra / Randolph McCurtain's College Ramblers / Herman Waldman And His Orchestra / Phil Baxter's Orchestra) Jazz Oracle BDW 8021
   George McClennon / Wilton Crawley George McClennon (1923-1930) (Canada, feat. Harlem Trio / George McClennon's Jazz Devils / Wilton Crawley) Jazz Oracle BDW 8022
   Various Dime Store Hot Dance: Hot Dance Recordings Of Regal Record Company (1927-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8023
   Louisiana Rhythm Kings Directed By Red Nichols (1929-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8024
1260   Arkansas Shout Recorded In Hot Springs, Arkansas (1937) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8025
   Ben Pollack Volume 4 (1929-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8026
   Arcadia Shuffle Arcadia Shuffle (1924-1929) (Canada, feat. Arcadia Peacock Orchestra Of St. Louis / Original Crescent City Jazzers / Arcadian Serenaders) Jazz Oracle BDW 8027
   Sam Manning Volume 1 (1924-1927) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8028
   Sam Manning Volume 2 (1927-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8029
   Original Indiana Five Volume 2 (1925) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8030
   Original Indiana Five Volume 3 (1926) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8031
   Ben Pollack Volume 5 (1931) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8032
   New Orleans Jazz Band Recorded In New York (1925-1932) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8033
   Original Indiana Five Volume 4 (1926-1928) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8034
1270   Jack Purvis Jack Purvis (1928-1935) (Canada, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8035
   Georgia Washboard Stompers The Complete Recordings (1934-1935) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8036
   Cliff Jackson Cliff Jackson And His Crazy Cats (1926-1934) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8037
   Various Grey Gull Rarities (1924-1930) (Canada, feat. Mike Mosiello / Andy Sannella) Jazz Oracle BDW 8038
   Paramount Hot Dance Obscurities Volume 1 (Canada, feat. Zackie Moore's Illi-Noisy Seven / Bill Haid's Cubs / Midnight Serenaders / Castle Farms Serenaders) Jazz Oracle BDW 8039
   Edison Hot Dance Obscrurities Volume 1 (Canada, feat. Frank Winegar's Penn. Boys / B.A. Rolfe And His Palais D'Or Orchestra) Jazz Oracle BDW 8040
   Fess Williams Fess Williams And His Royal Flush Orchestra (1926-1930) (Canada, 2×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8041
   Ben Pollack Volume 6 (1928-1929) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8042
   The Red Heads The Complete Recordings Of The The Red Heads (1925-1927) (Canada, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8043
   Ben Pollack Volume 7 (1929-1933) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8044
1280   Lud Gluskin Lud Gluskin And His Orchestra (1924-1933) (Canada, 2×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8045
   Wilbur Sweatman Wilbur Sweatman (1916-1935) (Canada, 2×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8046
   John R.T. Davies A Gift From The President (Canada, feat. Wingy Manone's San Sue Strutters) Jazz Oracle BDW 8047
   Edison Hot Dance Obscrurities Volume 2 (1926-1929) (Canada, feat. Oreste And His Queensland Orchestra / Mother Me) Jazz Oracle BDW 8048
   Paramount Hot Dance Obscurities Volume 2 (Canada, feat. Wisconsin University Skyrockets / Bud Spaight's Harmony Kings / Joe Gumin Orchestra / Sig Heller Orchestra / Art Krueger Orchestra / Glen Lyte / Doc Wilson) Jazz Oracle BDW 8049
   Adrian Rollini Adrian Rollini As A Sideman (1929-1933) (Canada, 2×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8050
   The Dorsey Brothers Volume 4 (1930-1934) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8051
   Edison Hot Dance Obscrurities Volume 3 (1927-1929) (Canada, feat. Joe Herlithy And His Orchestra / The Piccadilly Players / Mal Hallett And His Orchestra) Jazz Oracle BDW 8052
   Jack Teagarden Studio Sessions (1930) (Canada, feat. Ben Selvin And His Orchestra / Cornell And His Orchestra / Sam Lanin And His Orchestra) Jazz Oracle BDW 8053
   Eddie South Broadcast Transcriptions (1933) (Canada, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8054
1290   Stu Pletcher The Story Of Stu Pletcher (1924-1937) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8055
   The Three T's "Live" From The Hickory House, New York (1936) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8056
   Joe Robichaux Joe Robichaux (1933) / Christina Gray (1929) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8057
   Isham Jones Marigold Entertainers (1929) / Isham Jones And His Orchestra (1930-1934) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8058
   Benny Goodman Benny Goodman And His Orchestra (1930-1933) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8059
   Fud Livingston The Story Of Joseph "Fud" Livingston (1924-1939) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8060
   Cambridge University Jazz Cambridge University Jazz (1927-1936) (Canada, feat. Fred Elizalde / George Monkhouse) Jazz Oracle BDW 8061
   Red Nichols The Complete Brunswick Recordings: Volumes 1 to 3 (1926-1929) (Canada, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8062
   Red Nichols The Complete Brunswick Recordings: Volumes 4 to 6 (1929-1930) (Canada, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8063
   Red Nichols The Complete Brunswick Recordings: Volumes 7 to 9 (1927-1932) (Canada, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8064
1300   "Jelly Roll" Morton "Jelly Roll" Morton Rarities (1923-1930) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8065
   Merritt Brunies The Complete Recordings Of Merritt Brunies And His Friars Inn Orchestra (1924-1926) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8066
   James (Maloney) Joy Jimmie's Joys: The Complete OKeh Recordings (1923-1925) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8067
   Various Americans In Europe (1926-1928) (Canada, feat. Dave Tough / Frank Guarente / George Carhart / New York Tanz Orchestra) Jazz Oracle BDW 8068
   Jimmy Lytell The Complete Pathé Recordings (1926-1928) (Canada) Jazz Oracle BDW 8069
   Sam Wooding The Complete Recordings Of Sam Wooding (1922-1931) (Canada, 2013, 3×CD) Jazz Oracle BDW 8070
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   Ka-Spel One Last Pose Before The Ruin (USA, 500 copies, custom made & hand printed 6 panel cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt179
   Kadavar Kadavar (digipack) Tee Pee TPE-143-2
   Kadavar Abra Kadavar (digisleeve, performed as Gianluca Becuzzi) Nuclear Blast NB 3064-2
   Kalkbrenner, Paul Superimpose (Germany, digipack) bpitch BPCTRY-016
1310   Kalkbrenner, Paul Zeit (Germany) bpitch BPCTRY-032
   Kalkbrenner, Paul Self (Germany, digipack) bpitch BPCTRY-083
   Kammarheit The Starwheel (Canada, digipack) Cyclic Law 12th Cycle
   Kammerheit The Nest (Canada, digipack) Cyclic Law 78th Cycle
   Karjalan Sissit Miserere (Sweden, digipack) Cold Meat Industry CMI 117
   Karjalan Sissit Karjalan Sissit (UK, 1000 copies) Cold Spring CSR36CD
   Karjalan Sissit Karjalasta Kajahtaa (Canada, 1000 copies, over-sized book-style cover) Cyclic Law 8th Cycle
   Karjalan Sissit Fucking Whore Society (Canada, 2000 copies, over-sized 18-page book-style cover) Cyclic Law 25th Cycle
   Karjalan Sissit Karjalan Sissit (10th Anniversary) (Canada, 500 copies, over-sized book-style cover) Cyclic Law 36th Cycle
   Karjalan Sissit Miserere (10th Anniversary) (Canada, 500 copies, over-sized book-style cover) Cyclic Law 37th Cycle
1320   Karjalan Sissit … Want You Dead (Canada, 2015, card g/f) Cyclic Law 74th Cycle
   Kasumi Trio Oh! Gimme You (USA, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt221
   Kave Ominousium (Canada, digipack) Cyclic Law 79th Cycle
   Keller & Schönwälder Loops & Beats (Germany) Manikin MRCD 7020
   Keller & Schönwälder Concerts (Germany, 2×CD) Manikin MRCD 7034
   Keller & Schönwälder The Two Piece Box (Germany) Manikin MRCD 7040
   Keller & Schönwälder The Reason Why … Live At The Jodrell Bank (Germany) Manikin MRCD 7050
   Keller & Schönwälder The Reason Why … Part Two (Germany) Manikin MRCD 7057
   Keller & Schönwälder & Broekhuis Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2 (Germany, 2×CD, digipack, feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann) Manikin MRCD 7088
   Kelley Stoltz In Triangle Time (USA, 2015, digipack) Castle Face CF-060
1330   Khan & Walker Radiowaves II (UK, digipack) Harvest 7243 8 84420
   Khan & Walker Simplex 01 (UK, digipack) Harvest 7243 8 85748
   Khan & Walker Empire State Building (UK, digipack) Harvest 7243 8 23230
   Killing Joke The Peel Sessions 1979-1981 (UK) BBC KJRE 9
   Killing Joke The Gathering 2008 (UK, 4×CD, hardback book) Eastworld EWO039BOX
   Killing Joke Absolute Dissent Spinefarm FONINT1729
   Killing Joke Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! (UK) Virgin CDV 2693
   Killing Joke Ha! Killing Joke Live (UK) Virgin 07243 477650 2 5
   Killing Joke Killing Joke (UK) Virgin 00946 312216 2 0
   Killing Joke What's This For …! (UK) Virgin 00946 312224 2 9
1340   Killing Joke Revelations (UK) Virgin 00946 331198 2 6
   Killing Joke The Unperverted Pantomime? (UK) Pilot 158
   Killing Joke In Dub (UK, 3×CD)
   Kinetico Atmosphere Flying Rhino AFR CD 31
   Kinetix Selected E_Missions (Italy, digipack) Small Voices SVR 03007
   Kinetix White Rooms (Italy, 2×CD, digipack) Small Voices SVR 04014
   Kinetix Memory Makes Noise (Italy, card cover, performed as Gianluca Becuzzi) Small Voices SVR 06021
   King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King (UK) EG EGCD 1
   King Mutt And His Tennessee Thumpers King Mutt And His Tennessee Thumpers (UK, 2008) Frog DGF70
   King Tubby Dub Gone Crazy (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 002
1350   King Tubby & Scientist Greenwich Farm Rub-a-Dub (UK, 2×CD, #3121 of 5000 copies, booklet) Blood & Fire BAFCD 011/012
   King Tubby & Prince Jammy Dub Gone 2 Crazy (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 013
   King Tubby Dub Like Dirt (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 026
   King Tubby Meets Scientist At Dub Station Burning Sounds CDBS 562
   King Tubby Roots Of Dub (2×CD) Creole CT 4002
   King Tubby Channel One Meets, In The House Of Dub Gallup GR006
   King Tubby The Sound Of Channel One (2×CD) Motion FASTCD 003
   Kinks, The The EP Collection (UK) See For Miles SEECD 295
   Kinobe Soundphiles Zomba 923 0272
   Kinski Don't Climb On And Take The Holy Water (USA) Strange Attractors Audio House SAAH022
1360   Kirchenkampf Lazarus Rising (500 copies, hand-made cover) Cohort CRCD 100
   Kirchin, Basil Abstractions Of The Industrial North (UK) Trunk JBH 012CD
   Klare, Frank Berlin Sequences SynGate CD-R 2002
   KLF Chill Out Wax Trax TVT 7155
   Kluster Zwei-Osterei Curious Music CLP 9737-2
   Kojo, Hitoshi Omnimoment (#25 of 88 copies, die-cut card cover, 24-page book) Omnimemento om05
   Komputer The World Of Tomorrow (UK) Mute STUMM 162
   Komputer Market Led (UK) Mute STUMM 165
   Köner, Thomas Unerforschtes Gebiet (Germany, digipack) Die Stadt DS-56
   Köner, Thomas Nuuk (CD + DVD, digipack) Mille Plateaux MP 003
1370   Köner, Thomas Daikan (digipack) Mille Plateaux MP 107
   Köner, Thomas Zyklop (2×CD, digipack) Mille Plateaux MP 118
   Köner, Thomas Novaya Zemlya Touch TO:85
   Köner, Thomas Nunatak - Teimo - Permafrost (3×CD) Type TYPE072
   Kraftwerk Aerodynamik Astralwerks ASW 48204
   Kraftwerk Tour De France 2003 Astralwerks ASW 52689
   Kraftwerk Minimum Maximum (promotional copy, slipcase) Astralwerks ASW 60611
   Kraftwerk Expo 2000 EMI 8 88333 0
   Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtracks EMI 591 708 2
   Kraftwerk Minimum Maximum (2×CD + 2×DVD, book, laptop-style box, lenticular image) EMI 345 8552
1380   Kraftwerk 12345678 (8×CD box set, promo only (withdrawn)) EMI 577 424 2
   Kraftwerk Der Katalog (Germany, 8×CD box set, German edition, 8 over-sized book inserts in inner box) EMI KlangBox 002DE
   Kraftwerk The Catalogue: MOMA Edition (UK, 8×CD box set, black box, #1780 of 2000 copies, MOMA concert edition, 8 over-sized book inserts in inner box) EMI KlangBox 002DE
   Kraftwerk 3-D (Der Katalog) (8×CD box set) Parlophone 0190295873578
   Kraftwerk Electric Café Warner Bros. 2 5525-2
   Kraftwerk Dusseldorf, Philipshalle 31/10/1991 Capitol CAP 1005/2
   Kraftwerk The Model: The Best Of Kraftwerk Cleopatra CLEO 57612
   Kraftwerk Virtu Ex Machina Deutsch-Japanische Freundschaft-Tonträger KLON 1992001
   Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 1 Germanofon 941001
   Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 2 Germanofon 941002
1390   Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian Germanofon 941023
   Kraftwerk Lebendige-Menschen Klingklang LVCD 7997621
   Kraftwerk Lichtgestalten (2×CD, #060 of 500 copies) Klingklang LVCD 7997623
   Kraftwerk Concert Classics Ranchlife CRANCH 4
   Kraftwerk A Short Introduction (82-page book) Sonic Book 023
   Kraftwerk (as Organization) Tone Float no label
   Krel Ad Astra Dead Ernest DERNCD 11
   Krel Out Of Space Dead Ernest DERNCD 55
   Kreng The Summoner (Germany, 2015) Miasmah MIACD030
   Kreuzweg Ost Edelrost (UK) Cold Spring CSR 58
1400   Kronstadt Uprising Insurrection (UK) Overground OVER 85VP CD
   Kubusschnitt The Case (UK) Neu Harmony NH 001
   Kubusschnitt The Cube (UK) Neu Harmony NH 013
   Kubusschnitt The Singularity (UK) Neu Harmony NH 020
   Kula Shaker K (UK, digipack) Columbia SHAKER 1CDK
   Kula Shaker Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts (UK, slipcase) Columbia SHAKER 2CDX
   Kula Shaker Sound Of Drums (UK, poster) Columbia KULA 21CDX
   Kursaal Flyers Chocs Away (Japan, 2006, card sleeve) Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1283
   Kursaal Flyers Great Artiste (Japan, 2006, card sleeve) Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1284
   Kursaal Flyers Golden Mile / Five Live Kursaals (UK) CBS 506065
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1410   La Sera La Sera (digipack) Hardly Art HAR-30
   Laibach Anthems (UK, 2×CD, hardback digipack, book) Mute CDMUTEL12
   Laj & Quakerman Fat Cow Fiasco FRB CD1
   Lake, Greg From The Beginning (2×CD) Essential ESDCD 552
   Lamp Of The Universe Heru Astral Projection AST004
   Lamp Of The Universe Acid Mantra Astral Projection AST006
   Landing Centrifuge (USA) no label
   Landing Seasons (USA) BaDaBing! Bing 033
   Landing Passages Through (USA) Kracs KLP146
   Landing Sphere (USA) Kracs KLP162
1420   Landing Circuit (USA) Music Fellowship MF008
   Landing Oceanless (USA) Strange Attractors Audio House SAAH003
   Landing Fade In Fade Out E.P. (USA) Strange Attractors Audio House SAAH006
   Landing Brocade (USA) Strange Attractors Audio House SAAH037
   Landing / Windy & Carl Untitled E.P. (USA, handmade cover) no label
   Lansing-Drieden The Dividing Island (die-cut cover) Kemado KEM 039
   Lanterna Highways (USA, digipack) Badman BRCD 963
   Lanterna Sands (USA, digipack) Badman BRCD 978
   Lanterna Elm Street (USA) Badman BRCD 986
   Lanterna Desert Ocean (digipack) Jemez Mountain JMD-946
1430   Lanterna Lanterna Ryko Disc RCD 10388
   Laocoön Immersion (USA, John Broaddus pseudonym) Parnassus Nump PNR 4001-2
   Laplante, André Ravel Piano (digipack) Analekta AN 2 2010
   Last Days Sea (digipack) n5MD CATMD-141
   Laurel & Hardy The Best (2×CD) Another Fine Mess LH100CD
   Le Mat The Waltz Of The Fool (UK, 2017) Paisley Archive PA004
   Leaf Hound Growers of Mushroom (UK) See For Miles SEECD 403
   Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions (2×CD) Atlantic 7567-83061
   Led Zeppelin Box Set (4×CD box set, book) Atlantic 7567-82144
   Lee Perry A Serious Dub Delta Music CD 6107
1440   Lee Perry & The Upsetters In Dub (2×CD) Creole CT 4001
   Lee, Tim 'Love' Just Call Me 'Love' Lee (UK) Tummy Touch TUCH040CD
   Lee, Tim 'Love' Against Nature (UK, digipack) Tummy Touch TUCH114CD
   Leepers, The Back In The Day (UK) Detour DRCD057
   Leftfield Leftism (UK) Hard Hands HANDCD2
   Leftfield Rhythm And Stealth (UK) Hard Hands HANDCD4
   Leftfield A Final Hit (UK, CD + DVD, slipcase) Sony 28767 2608-2
   Legendary Pink Dots, The Ancient Daze (card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt120
   Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Live In Chicago Bug House BH 004
   Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Paralyzed! (35-page booklet) EM EM1061CD
1450   Legion Leviathan (UK) Side Effects DFX 24
   Lemon Jelly KY (UK, card cover, insert) XL Recordings IFXL CD139
   Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons (UK, card cover, insert) XL Recordings IFXL CD160
   Lemon Jelly 64-'95 (UK, card cover, insert) XL Recordings IFXL CD182
   Les Colonnes De L'Éternité A Soldier Of Lifeforce (digipack) Lichterklang LK011
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse 1940 - 1944 (France, 3×CD box set, 600 copies, 3 inserts) Les Voix Des Nôtres LVN ~ III
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse 1940 - 1944: Édition Postume À La Mémoire De PH (France, 3×CD box set, textured white box edition 49 copies, 4 inserts, patch) Les Voix Des Nôtres LVN ~ III
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang - Éditions Le Sang Des Français (France, digipack, 12-page booklet) Les Voix Des Nôtres LVN ~ IV
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang - Éditions Le Sang Des Français (France, blue box, 500 copies, 5" record, inserts) Les Voix Des Nôtres LVN ~ IV
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang - Éditions Le Sang Des Français (France, white box, 199 copies, 5" record, metal pin, inserts and gold pendant sash-bound booklet) Les Voix Des Nôtres LVN ~ IV
1460   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Exposition Internationale - Arts Et Des Techniques - Paris 1937 (France, 2×CD + 7" box set, book, inserts) LJDLP 11
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Die Weiße Rose (France, 600 copies, box-set with 7" pic disc) LJDLP SD 04
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Aux Petits Enfants De France (Germany, box-set, 1000 copies, inserts, sheaf of wheat) Tesco Organisation 012
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Paris 1937 (Russia, CD only (no cover), inserts, 126 copies) CorZar 004CD
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Die Weiße Rose Live (Russia, #207 of 268 copies, embossed card cover) CorZar 011CD
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Weihnachtatraum (Russia, #004 of 117 copies, card cover) CorZar 021CD
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Live In Marbach, Goldener Anker 2002 (Russia, 77 copies, coloured tissue-paper) CorZar 029CD
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Il Disait La Verité Ils L'ont Tue (Portugal, #46 of 66 blue copies. Insert, string tie with gold wax seal) no label
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Douce France (Portugal, #08 of 40 copies, brown cover with stamp, 2 textured-card inserts, printed silk sash) no label
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Aux Mortes De La Guerre (Portugal, 6×CDr box set, #24 of 33 copies, tin box, 6×cards, booklets, 2×T-Shirts) no label
1470   Les Joyaux De La Princesse L'Allemagne Année Zero (Portugal, #17 of 23 copies, 4 colour inserts, card cover, banderole, newspaper wrapping tied with string) no label
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Exposition Internationale - Paris 1937 (Portugal, g/f card p/s) no label LJDLP13
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse Prague (#99 of 123 copies, card cover, live Club 007, Strahov, Prague, 23-04-1999) no label
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse & Blood Axis Absinthe: La Folie Verte (France, mail order-only edition, cards, embossed digipack, booklet) Athanor ATNR 017
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse & Blood Axis Absinthe: Taetra (France, digipack) Athanor ATNR 025
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse & Death In June Östenbräun (UK, digipack) World Serpent Distribution SD 01
   Les Joyaux De La Princesse & Death In June Östenbräun (France, 2×Cassette tape box set, cards, inserts) LJDLP SD 01
   Level 42 Level 42 (UK) Polydor 821 935-2
   Level 42 5 Classic Albums (UK, 2016, 5×CD) Universal 5363745
   Leyland Kirby Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (UK, 3×CD, slipcase) History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW001
1480   Leyland Kirby Eager To Tear Apart The Stars (UK) History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW010
   Liar In Wait Translations Of The Lost (Canada, card cover) Profound Lore PFL-117
   Liberator, Chris CL 01 (UK) Trust The DJ TTDJCS 005
   Liberator, Chris Set Fire (UK) Truelove TEC28CD
   Ligeti, György A Cappella Choral (UK) Sony SK 62305
   Lights From Here, The Like Ghosts With Steel Shoes (digipack) The New Black TNB005
   Light From Shipwreck From the Idle Cylinders (200 copies, oversize card cover) Cruicial Blast BLISS20
   Lift To Experience The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads (2×CD) Bella Union BELLA CD23
   Liles, Andrew The Dying Submariner (A Concerto For Piano And Reverberation In Four Movements) (USA, 2×CD, #018 of 300 copies, card cover, signed & numbered insert) Beta-lactam Ring mt111
   Lime Greatest Hits UniDisc SPLK-7118
1490   Limpe Fuchs Vogel Musik (USA, digipack) Robot RR-37
   Liquid Level Transitions (#082 of 500 copies, digipack) Entropy EE.002
   Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid (UK) Mo Wax MW 078
   Liquid Liquid Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon (UK, slipcase) Domino REWIGCD34
   Lisitsa, Valentina Rachmaninov (2×CD) Decca
   Llange / Anapparatus Llange / Anapparatus (card cover) Burning Bridge
   Locrian & Christoph Heemann Locrian & Christoph Heemann (500 copies, oversized cover) Handmade Birds HB-DIS040CD
   Locust Weathered Well (UK) Apollo AMB 3929
   Locust Natural Composite (UK) Apollo AMB 4935
   London Grammar If You Wait (USA, 2014) Columbia 88843 03991 2
1500   Lonnie Liston Smith Exotic Mysteries / Loveland (UK) Columbia 492525 2
   Loon Loon (USA, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt258
   López, Francisco / Steve Roden Le Chemin Du Paradis Fario CD 5
   Lord Of The Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Soundtrack (USA, 3×CD, 12 cards) Reprise 9362 486332
   Love Forever Changing (slipcase) Rhino 8122-73537-2
   Low A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief (3×CD + DVD box set, booklet) Chairkickers' Music CKM012
   Low Res Blue Ramen Plug Research PR370205
   Luke Slater's 7th Plain The 4 Cornered Room General Production GPR LP3
   Luasa Raelon Consumed Within The Years Of Lead Snip-Snip PACrec104
   Luasa Raelon Into The Void (200 copies, oversized card cover) Crucial Bliss BLISS24
1510   Lucifer's Friend Lucifer's Friend (Germany, 2010, digipack) Universal 06007 5327328 9
   Lucifer's Friend Where The Groupies Killed The Blues (Germany, 1991) Repertoire RR 4143
   Lucifer's Friend Live At Rockpalast (Germany, 2015, CD + DVD, slipcase) Repertoire REPUK 1266
   Lull Continue (UK) Relapse RR 6949-2
   Lullatones Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous Audio Dregs ADR 065
   Lundvall, Tor Ghost Years Tursa TURSA 101
   L'Uomo Vocal City Forcetracks FT14
   Lurkers, The Fulham Fallout (UK) Captain Oi! AHOY CD 73
   Lurkers, The Greatest Hits: The Last Will And Testament … (UK) Beggars Banquet BBL 2 CD
   Lustmørd The Word As Power (UK, 2013, digipack) Blackest Ever Black BlackestCD004
1520   Lustmørd A Document Of Early Accoustic & Tactical Experimentation (Germany, 1991, reissue) Dark Vinyl DVLR.4
   Lustmørd Carbon/Core (USA, 2004, digipack) Happy Pencil HP/C12.0107
   Lustmørd Juggernaut (USA, 2007, digipack) HydraHead HH666-123
   Lustmørd Other (USA, 2008, digipack) HydraHead HH666-157
   Lustmørd Metavoid (Czeck Republic, 2001) Nextera ERA 2008-2
   Lustmørd Zeotrope (Czeck Republic, 2002, digipack) Nextera ERA 2014-2
   Lustmørd The Monstrous Soul (UK, 1992) Side Effects DFX 14
   Lustmørd The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (UK, 1994) Side Effects DFX 16
   Lustmørd Lustmørd vs. Metal Beast (UK, 1997) Side Effects DFX 32
   Lustmørd Heresy (USA, 1990) Soleilmoon SOL 09
1530   Lustmørd Purifying Fire (USA, 2000) Soleilmoon SOL 98
   Lustmørd The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (Remastered) (USA, 2006, remastered) Soleilmoon SOL 141
   Lustmørd Dark Matter (UK, 2016, over-sized card p/s) Touch TO:102
   Lustmørd Other Dub (USA, 2009) Vaultworks D-2
   Lustmørd The Dark Places Of The Earth (USA, 2009, digipack) Vaultworks E-7
   Lustmørd Songs Of Gods And Demons (USA, 2011, digipack) Vaultworks G-37
   Lustmørd Rising: 06.06.06 (USA, 2006) Vaultworks H-12
   Lustmørd Beyond (USA, 2009, digipack) Vaultworks J-3
   Lustmørd Kraków: October 22 2010 (USA, 2013, 400 copies, digipack, only sold at the concert) Vaultworks 22 10 22
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   Mæror Tri The Singles (525 copies, 7×7" card cover, insert) EE Tapes ee06
1540   Mæror Tri Yearning For The Secret(s) Of Nature (525 copies, 7×7" card cover, insert) EE Tapes ee13
   Mæror Tri Emotional Engramm Iris Light 005
   Mæror Tri Myein (hand-made triangular cover) N.D. NDCD08
   Mæror Tri Language Of Flames And Sound (Italy, #944 of 1000 copies, brain-shaped cover) Old Europa Café OECD 008
   Macc Lads, The The Lads From Macc Recall SMD CD 135
   Maculatum The Nameless City (USA, card cover) Malignant / Tactical Tumor59
   Madonna Ray Of Light Maverick / Warner 9362 46847-2
   Madonna Beautiful Stranger (maxi single) Maverick / Warner 9362 44699-2
   Madutec Nippen Dub (France, 50 copies, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut cover) Entropy EP.006
   Mad Professor, The Dubbing Me Crazy Poptones MC50013
1550   Mahogany The Dream Of A Modern Day (USA) Darla DRL 113
   Mahogany Memory Column (USA, 2×CD) Darla DRL 152
   Mahogany Connectivity (USA, 2×CD) Darla DRL 173
   Main Exosphere (#244 of 1000 copies) Mort Aux Vaches
   Majeure Solar Maximum Temporary Residence TRR 212
   Makesnd Cassette Mille Plateaux mp69
   Makoto, Kawabata & Michishita Shinsuke Sex, Voyage And Echo Chamber (USA, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt180
   Man With No Name Interstate Highway Dragonfly BFLCD63
   Manitoba Start Breaking My Heart (UK) Leaf BAY 16
   Mansfield, Keith + Alan Hawkshaw The Big Beat: KPM 1000 Series (digipack) Tummy Touch TUCH 1044CD
1560   Manual Azure Vista (USA) Darla DRL159
   Manual Lost Days, Open Skies And Streaming Tides (USA, 2×CD, digipack) Darla DRL165
   Manual Bajamar (USA) Darla DRL172
   Manual Until Tomorrow Morr Music MM019
   Manual Ascend Morr Music MM027
   Maps And Diagrams Get Lost (digipack) Time Released Sound trs-05
   Marble Sky Marble Sky Students Of Decay SOD 108
   March March (Holland, card cover) ToneFloat TF 105
   Marconi Union Ghost Stations (UK, 2016, card cover) Just Music TAO060
   Marley, Bob Songs Of Freedom (4×CD box-set, number #229153) Tuff Gong TGCBX 1
1570   Marly's Angels untitled (3" promo CD) no label
   Mars 78+ Atavistic ALP 48
   Marsen Jules Nostalgia Oktaf 003
   Marsfield The Towering Sky (UK, book-bound cover, obi) Faraway Press 16
   Martin, Andreas & Christoph Heemann Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen (USA) Robot RR-20
   Martin, Dean Everybody Loves Somebody - The Reprise Years 1962-1966 (Germany, 2001, 6×CD + DVD box set, 94-page hardback book) Bear Family BCD 16343GL
   Mario Biondi And The High Five Quintet Handful Of Soul (Japan, 2006) King KICJ 521
   Maserati HSR Split (USA, split release with Cinemechanica & We Versus The Shark) Hello Sir SIR 002
   Maserati The Confines Of Heat (USA, CD + DVD, split release with The Mercury Program) Hello Sir SIR 007
   Maserati The Language Of Cities (USA) Hello Sir SIR 009
1580   Maserati Pyramid Of The Sun (USA, card cover) Temporary Residence TRR 172
   Maserati VII (USA, card cover) Temporary Residence TRR 196
   Massimo Vivona 1 Global Trance Network GTN 1026.20
   Massimo Vivona Chronicles Of Sound (digipack) Headzone Headzcd001
   Massive Attack Protection (UK) Circa WBRCD2
   Massive Attack Singles 90/98 (UK, 11×CD box set) Circa MASBOX1
   Massive Attack Mezzanine (card cover) Melankolic WBRCDX4
   Massive Attack 100th Window Virgin 7243 5 81239 2
   Massive Attack Collected (CD + DVD, hardback case, booklet) EMI CDVX3017
   Masters Of Reality Give Us Bassabas (digipack) Brownhouse BRH 9904 2
1590   Maurizio Maurizio (Germany) Basic Channel BC 2
   Max Von Richter Resurrection (UK, Arcane pseudonym) Neu Harmony NH 026
   MB & TH26 Arkaeo Planum (Italy, card cover) Small Voices SVR06018
   McGuire, Mark Tidings / Amethyst Waves (card cover) Weird Forest WEIRD-051
   Medusa First Step Beyond (USA, 2015, mock-velvet hardback book cover) Numero Group NUM048.5
   Meek, Joe & The Blue Men I Hear A New World (UK) RPM 103
   Melt-Banana Cactuses Come In Flocks A-Zap AZCD-0002
   Memphis Night Hawks & Chicago Rhythm Kings The Memphis Night Hawks & Chicago Rhythm Kings Featuring Roy Palmer (UK, 2001) Cignet CYC 1001
   Menche, Daniel Odradek (USA, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt232
   Merseysippi Jazz Band Mersey Tunnel Jazz Lake LACD85
1600   Mescalito We Disappeared In Style (UK) Tummy Touch TUCH060CD
   Michigan Red Dawn A Different Drum ADDCD1201
   Midnight Express OST (Germany) Casablance 824 206-2
   Mike Flowers Pops A Groovy Place London 828 743-2
   Militia Eco-Anarchic Manifesto (USA, 50-page paperback book) Malignant / Tactical Tumor19 / Tactics 05
   Militia Archive Collection 1996-1997 (500 copies, card cover) Neuropa NRP27
   Militia Power, Propaganda, Production! (box set) Neuropa NRP29
   Militia Kingdom Of Our Lord (Germany, A-4 folder cover) Praxis Dr. Bearmann TH-20
   Militia The Black Flag Hoisted (2×CD, card box, large cloth flag, poster) Tactical Recordings TACTICS 02
   Militia Everything Is One (oversized cover, inner) Tactical Recordings TACTICS 07
1610   Ministry Of Inside Things Everlasting Moment (2×CD) Synkronos SYNK 026
   Mirror Solaris (slipcase) Idea Idea 2004
   Mirroring Foreign Body (USA, card cover) Kranky krank162
   Mirza Last Clouds (USA) BaDaBing! Bing 031
   Mission For Christ The Complete Sessions Ektro EXTRO-079
   Mississippi John Hurt Avalon Blues: The Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings Columbia CK 64986
   Miss Kittin Miss Kittin & The Hacker Emperor Norton ENR 7052-2
   Miss Kittin I Com (Germany) Astralwerks ASW 77263
   Mixed Band Philanthropist The Impossible Humane (400 copies) Siren 05
   Modell, Rod Sonic Continuum (with Michael Mantra) Hypnos hyp1811
1620   Modell, Rod Incense & Black Light (card cover) Plop Plop3
   Modell, Rod Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness (Italy, 2017, 480 copies, 72-pp hardback book) 13 sps1724
   Mogwai Young Team (2×CD, slipcase) Chemikal Underground chem 106cd
   Moholy-Nagy Like Mirage (USA, card cover) Temporary Residence TRR202CD
   Monaural Monitor Interference (USA) BaDaBing! Bing 016
   Monkees, The Instant Replay (USA) Rhino 4509 97661-2
   Mono & World's End Girlfriend Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain (USA, slipcase) Temporary Residence TRR 108
   Monochromie Colors In The Dark (USA, digipack) Time Released Sound TRS033
   Monos Generators (Germany, 2x×CD, card cover) Die Stadt DS-74
   Montgomery, Wes The Complete Riverside Recordings (USA, 1992, 12x×CD box set, booklet) Riverside 12RCD-4408-2
1630   Monty Python Matching Tie And Handkerchief (UK) Virgin 8 39850 2
   Monty Python Contractual Obligation Album (UK) Virgin 8 39855 2
   Moody Blues, The In Search Of The Lost Chord (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack, booklet, slipcase) Deram 983 214-7
   Moody Blues, The Days Of Future Past (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack, booklet, slipcase) Deram 983 215-0
   Moody Blues, The To Our Children's Children's Children (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2×CD, digipack, booklet, slipcase) Deram 983 215-6
   Moon Duo Circles Sacred Bones SBR-083CD
   Moore, Steve The Henge Relapse RR 6729-2
   Moore, Steve Light Echoes Cuneiform Rune 343
   Moorhouse, Alan The Big Beat Volume 2: KPM 1000 Series (UK, digipack) Tummy Touch TUCH 1067CD
   Moped, Johnny Basically… (UK) Chiswick CDWICKD 144
1640   Moped, Johnny The Bootleg Tapes: Volume 1 & 2 (UK) Damaged Goods DAMGOOD 271
   Morel Queen Of The Highway (USA) Yoshitoshi YRCDLP5
   Morel Lucky Strike (USA) Yoshitoshi YRCDLP10
   Morel The Death Of The Paperboy (digipack) Outsider Music OM-022008
   Morwell Unlimited Meet King Tubby's Dub Me (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 018
   Moshic Salamat (2×CD, card cover) BNE YoYo073
   Moshic Hiloola (2×CD) Contrast CONTRASTCD001
   Moshic Sapirinion Contrast CONTRASTCD002
   Moshic Tub Ta Contrast CONTRASTCD003
   Moss Cthonic Rites (UK) Aurora Borealis ABX008
1650   Motorhead No Remorse Castle CLACD121
   Mountains Choral (card cover) Thrill Jockey Thrill 211
   Move, The Movements (3×CD set) West Side WESX 302/1/2/3
   Mr. B - The Gentleman Rhymer Flattery Not Included Grot Music GROT 5
   Mr. Cloudy Outlander (France, 50 copies, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut cover) Entropy EP.007
   Mr. Cloudy Transport Under The Clouds (France, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut cover) Entropy EP.017
   Mr. Cloudy Transaction With Mind (Moon Dub) (France, 100 copies, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut cover) Entropy EP.025
   Mrs. Miller Wild, Cool & Swingin' Capitol 5 20334 2
   Mud The Singles '67-'78 (Europe, 1997, 2×CD) Repertoire REP 4657-WR
   Muddy Waters The Chess Box (3×CD box set, booklet) Chess CHD3-80002
1660   Mull Historical Society Loss (UK) Blanco Y Negro 09274 13072
   Mùm Summer Make Good (UK, hardback edition) Fat Cat fatcd26
   Mùm Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK (digisleeve) Morr Music mm038
   Munch Live (Norway, 1993) Tatra TAR 010
   Munch Tree (Norway, 1991) T23 T23-008
   Muslimgauze Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (USA, #622 of 1000 copies, letter-press card cover, insert) Important imprec-007
   Muslimgauze Uzi Mahmood (USA, 2×CD, card cover) Soleilmoon SOL 161
   Muslimgauze Species Of Fish (USA, digipack) Tourette 003
   My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything (UK) Creation CRECD 040
   My Bloody Valentine Loveless (UK) Creation CRECD 060
1670   My Bloody Valentine EP's 1988-1991 (UK, 2×CD, card cover) Sony 88 491941692
   My Cat Is An Alien From The Earth To The Spheres Vol..6 (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP09
   My Cat Is An Alien / Fabio Orsi For Alan Lomax (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP10
   My Cat Is An Alien / Text Of Light Cosmic Debris Volume I (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP16
   My Cat Is An Alien / Steve Roden Cosmic Debris Volume II (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP23
   My Cat Is An Alien / Keiji Haino Cosmic Debris Volume III (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP28
   My Cat Is An Alien / Mats Gustafsson Cosmic Debris Volume VI (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP33
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   Nadja Truth Becomes Death (Canada) Alien8 ALIENCD58
   Nadja Thaumogenesis (oversized cover) Archive aRCHIVE30
   Nadja Thaumoradiance (600 copies, oversized cover) Archive aRCHIVE44
1680   Nadja Under The Jaguar Sun (USA, 2×CD, 10-panel hard-back cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt175
   Nadja / Aidan Baker White Nights / Drone Fields (USA, 2×DVD, hard-back box, LP-style card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt223
   Nadja The Bungled & The Botched (500 copies, oversized cover) ConSouling Sounds SOUL 0001
   Nadja Guilted By The Sun (digipack) Elevation EV-1
   Nadja Autopergamene (Brazil, 2010, six-panel digisleeve with six artwork card inserts) Essence Music ESS013
   Nadja Queller (Brazil, 2014, 300 copies, tip-on mini-LP gatefold packaging, die-cut obi) Essence Music ESS021
   Nadja Bodycage (Canada, slipcase, insert) Profound Lore PFL-016
   Nadja Trembled (#115 of 200 copies, stock-card envelope cover) Utech UT046
   Nadja / Netherworld Magma To Ice (500 copies, oversized cover) Fario CD 10
   Nagle, Paul Lore (UK) Neu Harmony NH 008
1690   Nahvalr Nahvalr (digipack) Enemies List
   Nautilus Project, The Operations (×CD, digipack) ZeECc Ecc041
   Navigator Northern Consequences Invisible Shadows ISCD 040010
   Nazgûl Nazgûl Psi-Fi PSCD 005
   NecroPhorus Underneath The Spirit Of Tranquility Cat's Heaven CH 02
   Neil, Michael Cornubia (digipack, book) Music With Vision ED CD 3
   Neon Hearts Ball & Chain (UK) Overground OVER 64
   Netherworld Mørketid (digipack) Glacial Movements GM002
   Neural Network Brain-State-In-A-Box (Norway, silver label, 500 copies) Origo Sound OCD 9206
   Neural Network Modernite (Norway, 2×CD, #0319 of 1000 copies) Origo Sound SOUND 14
1700   Neuro Mama R&S RS 93009
   Neuroticfish Gelb Dancing Ferret Discs DFD-20225
   Never Known Dawn Of An Era (Italy) AFE 008
   Never Known Once In A Lifetime (Italy) AFE 014
   Never Known Live At Cosmic Egg 7-2000 (100 copies, A5 wallet) Centiens ACT 004
   Never Known Twilight's Last Gleaming (Italy) Eibon NEV004
   Never Known On The Edge Of Forever (Italy) Eibon NEV021
   New Blockaders Live At Anti-Fest (#256 of 500 copies) Harbinger 017
   New Blockaders Gesamtnichtswerk (UK, 4×CD, #278 of 500 copies, 2 booklets) Hypnogogia TNB20
   New Blockaders Nonchalant Acts Of Artistic Nihilism (Austria, 2015, 500 copies, 6-panel digipack) Klanggalerie gg198
1710   New Blockaders Final Live Performance (Japan / USA, #375 of 400 copies) Siren / Robot SR-04 / RR-11
   New Blockaders Seinsart (Japan, #167 of 200 copies) Siren SR-08
   New Blockaders TNB Est Mort (Germany, 2×CD box set, #278 of 500 copies, booklet) Tesco Organisation 022
   New Blockaders Changez Les Blockeurs Urthona 01
   New Order (The Rest Of) New Order (UK, 2×CD) London 828 661 2
   New Order Retro (UK, 5×CD box set, 3000 copies, book) London 0927 49499 2
   New York Dolls Rock'N'Roll (UK) Mercury 314 522 129-2
   Nickell, Brandon And If You Set This Mind of Mine Afire Then On My Bloodstream I Yet Will Carry You (USA, 2010, 500 copies) Isounderscore ISO_09
   Nocturne Untitled (Russia, #092 of 119 copies, card cover) CorZar 019 CD
   Nocturne Hymn For Heresy I & II (Italy, 400 copies, poster cover) Old Europa Café OECD 040
1720   No Festival Of Light Officina Gentium Vagina Nationum Functional 013
   No Festival Of Light Virtue Of Selfishness (#010 of 100 copies, hand-made cover) Manteinance #2
   No-Man Lost Songs: Volume One (UK, card cover) Burning Shed
   No-Man Radio Sessions 1992-96 (UK) Burning Shed
   No-Man Dry Cleaning Ray (UK) Hidden Art hi-art14
   No-Man Carolina Skeletons (UK) Hidden Art hi-art15
   No-Man Returning Jesus (UK) Hidden Art hi-art16
   No-Man All The Blue Changes: An Anthology 1988-2003 (UK, card cover) Hidden Art hi-art19
   No-Man Flowermouth (UK, digipack) Snapper SDPCD195
   Nordsvagr Awaken (Italy, card cover) Eibon code666
1730   Norman Haines Band, The Den Of Iniquity (reissue w/extra tracks) Esoteric ECLEC2301
   Norman, Jessye Richard Strauss Vier Letzte Lieder (Europe, 2007) Decca 475 8507
   North Sea, The Archaic Spines (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP20
   Northaunt Istid I - II (Canada, 2×CD, digipack) Cyclic Law 72nd Cycle
   Northaunt The Ominous Silence Fluttering Dragon 16
   Northaunt Barren Land (2×CD, hardback cover) Infinite Fog Productions IF-34
   Northern Lights Harp & Hammer Dulcimer (USA) Northern Lights NLCD-2
   Nos Phillipé Shh … Camille (clear clamshell case) Confront Collectors Series CCS7
   No Joy Ghost Blonde (USA, card cover) Mexican Summer MEX 068
   No Joy Wait To Pleasure (USA, digipack) Mexican Summer MEX 148
1740   No Xivic Uneksija (digipack, book) Onyxia onyx003
   No Xivic Yksityisyys (card cover) Onyxia onyx007
   Noveller No Dreams (USA, digipack) Important IMPREC389
   Nozaki, Tomonari Une Histoire De Bleu (#040 of 100 copies, hand-made cover, insert) Invisible Birds oiseaux003
   Numan, Gary & Tubeway Army Premier Hits Polygram TV 531 149-2
   Nurse With Wound Stereo Wastelands (USA, #003 of 500 copies, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt065
   Nurse With Wound Space Music (USA, 500 copies, book-bound cover, hard slipcase) Beta-lactam Ring mt080
   Nurse With Wound Rock'N'Roll Station (USA, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt094
   Nurse With Wound Images / Zero Mix (USA, 2×CD embossed box set, 400 copies, 220-page hardback book included are CDs, "Zero Mix" and "Requital For Lady Day", and a black card insert signed and numbered by Steven Stapleton) Beta-lactam Ring mt103
   Nurse With Wound Shipwreck Radio Volume One: Seven Sonic Structures From Utvær (UK, 2×CD, digipack) ICR ICR41
1750   Nurse With Wound Shipwreck Radio Volume Two: Eight Enigmatic Episodes From Utvær (UK, 2×CD, digipack) ICR ICR51
   Nurse With Wound Large Ladies With Cake In The Oven (UK) United Dairies UDCD 038
   Nurse With Wound Psilotropicata (UK, 4×CD box set, 500 copies, inserts) United Dairies UD 0134
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   O Yuki Conjugate OYC25 (USA, CD + DVD, card cover) Soleilmoon SOL 167
   O'Brien, Ian Gigantic Days (UK) Peacefrog PF 083
   O'Brien, Ian A History Of Things To Come (UK, digipack) Peacefrog PFG 009 CD
   O'Malley, Stephen & Attila Csithar 6°F Skyquake (Austria, 500 copies, oversized cover) Editions Mego 003
   O'Neill, Damian A Quiet Revolution (UK) Poptones MC5017
   Observatory, The Diary (Singapore, hand-made, ripped bound diary with stapled and fastened band photographs) Observatory OBS0010304
   Observatory, The Blank Walls (Singapore, oversized card cover) Observatory OBS0020905
1760   Observatory, The A Far Cry From Here (Singapore, oversized card cover in textured red wallet with stamp) Observatory
   Observatory, The Dark Folke (Singapore, housed in 7"×7" black cloth-bound hard-back cover, 20-page book) Observatory OBS004709
   Oiseaux-Tempête Oiseaux-Tempête (digipack) Sub Rosa SR381
   Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells: 25th Anniversary Edition (UK, hardback cover) Virgin CDVX 2001
   Oldfield, Mike vs. The Orb Sentinel (UK) WEA YZ698CDX
   Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts (2×CD, card cover) No Fun Productions NFP-56
   Opalio, Roberto The Last Of The Angels Of Glass (Italy, 2×CD, card cover) A Silent Place ASP11
   Opus Somniferous (aka Opion Somnium) Goodnight My Pretty Feathers And Wilting Flowers (card cover) Goodnight Moon Music
   Ora Final (UK, 500 copies) ICR ICR32
   Orange Cake Mix Microscopic Wonderland Audio Information Phenomena AIP.008
1770   Orange Cake Mix A Shadow Of Eclipse And Other Phases Of The Moon (USA) Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club
   Orange Cake Mix Dream Window (Japan, digipack) Clover CLCD-402
   Orange Cake Mix More Mellow Hits (Spain) Elefant ER-107
   Orange Cake Mix Like Waves In Space (Spain) Elefant ER-307
   Orange Cake Mix Fluffy Pillow Fuzzy Box FUZ 005
   Orange Cake Mix Harmonies And Atmospheres Twilight Furniture TF001
   Orb, The The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (UK, 2×CD) Big Life BLR CD05
   Orb, The Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions (UK) Big Life BLR CD14
   Orb, The Little Fluffy Clouds (UK) Big Life BLR CD33
   Orb, The Blue Room (UK, 2×CD, slipcase) Big Life BLRDA/B 75
1780   Orb, The Assassin (UK, 2×CD) Big Life BLRDA 81
   Orb, The Metallic Spheres (UK, digipack) Columbia 88697 76044 2
   Orb, The Orblivion (UK) Island CID 8055
   Orb, The The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 3×CD, multi-fold digipack) Island 984 002-2
   Orb, The U.F.Orb (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2×CD, multi-fold digipack) Island 530 0703
   Orb, The C Batter C (UK, CD + DVD, 64-page hardback book) Malicious Damage MD704
   Orb, The Peel Sessions (UK) Strange Fruit SFRCD 118
   Orb, The Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt (Japan) V2 V2CP 242
   Orbital Brown (UK) Internal TRUCD 02
   Orbital Snivilisation (UK) Internal TRUCD 05
1790   Orbital In Sides (UK, 8-track, box set edition) Internal TRUCD 10
   Orbital Peel Sessions (UK) Internal LIECD 12
   Orbital Green (UK) ffrr 828 248-2
   Orbital The Middle of Nowhere (UK) ffrr 556 076-2
   Orbital Live At Glastonbury 1994-2004 (UK, 2×CD + DVD, digipack) ACP Recordings ACP002
   Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Messages (UK, CD + DVD) EMI CDVX 3050
   Orff, Karl & Gunild Murray Music For Children (UK) Trunk JBH048CD
   Organum Kammer (UK, 500 copies) Aeroplane AR-25
   Organum Bird's Wings Were Glued To Their Bodies And Their Feet Froze To The Ground (Germany, 500 copies) Die Stadt DS-21
   Organum Vacant Lights / Rara Avis (Germany, 500 copies, poster) Die Stadt DS-62
1800   Organum Die Hennen Zähne (Germany, 3" CD, 500 copies, digipack) Die Stadt DS-66 / (DS-57)
   Organum Tocsin -6 Thru +2 (Germany, 500 copies, card cover, collaboration with Z'Ev) Die Stadt DS-77
   Organum Amen (Germany, 600 copies, card cover) Die Stadt DS-95
   Organum Omega (Germany, 600 copies, card cover) Die Stadt DS-101
   Organum Temporal (Germany, 600 copies, card cover, collaboration with Z'Ev) Die Stadt DS-111
   Organum Submission (USA, 1000 copies) Complacency CPCD 9401
   Organum Veil of Tears (UK, 1000 copies) Matchless Recordings MRCD 24
   Organum Crux / Flayed (UK, 900 copies, collaboration with Eddie Prévost) Matchless Recordings MRCD 27
   Organum Desola (USA / UK, 500 copies) Robot / Aeroplane RR-09 / AR-18
   Organum Volume 1 (USA, 500 copies) Robot RR-17
1810   Organum Volume 2 (USA, 500 copies) Robot RR-18
   Organum Ikon (USA, 500 copies) Robot / Siren RR-23 / SR-06
   Organum & The New Blockaders Salute (USA, 500 copies) Robot RR-25
   Organum & The New Blockaders Pulp (USA, 500 copies) Robot RR-26
   Organum Sphyx (USA, 500 copies, digipack) Robot RR-30
   Organum Sanctus (USA, 500 copies, digipack) Robot RR-35
   Organum Sorow (Japan, 500 copies, card cover) Siren SR 18
   Organum Tinnitus Vu (UK, digipack, collaboration with Z'Ev) Touch TONE 19
   Origamibiro Cracked Mirrors & Stopped Clocks (Germany, 3×CD box set) Denovali den188
   Original Dixieland Jazz Band, The The First Jazz Recordings 1917-1921 (Canada, 1992) Timeless CBC 1-1009
1820   Orsi, Fabio Find Electronica (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP21
   Orsi, Fabio & Valero Cosi We Could For Hours (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP26
   Orsi, Fabio & Mamu Thones The First Born (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP29
   Osaka Life For Dead Spaces Roisin 10
   Oscillation, The Veils (digipack) All Time Low ALT004
   Otavan Veret Otavan Veret (Canada, 2014) Cyclic Law 64th Cycle
   Otway, John & Wild Willy Barrett Deep & Meaningless (UK, #1140 of 2000 copies) The Music Corporation TMC 9302
   Outer Gods Dismal Rift (USA, 2015, 5 inserts) Stickfigure stik065
   Overcast Sound Beneath The Grain (France, #136 of 500 copies, digipack) Entropy EE.003
   Ozric Tentacles Pungent Effulgent (UK) Dovetail DOVE CD 2
1830   Ozric Tentacles Strangeitude (UK) Dovetail DOVE CD 3
   Ozric Tentacles Afterswish (UK, 2×CD) Dovetail DOVE CD 4
   Ozric Tentacles Live Underslunky (UK) Dovetail DOVE CD 5
   Ozric Tentacles Vitamin Enhanced (UK, 6×CD cereal box set, 2000 copies, withdrawn) Dovetail DOVE BOX 1
   Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift (UK, CD + DVD, digipack) Snapper SMACD955X
   Ørbit, William Ravel's Pavane Pour Une Infante Defante (UK) WEA WEA 269CD
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   Pacione, Adam From Stills To Motion (card cover) Infraction INFX 023
   Painting Petals On Planet Ghost Fallen Camellias (Italy, digipack) A Silent Place ASP35
   Panacea Low Profile Darkness Position Chrome CD 9
   Paranoia Department Disturbance And Forgotten Diseases (France, 3" CD, triangular 8-panel die-cut cover) Entropy EP.010
1840   Park, Patrick Loneliness Knows My Name (750 copies, promo-only letter-press card cover, sheet of stamps) Hollywood 2061-62376-2
   Pastorius, Jaco The Essential Jaco Pastorius (USA, 2007, 2×CD) Legacy 88697 01287 2
   Patchwork Patchwork Quantum QCD9907
   Patton, Charley Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues (7xCD box set, 200-page book, heavy box, inserts, stickers) Revenent REV212
   Pelican City Of Echoes (Japan, CD + DVD, digipack) Daymare DYMC-029
   Pentangle The Time Has Come: 1967 - 1973 (UK, 4×CD box set) Castle CMBOX664
   Pepe Wismeer Between Sheep & Pigs (USA, 2×CD, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt219
   Pepe Wismeer Un- (USA, #286 of 300 copies, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt239
   Pepe Wismeer 2014 - 2016 (France, 2017, 6×CD, #03 of 33 copies, hand-crafted ceramic box set with wooden facets, inserts. Contains the following albums: In Cima Al Dentro / Sous Ta Pellicule / No Re Re Night Fever / Musis) no label
   Perceptions, The Introducing … Freestyle FSRCD046
1850   Pere Ubu In The Year Zero (5×CD box set, 5000 copies, book) Geffen DGCD5-24969
   Perkins, Carl Blue Suede Shoes (UK) Hallmark 305 692
   Perry, Lee Dub-Triptych (UK) Trojan 06076-80463-2
   Pet Shop Boys Behaviour (2×CD, hard velvet-bound box, booklet, inserts) EMI TOCP-6440
   Pet Shop Boys Ultimate (UK, CD + DVD, card cover) Parlophone 9465382-3
   Petit Mal Absolution (3" CD) Petit Mal pmalcd3 07
   Phaenon Submerged (USA, digipack) Malignant Tumor30
   Phaenon His Master's Voice (USA, digipack) Malignant Tumor45
   Phase Selector Sound Dissassemble Dub RIOR RUSCD8254
   Phelios Astral Unity (USA, digipack) Malignant TumorCD44
1860   Phelios Gates Of Atlantis (USA, digipack) Malignant TumorCD70
   Phillips, Washington The Key To The Kingdom (USA) Yazoo 2073
   Phonophani Phonophani (Norway, 500 copies, oversized cover) Biophon BIO 1 CD
   Phonosychographdisk vs. The Filthy Ape Lower Your Standards And Do More Drugs (digipack) Stray SR-0015
   Phragments Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood (digipack) Malignant Tumor37
   Phurpa The Magic Rituals Of The BON Tradition (CD + DVD, digipack) Cyclic Law 69th Cycle
   Piano Magic I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow Acuarela NOIS 012
   Piano Magic Bliss Out Vol.13 Darla DRL 074
   Piano Magic Disaffected Darla DRL160
   Piano Magic Son De Mar 4AD CAD 2105
1870   Piano Magic Writers Without Homes 4AD CAD 2209
   Piano Magic Speed The Road, Rush The Lights Green UFO's GREEN005
   Piano Magic The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic Green UFO's GREEN010
   Piano Magic Saint Marie E.P. Green UFO's GREEN013
   Piano Magic Popular Mechanics i release ire2102
   Piano Magic Open Cast Heart E.P. Important imprec045
   Piano Magic Incurable Important imprec090
   Piano Magic Part Monster Important imprec151
   Piano Magic Ovations (card cover) Make Mine Music MMM060
   Piano Magic Mort Aux Vaches (#408 of 1000 copies, card cover) Mort Aux Vaches
1880   Piano Magic Low Birth Weight Rocket Girl rgirl 06
   Piano Magic Artists' Rifles Rocket Girl rgirl 19
   Piano Magic Seasonally Affective (2×CD) Rocket Girl rgirl 31
   Piccadilly Players Feelin' Good: The Edison Collection Document DOCD-1106
   Pilarm, Eilert Eilert Is Back Björk CD 3
   Pilarm, Eilert Eilert's Jul Björk CD 6
   Pilarm, Eilert Johnny B. Goode Björk CDS 01
   Pilarm, Eilert Greatest Hits Green Pig Production GPPCD 01
   Pilarm, Eilert Live In Stockholm Nostradamus CD 1
   Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn EMI 7 46384 2
1890   Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Mono) (box set, inserts) EMI 8 59857 2
   Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (40th Anniversary Set) (3×CD set, booklet, Syd art book in wallet) EMI 50999-503919-2-9
   Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Secrets EMI 8 29751 2
   Pink Floyd Ummagumma (2×CD set, poster, die-cut slipcase) EMI 8 31213 2
   Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon (25th anniversary box set) EMI 7 81479 2
   Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here EMI 7 46035 2
   Pink Floyd The First Three Singles EMI 8 59895 2
   Pink Floyd Pulse (2×CD box set, flashing light on spine, card insert) EMI 8 83270 2
   Pink Floyd Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall Live) 1980/81 (2×CD, long hard-back cover and photobook) EMI 523 562 2
   Pink Floyd The Endless River (CD+DVD box set, book, inserts) Columbia 8 887 502 10 2
1900   Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972 (Europe, 2016, 11×CD + 9×DVD + 8×Blu-Ray + 5×7" box set, 40 items of memorabelia) Pink Floyd PFREYB1
   Pink Floyd Tonite Let's All Make Love In London (UK) See For Miles SEECD 258
   Pink Floyd Zabriskie Point (2×CD) Turner Classic Movies 8 23364 2
   Pink Floyd A CD Full Of Secrets (official and original CD in pink tray) Westwood One NT 71
   Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road (#300 of 1500 copies, book) ACL 002
   Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Outtakes Chapter One CO 25195
   Pink Floyd All Movement Is Accomplished Inhouse PFCD 234
   Pink Floyd The Sights And Sound Of… Invasion Unlimited YO 67
   Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii Kobra
   Pink Floyd Life Could Be A Dream Living Legend LLRCD 072
1910   Pink Floyd Granny Takes A Trip Wonder Music WMCD 117
   Pink Floyd America no label CDP 7 46297-2
   Pink Floyd The Man & The Journey no label PF 69
   Pink Industry New Naked Technology Museum Obscuro MO-002
   Pioulard, Benoît Sonnet (USA) Kranky krank193
   Pioulard, Benoît The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter (USA) Kranky krank203
   Pizzicato Five The Sound Of Music (plastic slipcase, digipack) Matador OLE 166
   Pizzicato Five Single Collection Ho Son H130
   Plaid Trainer (2×CD, card cover) Warp WARPCD74
   Plastic Crimewave Sound Painted Shadows (card cover) A Silent Place ASP30
1920   Plastikman Arkives 1993 - 2010 (15×CD + DVD box set, 1000 copies, 94-page hardback book personalized on inner front page, multi-fold hardback CD folder and slipcase) M_nus MINUS100
   Plastikman EX (die-cut card p/s) M_nus MINUS121
   Plastikman Recycled Plastik (UK) Novamute NOMU 30
   Plastikman Artifakts (UK) Novamute NOMU 61
   Plastikman Consumed (UK) Novamute NOMU 65
   Plastikman Closer (UK, 4 transparent inserts) Novamute NOMU 100
   Polygon Window Surfing On Sine Waves (UK) Warp CD 7
   Popnoname White Album Italic 067
   Popnoname Surrounded By Weather (card cover) Italic 080
   Popol Vuh For You And Me Milan CH 808/262061
1930   Popol Vuh Aguirre (digipack) Arcàngelo / SPV ARC-7188 / MTD 06007
   Popol Vuh Revised & Remixed 1970-1999 SPV SPV 70442 2CD
   Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet (CD + DVD-A box set, booklet, US edition) Atlantic 2-115964
   Porcupine Tree Up The Downstair Delerium DELEC CD 020
   Porcupine Tree Metanoia Delerium DELEC CD 079
   Porcupine Tree Signify (2×CD, slipcase) Delerium DELEC DCD 084
   Porcupine Tree Anesthetize: Live In Tilburg - Oct. 2008 (2×CD + DVD + BluRay, 4,000 copies, grey cover, cloth-bound hardback book) Kscope 506 / 507
   Porcupine Tree Octane Twisted (2×CD + DVD, 1,000 copies, hard-back book, card) Kscope 217
   Porcupine Tree In Absentia (promo in slipcase) Lava 83604-2
   Porcupine Tree Deadwing (Special Edition) (2xCD, 72-page hardback book) Lava 93827-2
1940   Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet (CD + DVD-A box set, booklet, UK edition) RoadRunner RR 8011-5
   Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream (UK) Scope/Snapper SMACD-813
   Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun (UK, 2×CD) Scope/Snapper SMACD-827
   Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun (UK, 2×CD, Israeli issue, different inner) Scope/Snapper SMACD-827
   Porcupine Tree Stars Die: The Delerium Years 91-97 (UK, 2×CD, box set, book) Scope/Snapper SMACD-851
   Porcupine Tree Coma Divine (UK, 2×CD, digipack) Scope/Snapper SMACD-882
   Porcupine Tree Up The Downstair (UK, 2×CD digipack, remixed) Scope/Snapper SMACD-885
   Porcupine Tree Warszawa (UK, digipack) Scope/Snapper SMACD-892
   Porcupine Tree Recordings (UK, #18750 of 20000 copies, slipcase) Scope/Snapper LC01757
   Porcupine Tree On The Sunday Of Life (UK, digipack) Scope/Snapper SDPCD166
1950   Porcupine Tree Sampler 2005 Transmission 3.1
   Porcupine Tree XM2 (digipack) Transmission 4.1
   Portal Reprise Roisin 09
   Portal Remixes Roisin 13
   Portal / Yellow6 Split (UK) Make Mine Music MMM 001
   Portal Promise (UK) Make Mine Music MMM 003
   Portal Music For Broadcast (UK, 100 copies, sticker on jewel case) Make Mine Music MMM 008
   Portal Waves & Echoes (UK) Make Mine Music MMM 012
   Portal Prehistory (UK, 100 copies) Make Mine Music MMM 018
   Portal Gone But Not Forgiven (UK, 526 copies) Make Mine Music MMM 023
1960   Porter Ricks Biokinetics Type TYPE100
   Portishead Portishead (digipack) Go! Beat 539 435-2
   Portishead Only We PH 2406 97
   Potter, Colin / Phil Mouldycliff Grey Skies On Asphalt (#133 of 300 copies, card cover, insert) Black Series negro 22
   Potter, Colin Ancient History (Hong Kong, 4×CD box set) Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P.-012
   Powell, Sandy Can You Hear Me, Mother? Flapper PAST CD 9731
   Predominance Dark Stars Unfolding (Germany, 2×CD, digipack) Loki Foundation LOKI 40
   Predominance Untitled (Russia, 2×CD, #080 of 163 copies, card cover) CorZar 024 CD
   Prefects, The The Prefects Are Amateur Wankers Acute ACT007
   Primal Scream Higher Than The Sun (UK) Creation CRECD 096
1970   Primal Scream Echo Dek (UK) Creation CRECD 224
   Primal Scream Screamadelica (2×CD, reissue) Sony Music 88697811032
   Prime, Michael Externum Internus (Japan, #127 of 150 copies) Siren SR-10
   Prince Alla Only Love Can Conquer (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 014
   Prince Charming Psychotropical Heatwave WordSound Recordings WSCD 013
   Prince Charming A Short Treatise On The Strange Occurences Of Janucember 69th In The Year 00 WordSound Recordings WSCD 029
   Prince Far I Black Man Land (UK) Virgin Frontline CDFL 9005
   Problem Kids Pump The Dirty Groove (UK) Paper Recordings PAPCD 006
   Problem Kids My First Acid House (UK) Paper Recordings PAPCD 011
   Prodigy, The Extended Fire (UK) X-Perience X-P 7506
1980   Prodigy, The Music For The Jilted Generation (UK) XL Recordings XLCD 114
   Prodigy, The The Fat Of The Land (UK) XL Recordings XLCD 121
   Prodigy, The The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume 1 (UK) XL Recordings XLCD 128
   Profane Grace Ages In Dust (Germany, #066 of 200 copies, hand-made A-5 cover) State Art SA-10
   Propaganda A Secret Wish (UK, 2×CD, digipack) ZTT / Salvo Element 11
   Provision Could've Had It All (USA, 2×CD, 100 copies) A Different Drum ADDCD1192
   Provision Visualize (USA, 2×CD, 100 copies) A Different Drum ADDCD1194
   Provision Paradigm Shift (USA) Kathook KR001
   Provision Evaporate (USA) Red Square Digital RSD003
   Provision The Consequence (USA) Section 44 SEC-005
1990   Prokofiev Symphony No. 5 (UK) RCA Victor RD 60984
   Psychic Ills Hazed Dream Sacred Bones SRR-063
   Psychic TV Themes (UK, 6×CD box set, featuring "Themes" 1, 2, 3 & 4, housed in card covers) Cold Spring CSR123BA-F
   Psychic TV Live In Basildon (UK, g/f card p/s) Cold Spring CSR123BG
   Psychic TV Listen Today (France, #1520 of 5000 copies, enhanced CD) Sordide Sentimental SSCDV 01
   Psychic TV Descending (France, #3419 of 5000 copies) Sordide Sentimental SSCD 001
   Public Domain Hard Hop Superstars Xtra Hard X2H4CD
   Public Image Ltd Metal Box (Deluxe Edition) (UK, 2016, 4×CD set, metal box, 74-page book, 4×card inserts, poster) Virgin 570 149-1
   Public Image Ltd Plastic Box (UK, 4×CD set, plastic box, slipcase, booklet) Virgin PILBOX1
   Pure Hell Noise Addiction (CD + DVD set) Welfare WEL019
2000   Pure X Pleasure (digipack) Acéphale / Light Lodge ACE017
   Pyramids / Nadja Pyramids With Nadja (USA, card cover) HydraHead HH666-194
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   Quantec Unusual Signals (Denmark, 2008, digipack) Echocord cd03
   Quantec 1000 Vacuum Tubes (Germany, 2012, card cover) Elux elux012CD
   Quantic The 5th Exotic (UK, 2001) Tru Thoughts TRUCD016
   Queen Greatest Hits I, II & III (UK, 3×CD) EMI 5 29883 2
   Quest Oblique Soundscapes Vol. 5 Noise Museum NM016
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   RAAN The Nacrasti (USA) Malignant Antibody TREATMENT 02
   RAC Diversions (UK) Warp CD 22
   Rachmaninov, Sergei Piano Concertos 1 To 4 (UK, 2×CD) London 444 839-2
2010   Radiators, The Cockles And Muscles (UK) Chiswick CDWICKD 156
   Radio Massacre International Frozen North (UK, 2×CD) Centaur Discs CENCD 012
   Radio Massacre International Republic (UK) Centaur Discs CENCD 018
   Radio Massacre International Knutsford In May (UK) Centaur Discs CENCD 021
   Radio Massacre International Organ Harvest (UK) Centaur Discs CENCD 022
   Radio Massacre International Upstairs Downstairs (UK) Centaur Discs CENCD 026
   Radio Massacre International Zabriskie Point (UK) Centaur Discs CENCD 027
   Radio Massacre International The God Of Electricity (UK) Centaur Discs CENCD 028
   Radio Massacre International Planets In The Wires (UK) Northern Echo ne 007
   Radio Massacre International Walking On The Sea (UK) Northern Echo ne 014
2020   Radio Massacre International Rain Falls In A Different Way (UK) Northern Echo ne 021
   Radiohead Pablo Honey (UK, 2×CD + DVD, box set) Parlophone 6 93604 2 8
   Radiohead The Bends (UK, 2×CD + DVD, box set) Parlophone 6 93617 2 2
   Radiohead OK Computer (UK) Parlophone 8 55229 2
   Radiohead Amnesiac (UK, hardback book) Parlophone 8 53276 4
   Radiohead Kid A (oversized book cover) Capitol CDP 7243 5
   Rainbow Body, The The Dream Stela E.P. (CDr, 50 copies) RBSL003
   Rainbows Are Free Believers In Medicine Guestroom GRR-002
   Raison D'Être In Sadness, Silence And Solitude (Expanded Edition) (2×CD + 7" box set, 100 copies, sealed sticker) :retortae: elixir 5
   Raison D'Être Reflections From The Time Of Opening Bloodless Creation BLCR 7003
2030   Raison D'Être Prospectus I (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.018
   Raison D'Être Enthraled By The Wind Of Loneliness (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.027
   Raison D'Être Within The Depths Of Silence And Phormations (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.038
   Raison D'Être In Sadness, Silence And Solitude (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.057
   Raison D'Être Collective Archives (Sweden, 2×CD) Cold Meat Industry CMI.068
   Raison D'Être The Empty Hollow Unfolds (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.078
   Raison D'Être Requiem For Abandoned Souls (Sweden) Cold Meat Industry CMI.128
   Raison D'Être Metamorphyses (Sweden, digipack) Cold Meat Industry CMI.158
   Raison D'Être The Stains Of The Embodied Sacrifice (Sweden, digipack) Cold Meat Industry CMI.202
   Raison D'Être When The Earth Dissolves In Ashes (Live 2010/2011) (Sweden, digipack) Cold Meat Industry CMI.213
2040   Raison D'Être Live Archive (3×CD, 499 copies, digipack) Infinite Frog IF-10
   Raison D'Être Prospectus I (Redux Version) (Italy, 2×CD, digipack) Old Europa Café OECD 173
   Raison D'Être Mise En Abyme (Germany, digipack) Transgradient TR-10
   Ralph, Dave Live At Love Parade (UK) Kinetic 54664-2
   Ralph, Dave Naturalized (UK, 2×CD) Kinetic 54686-2
   Ralph, Dave Resident Alien (2×CD) System SYS 1014-2
   Ramona Ponzini & Z'Ev Ankoku (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP32
   Ramones, The It's Alive (UK) Sire 46045-2
   Ramones, The Loco Love (UK) Sire 26650-2
   Ramones, The All The Stuff (And More) Vol. 1 (UK) Sire 26220-2
2050   Ramones, The Weird Tales Of The Ramones (3×CD + DVD box set, book, 3-D glasses, card) Rhino R2 74662
   Ramones, The Ramones (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (3×CD + LP box set, #11077 of 19760 copies, book) Rhino R2 555356
   Ramones, The Leave Home (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (3×CD + LP box set, #14761 of 19770 copies, book) Rhino R2 559753
   Ramp Steal & Steam (UK) Ramp 007
   Raped The Complete Raped Punk Collection (UK) Anagram PUNK 35
   Rapoon Psi-Transient (Russia, 2013, digipack) Aquarellist 25-13
   Rapoon A Long View Across (Russia, 2014, digipack) Aquarellist 26-14
   Rapoon Downgliding (USA, 2015, 300 copies, digipack) Carpe Sonum Novum NOVUM-III
   Rapoon From Shadows Sleep (800 copies, screen-printed recycled card box, 11 card inserts) Essence Music ESS006
   Rapoon Time Frost (digipack) Glacial Movements GM003
2060   Rapoon Messianicghosts (Austria, #487 of 500 copies) Klanggalerie gg24
   Rapoon My Life As A Ghost (Austria, 500 copies) Klanggalerie gg49
   Rapoon Church End (recycled card screen-printed digipack) Tantra x37
   Rapoon Dreamtime Pantheist (Hong Kong, 2012, CD + DVD, with Wyrm, casebound cover, 4 inserts) Ultra Mail Prod. U.M.P.014
   Rapoon The Vindolanda Tablets (Hong Kong, 2016, with Pas Musique, 100 copies made, artwork all different, made of 5" x 5" wooden panels etched by soldering iron and painted over, CD packed in hessian bag) Ultra Mail Prod. U.M.P.043
   Rapoon Seeds In The Tide Volume 01 (Poland, 2012, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 038
   Rapoon Seeds In The Tide Volume 02 (Poland, 2013, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 057
   Rapoon Seeds In The Tide Volume 03 (Poland, 2014, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 088
   Rapoon Seeds In The Tide Volume 04 (Poland, 2015, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 109
   Rapoon Disappeared Redux (Poland, 2012, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 029
2070   Rapoon Vernal Crossing Revisited (Poland, 2014, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 043
   Rapoon To West And Blue (Poland) Zoharum ZOHAR 054
   Rapoon The Fires Of The Borderlands (Poland, 2014, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 067
   Rapoon Machine River (Poland, with Promute, card sleeve) Zoharum ZOHAR 079
   Rapoon What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question) (Poland, 2015, 2×CD, digipack) Zoharum ZOHAR 096
   Rapoon Blue Days (Poland, 2016) Zoharum ZOHAR 110
   Rasalhague Rage Inside The Window (USA, oversized digipack) Malignant Tumor49
   Ravel Boléro / Daphnis Et Chloé (UK) Deutsche Grammophon 445 519-2
   Ravel Orchestral Works (UK, 3×CD set, Orchestre de Paris with Jean Martinon) EMI 5 00892 2 2
   Ravel Gaspard De La Nuit / Jeux D'Eaux Harmonia Mundi HMA 190922
2080   Ravel Complete Piano Works (2×CD, played by Abbey Simon) VoxBox CDX 5012
   Red Flag The Lighthouse Plan B 9-40001-2
   Red Flag The Eagle And Child Plan B 9-40004-2
   Red Lorry Yellow Lorry The Very Best Of (UK) Cherry Red CDRED 167
   Redshift Redshift (UK) Champagne Lake CLPCD 002
   Redshift Ether (UK) Champagne Lake CLPCD 013
   Redshift Downtime (UK) Champagne Lake CLPCD 021
   Redshift Siren (UK) Distant Sun DS01
   Redshift Halo (UK) Distant Sun DS02
   Redshift Faultline (UK) Distant Sun DS03
2090   Redshift Oblivion (UK) Distant Sun DS05
   Redshift Toll (UK) Distant Sun DS06
   Redshift Wild 2 (UK) Distant Sun DS07
   Redshift Last (UK) Distant Sun DS09
   Redshift Turning Towards Us (UK) Distant Sun DS10
   Redshift Wild 3 (UK) Distant Sun DS11
   Redshift Colder (UK) Distant Sun DS12
   Redshift Life To Come (UK, 2015, digipack) Distant Sun DS13
   Red Sparowes Oh Lord, God Of Vengence, Show Thyself (card cover, slipcase) Neurot Recordings NR LTD 004
   Reeves, Jim I Love You More (3×CD) Delta 60393
2100   Reinhardt, Django Django On The Radio (UK, 5×CD box set) JSP JSP953
   Reinhardt, Django Renown & Resistance 1937-1943 (UK, 5×CD box set) JSP JSP970
   Reinhardt, Django Rhythm & Swing (7×CD box set, 44-page booklet) Snapper Music SBLUECD 703x
   Reno Thinking About The Good Times (UK) Zomba 9230632
   Resoe The Black Void Of Space … (Denmark, 2011, digipack) Echocord cd09
   Rest Assured Treat Infamy ffrr FCD 333.570
   Rev. A.W. Nix Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 1: 1927-1928 (Austria) Document DOCD-5328
   Rev. Johnny Blakey / Rev. M.L. Gipson Rev. Johnny Blakey (Sept. 1927-Oct. 1928) Rev. M.L. Gipson (1927-1929) In Chronological Order (Austria) Document DOCD-5363
   Rev. A.W. Nix / Rev. Emmett Dickinson Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 2: 1928-1930 (Austria) Document DOCD-5490
   Reversed Consciousness Changes Of Consciousness Caused By Time Conditions (2×CDr, 100 copies, hand-made over-sized cover) Entropy ER.007
2110   Rezillos, The Can't Stand The Rezillos Sire / Warner Bros. 26942-2
   Rhythm & Sound Showcase Tikiman (Germany, digipack) Basic Channel BMD-1
   Rhythm & Sound The Artists (Germany, digipack) Basic Channel BMD-2
   Rhythm & Sound The Versions (Germany, digipack) Basic Channel BMD-3
   Rhythm & Sound See Mi Yah (Germany, digipack) Basic Channel BMD-4
   Rhythm & Sound See Mi Yah Remixes (Germany, digipack) Basic Channel BMXD-1
   Rhythm & Sound Rhythm & Sound (Germany, digipack) Rhythm & Sound RSD-1
   Rhythm Invention Inventures In Wonderland (UK) Warp CD 15
   Rich, Robert & Lustmørd Stalker Fathom 11059-2
   Rich, Robert Numena / Geometry (2×CD) Fathom 11077-2
2120   Rich, Robert Trances / Drones (2×CD) Extreme XLTD 001
   Rich, Robert Humidity (3×CD) Hypnos HYP 2020
   Rich, Robert & Ian Boddy Outpost (UK) DiN 11
   Rich, Robert & Ian Boddy Lithosphere (UK) DiN 21
   Robinson Crusoe The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe (UK) Silva Screen FILMCD 705
   Rolling Stones Grrr! (5×CD + 7" box set, copy #30038, 96-page hardback book, poster, box) ABKCO / Interscope 3712341 / 3712341
   Rolling Stones In Mono (USA, 2016, 15×CD box set) ABKCO 018771834526
   Ronalde, Ronnie The Magic Of … (UK) EMI 5 31892 2
   Roni Size Reprazent New Forms (2×CD) Mercury 534 933-2
   Rothko In The Pulse Of An Artery Instinct INS 7003-2
2130   Rothko Truth Burns Foundry fr003cd
   Rush All The World's A Stage Mercury 534 627-2
   Ruts Something That I Said Virgin Vault CD0VD 454
   R.Y.N. Astral Death Unrest Productions UNPRCD02
   R.Y.N. Cosmic Birth (300 copies) Turgid Animal TA331
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   Saint-Saëns Concertos Pour Piano Nos. 2 & 4 (UK) EMI CDC 7 47816-2
   Sala, Oskar Resonanzen Originalton West OW 028
   Sammes, Mike & The Mike Sammes Singers Lost Advertising & Rare Film Sounds (UK) Trunk JBH019CD
   Sand Snowman Nostalgia Ever After (USA, card cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt235
   Sand Snowman The World's Not Worth It / Vanished Chapters (Holland, 500 copies, card cover, inners) ToneFloat TF 118 / TF 119
2140   Sankt Otten Sequencer Liebe (Germany, digipack) Denovali DEN138
   Sankt Otten Messias Machine (Germany, digipack) Denovali DEN173
   Santana Santana (Deluxe Edition) (USA, 2004, 2×CD) Columbia C2K 90272
   Sasha Airdrawndagger (UK) Kinetic 67728-547252
   Sasha Fundacion (UK, 2005, card cover) Global Underground GUFUN001
   Sasha The Emfire Collection: Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed (UK, 2×CD, card cover) Emfire 05
   Sasha Scene Delete (Europe, 2016) Late Night Tales ALNCD43
   Satan's Rats What A Bunch Of Rodents (UK) Overground OVER 46
   Satie, Erik Piano Works (played by Riri Shimada) Legacy JK 89858
   Savage Republic Recordings From Live Performances, 1981-1983 (USA, letterpress slipcase, inserts) Independent Project IPR 038
2150   Savage Republic Procession - An Aural History 1981 - 2010 (2×CD) LTM Publishing (Les Temps Modernes) LTMCD 2557
   Savant The Neo-Realist (At Risk) Palace Of Lights PoL 15/2002
   Say Hi To Your Mom Discosadness (USA) Euphobia PF00678
   Say Hi To Your Mom Numbers & Mumblers (USA) Euphobia PF00679
   Say Hi To Your Mom Ferocious Mopes (USA) Euphobia PF00680
   Say Hi To Your Mom Impeccable Blahs (USA) Euphobia / RBG 0102
   Scenic Sage (USA, #1937 of 2000 copies, letter-press card cover, insert) Independent Project IPR 054
   Scenic The Acid Gospel Experience (card cover, inserts) Hidden Agenda AHA! 047
   Scenic Acquatica (letter-press card cover, promo) World Domination WD1044
   Schnauss, Ulrich Goodbye (USA, digipack) Domino DNO 149
2160   Schnauss, Ulrich & Mark Peters Underrated Silence (digipack) Bureau B BB094
   Schneetreiben One Piece Of Unknown (#03 of 20 copies) Schneetreiben 09
   Schulze, Klaus Bodylove Vol.2 (Germany) Brain 511 976-2
   Schulze, Klaus Timewind (Germany) Brain 823 128-2
   Schulze, Klaus Trancefer (Germany) Brain 823 605-2
   Schulze, Klaus Live (Germany, 2×CD) Manikin MRCD 7008
   Schulze, Klaus Irrlicht (Germany, digipack) Spalax 14921
   Schulze, Klaus Cyborg (Germany) Spalax 14922
   Scientist Scientific Dub Abraham CD 0119
   Scientist Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe Revolver REVCD 3257
2170   Scientist Junjo Presents: Big Showdown (UK, 2016, 2×CD, g/f card p/s) VP GRE2103
   Scientist Junjo Presents: Heavyweight Dub Champion (UK, 2016, 2×CD, g/f card p/s) VP GRE2104
   Scientist Linval Presents: Space Invaders (UK, 2016, 2×CD, g/f card p/s) VP GRE2105
   Scientist Junjo Presents: The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (UK, 2016, 2×CD, g/f card p/s) VP GRE2106
   Scientist Junjo Presents: Wins The World Cup (UK, 2016, 2×CD, g/f card p/s) VP GRE2107
   Scientist Linval Presents: Pac-Man (UK, 2016, 2×CD, g/f card p/s) VP GRE2108
   Scion Arrange And Process Basic Channel (digipack) Tresor .200
   Scotland Yard Gospel Choir I Bet You Say That To All The Boys (CD + 3" CD, poster) FanBoy FB005
   Scott, Simon Navigare (Norway, 2009) Miasmah MIAVD011
   Scott, Simon Insomni (UK, 2015, over-sized 4-panel thick card) Ash International Ash 11.4
2180   Scott Thompson, Robert The Silent Shore Mirage MIR 301
   Seapony Go With Me (digipack) Hardly Art HAR-036
   Secret Pyramid The Silent March / Movements Of Night (2×CD) Students Of Decay SOD010
   Section 25 Always Now (UK, 2015, 2×CD, pochette wallet sleeve with card inner sleeves and 'I Ching' seal sticker) Factory benelux fbn 3-045 cd
   Seed Mouth Titanic SEED SD-14
   Seefeel Quique (2×CD, card cover) Too Pure PURE 194
   Seetyca Bleakscapes (Germany, 2011) Essentia Mundi EM018
   Seetyca Deus Ex Machina (Germany, 2015) Essentia Mundi EM034
   Seetyca The Luminous Deep (Sweden, 2012) Gterma 017
   Seetyca Lieder Zum Summen (Sweden, 2014) Gterma 038
2190   Seetyca Nemeton (Holland, 2015, 300 copies, 6-panel digipack) Winter-Light WIN 003
   Segall, Ty Singles 2007-2010 (digipack) Goner 71Gone
   Seirom 1973 (UK, 2×CD, card cover) Aurora Borealis ABX058
   Sensational Alex Harvey Band 5 Classic Albums (UK, 2017, 5×CD set) Spectrum 5376670
   Sensations' Fix Music Is Painting In The Air (1974-1977) (2×CD) RVNG ReRVING02
   Set Fire To Flames Sings Reign Rebuilder (Canada, digipack, oversized booklet) Alien8 130701
   Seth Nehil Tracing The Skins Of Clouds Kaon AO98
   Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto Tour De France Multicolor MCR 107.3
   Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto El Baile Alemán Multicolor MCR 108.2
   SETI Above Black (UK) Ash International ASH 021
2200   SETI Baikal (card cover) Power & Steel PAS31
   Seven Mile Journey, The The Metamorphosis Project (digipack) Pumpkin Seeds In The Sand PSS002
   Seven Percent Solution Gabriel's Waltz (#293 of 1000 copies, card cover) Lone Starfighter LSD07
   Seven That Spells Cosmoerotic Dialogue With Lucifer (USA, card case, inner) Beta-lactam Ring mt174
   Seven That Spells The Men From Dystopia (USA, 500 copies, hardback cover) Beta-lactam Ring mt207
   Sex Pistols The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle (UK) Virgin 7 87876 2
   Sex Pistols Kiss This (UK, 2×CD set, Live In Trondheim", slipcase) Virgin CDVX 2702
   Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks (35th Anniversary Box Set) (UK, 3×CD + DVD + 7", box set, poster, stickers, inserts, 100-page hardback book, reproduction of the legendary A&M 'God Save The Queen' 7") Universal SexPissBox1977
   Shadows, The The Early Years (Expanded Edition): 1959-166 (UK, 6×CD, 36-page booklet) Parlophone 5099944427023
   Shaggs, The The Shaggs Rounder CD 11547
2210   Sham 69 The First The Best The Last Polydor 513 429-2
   Shankar, Ravi & George Harrison Collaborations (3×CD + DVD box set, #09860 of 10000 copies, book, insert) Rhino R2-525469
   Shatner, William The Transformed Man Rev Ola CREV004
   Shit & Shine 229-2299 Girls Against Shit (card cover) Riot Season REPOSECD022
   Shit & Shine Everybody's A Fuckin Expert (Austria, 2015, digipack) Editions Mego eMEGO212
   Sigue Sigue Sputnik 21st Century Boys: The Best Of Sigue Sigue Sputnik (Europe, 2001) EMI 7243 5 27328 2 1
   Sight Below, The Glider (card cover) Ghostly GI-78
   Sigur Rós Ágælis Byrjun (UK, 2000) Fat Cat FATCD11
   Sigur Rós ( ) (UK, 2002) Fat Cat FATCD22
   Sigur Rós Ný Batterí (UK, 2000) Fat Cat FATCD39
2220   Sigur Rós Untitled #1 (Vaka) (UK, 2003, CD + DVD, digipack) Fat Cat B 270
   Sigur Rós Takk (UK, 2005, hardback cover) EMI 337 252-2
   Sigur Rós Hvarf / Heim (UK, 2007, 2×CD, digipack) EMI 50999 5025662 4
   Sigur Rós Inni (UK, 2011, 2×CD + 2×DVD + Blu-Ray + 1-sided 7" box set, #5527 of 6996 copies, lapell pin, 4×photographic inserts, cloth momento, bag with 10 light-sensitive papers with instructions) Krúnk KRUNK7DX
   Sigur Rós Valtari (UK, 2012, card cover) XL XL CD 570
   Silicon Soul … A Soul Thing Soma CD18
   Sill, Judee Abracadadra: The Asylum Years (slipcase) Asylum / Rhino UK 8122 79534 2
   Sill, Judee Dreams Come True (2×CD, 72-page book) Water water140
   Silver Apples Silver Apples MCA MCD 11680
   Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Thee Horses In The Sky (Canada, card cover) Constellation CST033-2
2230   Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Thee 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons (Canada, card cover) Constellation CST051-2
   Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water (CD + DVD, digipack, 40th Anniversary Issue) Columbia 88697 82724 2
   Simon & Garfunkel The Complete Albums Collection (USA, 11×CD box set, 48-page book) Columbia various
   Simple Minds Sparkle In The Rain (Deluxe Edition) (USA, 2015, 2×CD, digipack) Universal 3797350
   Simple Minds Once Upon A Time (Deluxe Edition) (USA, 2015, 2×CD, digipack) Universal 4722086
   Simple Minds New Gold Dream (Deluxe Edition) (USA, 2016, 2×CD, digipack) Universal 476615
   Sin City Disciples Buddha Lanes (France, #812 of 5000 copies, 3" CD) Sordide Sentimentale SSMCD 01
   Sinatra, Frank A Voice On Air (1935 - 1955) (USA, 4×CD box set, book) Columbia
   Siouxsie & The Banshees The Scream (Deluxe edition) (2×CD, digipack) Polydor 983-238-8
   Sister Gertrude Morgan Sister Gertrude Morgan (USA, 2005, hardback cover) Ropeadope VPS-06
2240   Sitaar-Tah! Semimimimimin (USA, 2008, 700 copies, 4-colour silk-screened oversized card cover) Archive aRCHIVE32
   Skeewiff It's All Gone … (digipack) Jalapeno JALLPCD01
   Skip James The Complete Early Recordings Shanachie YAZOO2009
   Skoring Foehn (USA, digipack) Malignant tumorCD75
   Slam Alien Radio (UK) Soma CD25
   Sleep Chamber Sonorous Invokations Ov Brian Jones Vol.#1 Fünfundvierzig 96
   Sleep Research Facility Nostromo (UK) Cold Spring CSR 34
   Sleep Research Facility Facility (UK) Cold Spring CSR 72
   Sleep Research Facility Dead Weather Machine Manifold mancd042
   Sleep Research Facility Dead Weather Machine Re:Heat Manifold mancd043
2250   Slits, The Cut (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack) Island 5321250
   Slownoise Dark Matter Cold Tear CTR024
   Slownoise The Cold Ground (France, 3" CDr, die-cut, triangular 8-panel multi-fold card cover) Entropy EP.001
   Slumberwood Yawling Night Songs (Italy, card cover) A Silent Place ASP43
   Smiths, The The Very Best Of The Smiths Warner Music 8573-88948-2
   Snivelling Shits I Can't Come (UK) Damaged Goods DAMGGOD CD205
   Snowboy & The Latin Section Pit-Bull Latin Jazz (UK) Acid Jazz JAZID CD 126
   Snowboy & The Latin Section Mambo Rage (UK) CuBop CBCD013
   Snowboy & The Latin Section Afro Cuban Jazz (UK) CuBop CBCD026
   Snowboy & The Latin Section Communication (UK) Freestyle FSRCD047
2260   Soft Metals Soft Metals Captured Tracks CT-116
   Soft Metals Lenses Captured Tracks CT-182
   Solaris Collaboration (#298 of 535 copies) Polymorphic 03
   Son House Complete Recorded Works 1928-1930 Document DOCD-5002
   Sonic Youth Dirty (Deluxe Edition) (2×CD, digipack, slipcase) Geffen 069 493 410-2
   Sonmi451 The Limbic System (USA, 2015, #42 of 70 copies, handmade 'case-file' art oversized sleeve) Time Released Sound TRS 050
   SOS Band, The The Best Of The SOS Band Tabu 31453-05942
   Soundcarriers, The Harmonium (UK, 2009) Melodic MELO059CD
   Soundcarriers, The Celeste (UK, 2010) Melodic MELO070CD
   Space Explosion Space Explosion (Japan, 1997, features members of Faust, Cluster, Guru Guru & Amon Düül) Captain Trip CTCD-067
2270   Speedball Maximum Speed (UK, 2009, 1000 copies) Detour DRCD055
   Speedometer Private (digipack) Run Recordings RUN 3004
   Speedometer The Ultimate Speedometer (Japan, 2012) P-Vine PCD-4491
   Speedometer Soul Groovin' Live! (Japan, 2010) P-Vine PCD-22324
   Speedometer This Is Speedometer (Japan, 2003) P-Vine PCD-23500
   Speedometer This Is Speedometer Vol.II (Japan, 2005) P-Vine PCD-23647
   Speedometer Four Flights Up (Japan, 2007, digipack) P-Vine PCD-23912
   Speedometer The Shakedown (Japan, 2010, digipack) P-Vine PCD-93361
   Speedometer Soul Overdue (Japan, 2012, with Martha High) P-Vine PCD-93583
   Sphäre Sechs Tiefschlaf (USA, 2012, 500 copies, 3-panel digisleeve) Malignant Tumor56
2280   Spinal Tap Break Like The Wind (UK) MCA MCD 10514
   Spinal Tap Spinal Tap (UK) Polydor 817 846-2
   SPK Leichenschrei (UK) Mute: Grey Area SPK 2
   SPK Auto Da Fe (UK) Mute: Grey Area SPK 4
   SPK Field Report San Francisco (Greece, digipack) Therapeutic / Adverse Recordings opspk 1
   SPK Case Study London (Greece, digipack) Therapeutic / Adverse Recordings opspk 1
   Split Decision Band Split Decision Band (USA, 2017, digisleeve) Now-Again Reserve NA 5140
   Spock's Beard From The Vault - Rarities Radiant RA 005
   Spyra Future Of The Past (Germany) Manikin MRCD 7026
   Stalnoy Pakt / Anthesteria / Mikhail Vavich Dedicated To The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905: Guerra Sola Igiene Del Mondo (oversized card cover, card inner, 6 card inserts) Der Angriff #.29
2290   Stapleton, Steve & David Tibet The Sadness Of Things (UK, 1991, 2000 copies, signed) Untied Dairies UD 037 CD
   Stapleton, Steve & Tony Wakeford Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish (USA, 2×CD) Robot RR-38
   Star Pillow, The Above Black (USA, 2016, #34 of 55 copies, boxes with space drama diorama embedded in polyurethane and astronaut figure plus inserts) Time Released Sound TRS060
   Star Wars A New Hope (UK, 2×CD box set) RCA Victor 09026-68746-2
   Stars Of the Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline (USA, 2×CD, digipack) Kranky KRANKL100
   Stars Of the Lid Music For Nitrous Oxide (France, digipack) Sedimantal SEDCD023
   Starving Weirdos Summon With Electronic Sorcery (Holland, 250 copies, multi-fold silk-screened sealed cover) Bottrop-Boy B-BOY 030
   Status Quo The Singles Collection 1966-73 (UK, 2×CD) Castle CCS CD 821
   Stearns, Michael Ancient Leaves Earth Turtle ET 2001
   Stephens, Ann Teddy Bears' Picnic (UK) Flapper PAST CD 7067
2300   Stereolab ABC Music: Radio 1 Sessions (UK, 2×CD) BBC Music KOC CD 8623
   Stereolab Mars Audiac Quintet (UK) Elektra 61669-2
   Stereolab Margerine Eclipse (UK) Elektra 62926-2
   Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Plays Lost TV Themes (USA, 1997) Dionysus ID123390
   Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Jet Sound Inc. (USA, 2002) Dionysus ID123396
   Stetsasonic Talkin All About Jazz (UK) Tommy Boy TBCD7310
   Stevens, Cat The Very Best Of … (UK, digipack) Universal 981 1209
   Stewart, Mark As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade (UK, 1988) Mute CDSTUMM24
   St. Germain Tourist Blue Note 5 25114 2
   St. Germain Boulevard F-Communications 137 0022
2310   St. John, Bridget BBC Radio 1968-1976 (2×CD, card cover) Hux HUX114
   Stone Roses, The The Stone Roses, Anniversary Edition (UK, 2×CD box set) Silvertone 059 1242
   Stone Roses, The The Very Best Of … (UK, 2×CD, art prints, discography) Silvertone 926038 2
   Stop It! Self Made Maps (USA, card cover) Robotic Empire robo032
   Storm Storm Positiva CDTIV-94
   Stott, Andy Unknown Exception Modern Love LOVE050CD
   Stranglers, The The Old Testament (4×CD box set, book) EMI CDSTTRANG 1
   Stravinsky The Rite Of Spring / The Firebird / Petrushka / Apollo (UK, 2×CD) EMI 9 67711 2 9
   Streetlife Originals Sidewalk Stories (UK) Paper Recordings PAPCD005
   Striplight 4 Track 12” E.P. Plus Remixes (UK) Tummy Touch TUCH 129CD
2320   Suck Time To Suck Shadoks Music 109
   Sugar And Silk Fact Or Friction Heaven Sent HSX003
   Suicide Suicide (2×CD) Blast First Bffp133CDL
   Summers, Elaine Transplanting Loosegroove LG0013-2
   Sunn O))) White 1 (USA) Southern Lord sunn25
   Sunn O))) Oracle (USA, 2×CD, 200 copies, tour-only edition) Southern Lord sunn77
   Supergrass Supergrass (enhanced CD, digipack) Parlophone 7243-5-22056-0-8
   Supertramp Crime Of The Century (Deluxe Edition) (Europe, 2×CD) A&M 5330788
   Supertramp Breakfast In America (Deluxe Edition (Europe, 2010, 2×CD) A&M 5330438
   Supertramp Brother Where You Bound (USA) A&M
2330   Surface Of Eceyon Tussyan Ruins (USA) Three Lobed #3
   Surface Of Eceyon The King Beneath The Mountain (USA) Strange Attractors SAAH 004
   Surface Of Eceyon Dragyyn (USA) Strange Attractors SAAH 014
   Surface Of Eceyon John Barlowe's Reading Of Myths From The Surface Of Eceyon (USA, #073 of 100 copies, hand-made case) Spirit Of Orr Vol 6
   Sutcliffe Jugend Pigdaddy (UK) Cold Spring CSR92CD
   Sutcliffe Jugend With Extreme Prejudice (UK, digipack) Cold Spring CSR143CD
   Svartsinn Devouring Consciousness (Italy, card cover) Eibon sva032
   Sweeney, The Shut It! Sanctuary SANCD 092
   Swell Maps A Trip To Marineville Secretly Canadian SC108
   Swell Maps Jane From Occupied Europe Secretly Canadian SC109
2340   Syrup Different Flavours Compost 070-2
   System 7 777 Caroline CAROL 1727-2
   System 7 System Express Hypontic CLP 9912-2
   System 7 Live Transmissions - Tokiodrome Liquid Room A Wave AAWCD 010
   Szczepanik, Nicholas Dear Dad (#133 of 200 copies, hand-made cover, insert) Basses Frequences / Goat Eater Arts BF22
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   10cc Tenology (UK, 4×CD + DVD box set, book, 5×cards) Mercury 00753 40276
   3 Seconds Of Air We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun (Holland, card cover, inner) ToneFloat TF 111
   27 Songs From The Edge Of The Wing (letter-press cover) Reproductive Rep xxvii
   T.A.C. Waiting For The Twilight (Italy, digipack) Small Voices SVR 02001
   T.A.C. Twilight Rituals (Italy, digipack) Small Voices SVR 03003
2350   T.A.C. Splintered (Italy, digipack) Small Voices SVR 04009
   Talk Talk Asides Bsides (UK) EMI 845 8072
   Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime (3×CD + DVD long box set) Sire R2 73934
   Tam Quam Tabula Rasa Edax Valuptatis (#73 of 80 copies, cloth and cork packaging) Blade WMDA 007
   Tamaru Figure (oversized card cover) Trumn T01
   Tamaryn Tender New Signs (USA, 2012) Mexican Summer MEX125
   Tamaryn Cranekiss (USA, 2015) Mexican Summer MEX202
   Tamperer & Maya Feel It Pepper INT 053 0032
   Tangerine Dream Poland (UK, 1984) Jive Electro CHIPS 22
   Tangerine Dream The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 (UK, 2003, 5×CD box set) Sanctuary CMXBX770
2360   Tangerine Dream The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2 (UK, 2004, 5×CD box set) Sanctuary CMXBX898
   Tangerine Dream The Virgin Years: 1974-1978 (UK, 3×CD) Virgin VTDX 7478
   Tangerine Dream The Virgin Years: 1977-1983 (UK, 5×CD) Virgin CDV 3098
   Taphephobia Black City Skyline (CDr, 250 copies, oversized cover) Reverse Alignment RA-7
   Tappa Zukie In Dub (UK) Blood & Fire BAFCD 008
   Tarkus Tarkus (card cover, inserts) Repsychled CD1007
   Taylor Synesthesia Ultra UL1084-2
   Tears For Fears Tears Roll Down: Greatest Hits 92-92 (UK) Fontana 510939-2
   Tears For Fears Woman In Chains / Always In The Past / My Life In The Suicide Ranks (UK, sun-shaped card cover) Fontana IDSUN 13
   Technova Electrosexual Hydrogen Dukebox 795984112725
2370   Teenage Jesus & The Jerks Everything Atavistic ALP51
   Telepherique + Flint Glass Information Gigabyte (#042 of 404 copies, textured card slipcase) Angle Rec a.r.05.05
   Templegarden Culture vs. Nature (Germany, #289 of 529 copies, A-5 hand-made cover with seal) Ant-Zen ACT 76
   Tenhornedbeast Hunts & Wars (UK, digipack) Cold Spring CSR 130
   Terra Sancta Aeon (USA) Malignant Tumor20
   Terra Sancta Disintegration (USA) Malignant Tumor35
   Terra Sancta Sunken | Buried | Forgotten (USA, digipack) Malignant Tumor51
   Tertium Non Data The Third Is Not Given (USA) Crowd Control Activities CROWDED 14
   TH26 La Haine (Italy) Small Voices SVR 02002
   The Juan MacLean Give Me Every Little Thing (USA, digipack) EMI 0946 3 37971 0 9
2380   Them Are Us Too Remain (USA, 2015, digipack) Dais DAIS 070
   Thievery Corporation The Richest Man In Babylon (Europe, 2002, 28-page book, slipcase) Eighteenth Street Lounge Music ESL0060
   This Heat Out Of Cold Storage (UK, 2006, 6×CD box set, 48-page book) This Is This Heat Box
   Tho-So-Aa Epoch Pt.1 (Germany, 505 copies) Art Konkret ART 27
   Tho-So-Aa Index 1.0 Coma (Germany, 500 copies) Art Konkret ART 30
   Tho-So-Aa Absorb (Germany) Art Konkret ART 33
   Tho-So-Aa Enrielle (Germany, #414 of 500 copies, oversized wallet) Art Konkret ART 35
   Tho-So-Aa Minus (Germany, 500 copies, oversized sleeve, booklet) Art Konkret ART 39
   Tho-So-Aa Identify (Germany, digipack) Tesco Organisation 081
   Tho-So-Aa Sleeping Explorer (Germany, 2×CD, digipack) Tesco Organisation 093
2390   Thompson, Ben Time Traveler (card cover) no label
   Thompson, Richard Electric (2×CD, card cover) New-West NW6273
   Those Norwegians Kaminzky Park (UK) Paper Recordings PAPCD001
   Throbbing Gristle Live Box (Japan, 4×CD box set, #651 of 1000 copies) Alfa ALCB-782/783/784/785
   Throbbing Gristle TGCD1 (UK) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 01
   Throbbing Gristle 2nd Annual Report (UK) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 02
   Throbbing Gristle D.O.A. (UK) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 03
   Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats (UK) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 04
   Throbbing Gristle Heathern Earth (UK) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 05
   Throbbing Gristle TG+ (UK, 10×CD box set, 5 laser-etched metal inserts in tray) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 15
2400   Throbbing Gristle TG24 (UK, 24×CD box set, many inserts, wax sealed envelope) Mute: Grey Area TGCD 24
   Throbbing Gristle The Desert Shore Installation (UK, 12×CDr, roughly 100 copies, wallet cover, inserts) Industrial
   Throbbing Gristle The Third Mind Movements (UK, card cover) Industrial IR 2009/4